Some ‘King of High School’ clips from the drama and BTS to quench our thirsts + new headers~~~

Hey everybody! I hope you guys are all doing well! unlike me who’s still suffering from ‘King of High School’ episode ten.

As the title implies, I’ve gathered some clips of scenes from ‘King of High School’ episode ten and thought I would share them to you here. tvN, the broadcast station that King of High School is airing on, uploads a few videos of scenes from each episode on their Youtube channel, so just in case you guys haven’t been checking their youtube channel, you can watch them here!

The following clips are all from episode ten.

First is a behind-the-scenes clip of Min Suk and Soo Young’s getaway trip. They are so cute together and I especially love how they kept on messing up when they had to film Soo Young’s dream at around the 0:47 part (you know, the part where Min Suk acts all feisty towards Soo Young). Hahaha. They kept on laughing which made me keep on laughing. *exhales* The bloopers are super funny and I’m loving both Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na. The both of them, as well as the other actors and actresses in here, are all doing such a phenomenal job portraying their characters and roles. I wouldn’t want anybody else to play Min Suk or Soo Young other than Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na.

Next up, this video is of the scene where Min Suk and Soo Young see each other at school and then Yoo-Ah comes along to join them. You don’t know how heart-breaking it all is until you watch the scene itself. It kills you, I’m telling you, it kills you. Soo Young’s reaction to seeing Min Suk and Min Suk’s ‘oh-crap-I’m-doomed’ face just breaks my heart. 😦

In this video clip, Min Suk and Director Yoo throw a few punches at each other in front of the President and everyone else attending the grand opening party. Min Suk gets angry at the way Director Yoo continues to bother him and his girlfriend and when he finally has enough, he teaches Director Yoo a few lessons. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Haha, just kidding. But calm down boys, no need to fight. Let’s all be friends here okay? So no bromance I’m guessing.

I’m not going to go too much into this video, but it does show the kissing incident between Director Yoo and Soo Young. Urgh. This makes my blood boil. Anyways, that’s all of the videos that I have to share with you guys today. Of course all the credits go to tvN’s Youtube channel which is where I got the Youtube videos from. Check out their channel from time to time to watch more ‘King of High School’ clips!

Moving on, I’m not sure if you guys have noticed or not, but I have decided to add in some headers! *throws confetti but accidentally swallows one so I start choking*. I was browsing through some new themes that I can choose from and although there were a few that I really liked, I decided that I’m going to stick with this theme for just a little bit longer. I felt like my blog’s been kind of plain and dull (it’s been like this since I created my blog which was at the very beginning of 2014), so I thought that maybe adding in some headers of some of my favorite music groups / bands / artists and members would be helpful! So I went searching for headers and found many that I really liked. I tend to focus more on Korean dramas on this blog than I do of K-Pop so to balance it out a little, I decided to use headers of my favorite K-Pop groups, including BEAST / B2ST, Bangtan Boys / BTS, f(x), EXO, and B.A.P. I hope you guys don’t mind that it’s all just K-Pop group and none Kdramas / actors / actresses. When the time comes and people do make more headers of Korean Dramas and actors / actresses I like, I’ll start adding them in too (:

I’m just going to list off the account usernames of the people that made these beautiful and lovely headers to give them all credits since these headers don’t belong to me and aren’t mines (I don’t even know how to do them in the first place). I found all of them on tumblr so yeah. You don’t have to read any further on than this if you don’t want to.

Bangtan Header Credits: @hoseokrl, @ohkidoh, @ohbadeul, @jhopenis, @ bequehyun, @shupafama, @yongdirection, @suckteuk, @GaemMai, (c) rokhlights, @taemieyo, @gotsevenn, @yifanzayn

B2ST Header Credits: @FISHOTA, @taemieyo

B.A.P.: © catyeol

BTOB: @szugson

f(x), Luna: @Neverland_icons, @clawscott, @itzmblaq

Park Bom: @hoseokrl

EXO: (c) @fckwufan, @forbwest, @ yixxing

If you see your header on this blog and I did NOT give you credit, please notify me and I will credit you. Or if you would like to make me a header, you can do that as well. I will most definitely add it into the countless numbers of headers I already have.

Well that’s it for this post. I just wanna say thank you everyone for visiting this blog! You guys are all so amazing ❤ *throws hearts and kisses*

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