I’m back (finally), but it’s all not that good :(

So I’m finally back after like 30,000 days, but you shouldn’t be so happy (or maybe you should!).

A few people have requested for me to recap ‘Marriage, Not Dating’ and I had originally agreed to recap it. I started on the recap for episode one the other day, but I didn’t get the time to finish it just yet because I was busy with college and church stuff. I won’t be able to post up any recaps to ‘Marriage, Not Dating’ soon because I will be super busy catching up with some college stuff (ugh college) the next few weeks. I have 2 online placement tests to take and study for. I also have Orientation to go to by the end of this month. Then in August, I have a church camp to go to that’s going to take place for 3 days so I’m not going to be home those days either. Basically, I’m becoming busier and busier now which gives me less and less time to recap. I’m growing up 😦

The good thing is that I’m still going to recap ‘King of High School’ because I’ve been recapping it the past few weeks and because I know that many visit my website for those recaps, so for the time being, I’m going to use all of my free time to recap just that drama alone. Recapping itself takes a lot of time and effort (sometimes it’s hard for me to maintain my interest and excitement when recapping) and since I’m short on time the next few weeks, I’m not going to be able to recap both ‘King of High School’ and ‘Marriage, Not Dating.’ When I’m done with all of my college stuff and return from my church camp, hopefully I can go back to finishing my recap on ‘Marriage, Not Dating’ and post it on here.

I hope you guys understand why I’m postponing recaps for ‘Marriage, Not Dating’ and choosing to continue the recaps for ‘King of High School.’ I will someday upload recaps for ‘Marriage, Not Dating’ but just don’t expect to see it sometime soon. I hope it doesn’t bother you guys that the recaps for ‘Marriage’ will be a bit late, but it’s better than nothing right? Also, it doesn’t help that I love ‘King of High School’ more than I love ‘Marriage, Not Dating.’ 

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys this ahead of time so you guys know. I will have episode 9 recaps for ‘King of High School’ posted up by tomorrow if my mom doesn’t take away the internet (prayer circle anyone) so you can expect them soon. Thank you you guys for visiting and commenting on my blog. It really motivates me and helps me out alot. I love reading all of your guys’s thoughts and opinions and knowing that we all feel the same way about certain things (great minds think alike). I hope you guys have a great day~

3 responses to “I’m back (finally), but it’s all not that good :(”

  1. Yeah, it’s priorities, priorities… I totally understand.

    Ha! I knew you love ‘King of High School’ more than love ‘Marriage, Not Dating’! It’s the same for me too currently! If not for Yeon Woo Jin, I may have already dropped it. I watched it but I don’t think much about it (or YWJ). I guess I’m not as heavily invested in it as I am with KoHS. And it’s funny that although I’ll watch KoHS a few times, it just feels great to be reading recaps and going through the scenes again, with the screen shots and all! I love to read the recapper’s and commenters’ opinions too.

    Can’t wait to watch KoHS ep 9! Looking forward to your recap and squeee-ing with you! I think based on the teasers, there should be squee-worthy moments, right? If not, I’m sure we’ll find some!

    Take care! Fighting! Be good to your mom today ok!

  2. I can totally understand the college phase of life. Like what wunderbar said, it’s really about priorities. Given the time constraint, choose to do what matter in the long run, ie. those that have long term impact/effect. Activities like recapping is fun when you get to interact and hear others’ views. So I agree with you that with limited time, you can only do this much (college & church).

    I too like KoHS more than MND,.. just slightly more. I find the former storyline a little more engaging than the latter. But I continue to watch MND mainly because of Han Groo who can really act well. Her interactions with the rest of the casts are good too.

    All the best for your college and enjoy your church camp!

  3. Hi, I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m new to kdramas and love reading your recaps of KoHS, it’s the first kdrama I’m watching during its live run; which is both exciting and nerve wracking. I find myself stalking the internet to watch the raw episodes (oh how ish to learn Korean). Anyway, I’m usually just a lurker online but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Thank you for taking the time to recap. Best wishes with school testing and church camp.

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