What Mary Thinks: Show Me the Money 3


About two weeks ago, hip-pop survival program ‘Show Me the Money’ returned with its third season, bringing along with it the best judge panel yet (IMO) and talented and impressive rappers who are passionate in hip-pop and rap. Prior to watching the third season, I had only watched bits of ‘Show Me the Money 2’ since one of my favorite rappers, Swings, was a contestant on that show. Now he, along with other famous and well-known rappers like San E, Tablo, Master Wu, YDG, DOK2, and The Quiett, have appeared on the show as judges (and producers I believe).


Upon hearing the names of the judges that were gonna judge these rap contestants, I was stoked and so freaking excited! All of these judges are widely known and recognized for their amazing rap skills so no doubt I was going to watch this season. There are contestants in the 3rd season that I’m watching for, but even if there hadn’t been any contestants that I cared for, I think I would have still watched the show for the judges alone. Tablo in a way kind of introduced me to the world of K Hip-pop since I knew about him before I ever heard of the other judges. Now I’m a fan of all the judges, but especially Swings who I was a fan of before he appeared on ‘Show Me the Money’ and San E who I have a lot of respect for because of his sincerity and kindness. Then you have DOK2 who I’ve listened to a few times before and The Quiett whose name I’ve heard of. I know who YDG is, but I only remembered him as an actor and never as a rapper. Unfortunately, I didn’t know who Masta Wu was before this show, but he seems like a pretty cool guy. Lol. The judges are split into teams with San E and Swings being a team (maybe because they’re label mates from Brand New Music), Tablo and Masta Wu (both are from YG), DOK2 and The Quiett, while YDG is a team of his own. Lol. In the second episode, many of the contestants voiced Swings and San E and YDG as the teams which they would want to join so Tablo and Masta Wu and DOK2 and The Quiett didn’t get too much love, but it’s okay Tablo, I’M HERE FOR YOU and so is Haru.


Since there’s only two episodes out so far, I was able to finish watching those two episodes today and even watched the second episode once more. I actually watched the second episode first (yeah don’t ask me why lol) before I watched the first one, so I wasn’t too familiar with the contestants so I went back to watch episode one with english subs and got a better understanding of who was who. After watching both episodes, there are a few contestants that I’m definitely gonna be watching out for and a few that I’m supporting.


As you guys may know, I love love love Team B from YG so when there’s two members, B.I and Bobby, who appears on the show, there’s no doubt that I’m gonna support them. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I do hope they make it past the first few rounds. Of course I would be heart-broken if they didn’t, but then I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised either because these boys are up against other rappers who have rapped much longer than they have and are much more experienced in that area. There’s tough competition and if B.I. and Bobby want to be on the show as long as possible, they definitely better step up their game. So far, they’re both doing great despite making a few mistakes here and there. I’m proud of them and will continue to support them~~~


The thing that I love the most about this show is that it introduces me to underground rappers that I’ve never heard of before. I’ve been listening to a lot more hip-pop, R&B, and rap the past year or so so watching this show allows me to research new rappers that I am fond of or is interested in. After watching the first two episodes, the contestants that I’m definitely looking out for are Snacky Chan, Jolly V (girl slays), Giriboy (he’s a cutie), Vasco, Kisum, and the countryside bumpkin that resides with his grandma. All the contestants that the judges passed are talented don’t misunderstand, but these contestants stood out to me. It’s gonna kill me to see them all go against each other to become the winner because I like them all so much and I want them to all win! Lol. Above is a picture of the contestants that I believe are the most popular on the show at the moment and the contestants that I’m looking out for.

jolly v

(Jolly V. I didn’t know who she was before this show, but after watching this show, she’s seriously so amazing and I’m slowly becoming a fan of hers. I love her rapping. I wouldn’t be surprised if she made it to the finals).


(Kisum. Not the strongest contestant, but she is good at rapping. I don’t expect to see her go very far in the show, but I do think she’s pretty and good at rapping).


(GIRIBOY! MY NEWEST CRUSH AFTER WATCHING SMTM3. He’s so cute! And great at rapping too. Best yet, he often collaborated with one of my favorite rappers, Swings <3).


I think the contestant that’s creating the most buzz on the show right now is Vasco, who is a father and an underground rapper of 14 years. Many of the judges acknowledge his rapping skills and just like many others are also surprised that he’s on the show because he’s so well known as a rapper (I too was surprised to see him in the show). I don’t know Vasco too well. I’ve only heard a few of his songs and have heard his name included in many collaborations with other rappers before, but he’s a really impressive rapper. I think he’s going to make it pretty far into the show. I’m really curious as to who’s team he’s gonna join. Hopefully it’s Tablo’s! 😀

I can’t wait to watch the upcoming episodes!, though it’s gonna kill me to see my favorites go home if they lose. In the next episode, the contestants that were passed by the judges choose another contestant that they want to battle against and in front of the judges, the two contestants have to rap on the same stage. Swings was seen crying in the preview for episode three so I’m really really curious as to what happened. *sigh* It sucks how I have to wait another week for episode 3. I guess I’m gonna have to repeat episodes one and two until three comes out.

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  1. Hi do you mind sending me the link of the second episode? 🙂 I can’t find the subbed vid anywhere.

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