Seo In Guk releases OST track ‘Finding Myself’ for King of High School (and it is beyond perfect)

The song that we have all been anticipating and waiting for is finally here! Cutie and hottie Seo In Guk released his OST track for his drama ‘King of High School’ called ‘Finding Myself.’ I love how the MV shows not only scenes from the drama that reminds me once again why I love love love this drama, but also clips of Seo In Guk recording for the song. While watching the scenes from the drama during the MV, I kind of felt this nostalgia appear from inside of me and I was pretty close to crying. I can’t believe that we’re already more than halfway into the drama and in just three weeks (possibly four), the series will be over. I’m glad that I discovered ‘King of High School’ and gave this drama a chance, because it really makes my day and week and summer. I always find myself wishing it was Monday and Tuesday so that the new episodes will be released and so my thirst for the drama will lessen. The warm-hearted and tender drama manages to do many things right and always leave me impressed and pleased after every episode. And I think a big part of that is that not only are our two main leads, Min Suk and Soo Young, played by two very talented actors, but also that even the supporting cast contribute a lot into the drama as well. I find it fascinating how the drama is able to make progress while still giving screen time to anyone else that isn’t the lead. There are many dramas where it just mainly revolves around the four main leads, but in ‘King of High School’, many familiar faces pop up in each episode many times and I find that so refreshing and awesome (not that I wouldn’t mind seeing Seo In Guk’s face for an whole hour straight).

Isn’t Seo In Guk’s voice just so heavenly and beautiful? Upon hearing the song (and I’m a sucker for ballads too), I had already liked it, but once Seo In Guk sang the first few notes, I was seriously so close to crying. His voice is so so amazing and majestic, I wish he never stop singing (which makes sense because this song was composed by singer-songwriter Ra.D and d.ear). Another thing I noticed by watching the MV was his hair. HE LOOKS SO GREAT IN THAT HAIR. I love it. I was re-watching some ‘Reply 1997’ scenes and I wasn’t so approving of his hair in that drama, but in ‘King of High School’ it’s a bit shorter so I personally believe he looks better in it. But then again, it’s Seo In Guk and even if he dyed his hair blue or something, he would still make it work.

I was reading other people’s insights and thoughts on the drama at this point and I remember in particular one person’s thoughts. She had stated that Min Suk and Soo Young must have reconciled eventually, because in the beginning of episode one, they were seen working with each other again and in the very beginning of episode one Soo Young was seen working as Min Suk’s secretary. Thinking about it, this makes me feel a bit more happy because then that means that our two main leads must have talked it out and come to some sort of consensus. As far as I can remember, the scenes shown in the beginning of episode one hasn’t been shown again in the later episodes, so maybe after Min Suk and Soo Young made up, the drama will replay the same scene to prove what happens to the couple after they come to terms. And maybe the beginning scene is indicating that Min Suk and Soo Young won’t stay as a couple at the end of the drama, but maybe as allies which you know, I am content with in the end.

Source: CJENMMUSIC Official @ youtube

2 responses to “Seo In Guk releases OST track ‘Finding Myself’ for King of High School (and it is beyond perfect)”

  1. I love the song so much! If you look closely at the lyrics, I think it’s very obvious that this song is about Min Seok and his feelings towards Sooyoung. He want to find himself, the real him (because he had double identity) and when sings this part “What can I do? I don’t know how to find myself… Can’t move on until I find myself…” I think he wants to move on and forget Soo Young but he can’t, because of that pretending act as his brother, he can’t even find his own identity šŸ˜¦

  2. altho i kinda wish this ost had like super climax kinda like no matter what from master’s sun… it is still a win. since its seo in guk…. that kinda low note at the beginning tho… nyumsies….. rawr~

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