What Mary Thinks: Show Me the Money 3 episodes 2-4


In my last ‘What Mary Thinks’ thread about hip pop survival program ‘Show Me the Money 3’, I talked about episode one and my thoughts on the judges and the contestants that I was looking out for.

I’ve been able to watch episodes two to four since the show’s aired up to episode four and wow oh wow I have a lot of things to say and I have a lot of things on my mind. It’s a good thing that I have this blog to express my thoughts and opinions! 😀

First off, I think all of the contestants that I had been rooting for made it past the first three rounds which is you know always a great thing, because it would break my heart to see them disappear so early into the show when they still have so much to prove and show. In episode two, the contestants all performed in front of the seven judges and four teams (which are once again if you have forgotten Dok2 & The Quiett, YDG, Swings and San E, and Tablo & Masta Wu) individually to prove that they worthy of moving further into the show. If I remember correctly, I watched episode two like about 4-5 times because I was super obsessed with the show and the contestants and because I found my newest crush and obsession – Giriboy (*heart eyes*).


(yes, Giriboy is this super adorable guy right here. THOSE GLASSES THOUGH!).

Anyways, that was what episode two was about and it was in that episode that I got a better understanding of the contestants I was looking out for and their reasons for being on the show. In episode 3, the contestants that passed the second round had the chance to choose which person they wanted to rap against in their upcoming 1:1 rap battle (which was where two contestants battle each other out in front of the judges). This episode was pretty difficult for me to watch as I had to watch two of my favorite contestants B.I. (YG’s favorite trainee) and Giriboy (*heart eyes*) get eliminated. B.I. had messed up on his 1:1 rap battle so the judges eliminated him while Giriboy was just unfortunate. He didn’t mess up or forget his lyrics; he had performed really good, but it was just that his opponent (which he did not choose either) happened to be a great friend of his who the judges felt rapped better than him. I was really heart-broken to see B.I. and Giriboy leave the show so early, because I know they had such raw talent and had so much more to prove and show.

(This is Giriboy’s first 1:1 rap battle. He’s the guy wearing the glasses. Both contestants were so good!).

(Then this video is of B.I.’s first 1: 1 rap battle. Although I was sad that he got eliminated, I do understand why the judges decided to take him out. He didn’t perform well at all).

BUT luckily, in episode four, the judges changed some things around and decided upon four contestants that was eliminated in episode 3 to come back to prove themselves again to the judges for another shot to stay in the show. AND I AM THE LUCKIEST FANGIRL IN THE WORLD BECAUSE THE JUDGES DECIDED TO BRING BACK BOTH B.I. AND GIRIBOY AND TWO OTHER CONTESTANTS AND LUCKILY B.I. AND GIRIBOY DID NOT HAVE TO DO A 1:1 RAP BATTLE AGAINST EACH OTHER BECAUSE IF THEY DID, I WOULD HAVE DIED. DIED I TELL YOU. To no surprise, both B.I. and Giriboy passed onto the next round so they were back on the show! (YAYAYAYAYYA!).

(Swings and San E’s performance. They’re dissing the other judges, haha).

However, my happiness did not last for too long. The judges put on a mini-concert for some SMTM3 fans and for the Top 16 contestants so that the contestants could get a taste of what ~real~ rapping is like. The performances by the judges were very energetic and amazing (Tablo Oppa is so cool~) and all the contestants were immensely impressed by the performances.

(Tablo’s performance. Isn’t he so cool?! Off stage, he’s this cute little father who loves spending time with his daughter and wife, but then on stage, he suddenly turns into this really cool and energetic guy with great rapping skills).

After the concert, the contestants were able to choose which team out of the four they wanted to join. Surprisingly, Tablo and Masta Wu were the most famous as they had the most amount of contestants want to be on their team (but I mean, come on, it’s Tablo! No surprise!). In the end, the judges themselves got to choose who passed and who didn’t, but there could only be four contestants on each team so some people had to get eliminated since there were more than 4 people and not everyone could get chosen. This is what has happened so far in SMTM3 up until episode four and I just realized right now that I did a mini recap on it. What am I doing?

I’m going to be honest – I questioned why the judges chose some of the contestants that they did. There were some pretty good rappers that wanted to be on Tablo and Masta Wu’s team that they didn’t choose in the end. The biggest WTF moment I had was when they decided to choose the high school girl over Jolly V. Both female rappers are super good, but I think it’s obvious that Jolly V’s the better rapper and has way more experience in rapping. I had to watch Jolly V and Kisum, my two favorite female rappers on the show, get eliminated. Ugh, my heart broke into a million little pieces seeing them leave. Out of all the teams, do I think Tablo and Masta Wu’s team is the strongest? No, I don’t think so, but they do have Snacky Chan (who was another contestant I really liked) who is one of the better rappers out of everyone on the show so I have a little faith in Tablo and Masta Wu’s team thanks to him.

Bobby chose Illionaire team (DOK2 & The Quiett) which might be surprising to some because he’s from YG so people would have thought he would have gone to Tablo and Masta Wu, but I wasn’t surprised. I think his rapping style is kind of similar to DOK2 and The Quiett’s and I also think they approve of his rapping so it’s good for them three. The team that I personally believe is the strongest is Swings and San E who has Vasco and CJAMM who are both really strong and powerful rappers. Heck, Vasco’s been rapping underground for 14 years I can see him winning this whole competition and I wouldn’t even be mad. YDG has two of my absolute favorites on his team: Iron and Giriboy. Now that we’re talking about Giriboy

didnotchoosetobeontablo'steamlikewtfDON'TSTICKYOURTONGUEOUTLIKETHATTABLOWANTEDYOU ifitwasn'tfortabloyouwouldn'thavebeenbroughtback yesthisboyrighthereWHATDIDTABLOEVERDOTOYOU


Before I go on to rant, I just want to say that I was able to discover Giriboy through this show and if it wasn’t for SMTM3, I would still not know of his existence to this day. I don’t remember how or when I started to notice him, but one day I just did and he quickly became a favorite of mines. Like very fangirl does, I dug up information on him, listened to his music, watched videos of him, and followed him on his social network accounts. I think he’s so talented and well-rounded. I don’t think he’s the strongest rapper ever, but what I do enjoy are his lyrics and his music. I especially love his song ‘Skit’ where he collaborates with one of the SMTM3 judges Swings (who he is also friends with). However, just because I am a huge fan of Giriboy and has grown to love this boy in a short amount time does not mean that I can’t criticize him.

(a video of Giriboy performing my favorite song of his ‘Skit’ live and being an absolute dork).

In episode two, Giriboy expressed his admiration for Tablo and Masta Wu and revealed that he would like to be on their team. Tablo himself had said many times on the show (and when I say many, I mean many) that he likes Giriboy and would like him to be on his team as well. So everything looked great for Tablo and Giriboy right? They both like each other and want to be on the same team. I was really happy up until episode 3 because out of all the judges, I’m probably the most biased towards Tablo and I’m also really obsessed with Giriboy right now so to think that they will be on the same team made me delighted and excited. “Just think about all the amazing things they can do together when Tablo mentors Giriboy!” But oh, boy was I wrong.

(Giriboy in his second 1:1 rap battle once the judges brought him back to give him a second chance).

Giriboy – this little piece of shit boy decided to be a traitor and switch to YDG’s team. You don’t even know how mad I was when I saw him choose to be on YDG’s team and NOT Tablo. I basically have been watching the show for no reason so far. I only watched the season for this long because I wanted to see Giriboy work with Tablo then in the end he changes his mind to YDG. GIRIBOY. WHY WOULD YOU. WHY WOULD YOU BETRAY TABLO LIKE THAT?! WHY WOULD YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THAT?! WHY WOULD YOU BETRAY YOURSELF LIKE THAT?! Tablo had expressed all along that he wanted Giriboy on his team then he doesn’t get Giriboy in the end. Tablo was pretty confident that he was going to get Giriboy on his team, then he doesn’t get him in the end. Tablo was so so so disappointed Giriboy didn’t choose him (I was more disappointed than Tablo honestly lol). In episode three, when Giriboy had been eliminated, Tablo was seriously so devastated. So devastated he suggested that they choose four contestants that were eliminated to come back to prove to the judges why they should still be on the show. And guess who was the first person to mention Giriboy’s name?! Yes, you guessed it right. Tablo. None of the other judges said anything about him until Tablo brought Giriboy up which is how Giriboy was able to be given a second chance. In episode four when Tablo was deciding on the last contestant he would add into his team, he felt so conflicted over who to choose he yelled out loud, “Where’s Giriboy?!” because if Giriboy had just chosen Tablo, Tablo would have easily chosen Giriboy to join his team and wouldn’t have been put in this tough situation. But NOOOOOO, Giriboy decided to go to YDG. Omg, I don’t even know why I’m so upset over this but I just am okay?! Haha. Tablo’s not the only one who felt betrayed. I feel betrayed too. Don’t worry Tablo, I feel you. I feel you.

Giriboy eventually got chosen by YDG, but it’s so obvious that Tablo still wants Giriboy on his team. Call me delusional, but in a way Giriboy kind of reminds me of a younger version of Tablo. They might not be the strongest in rapping, but their lyrics are really meaningful and deep and insightful, I think that’s part of why Tablo wanted Giriboy on his team. Don’t get me wrong though, I respect Giriboy’s decision to go to YDG and you know, we all change our minds, but I just didn’t see it coming at all. I didn’t think Giriboy would do this to Tablo and the rest of us viewers ( tablo x giriboy = OTP!). Anyways, it’s not all that bad though because although Giriboy has chosen to be on YDG’s team, he will be interacting with the other contestants that YDG has also chosen to be on his team and that includes Iron who I have a huge crush on so I’m gonna be seeing them together from this point on and I’m quite happy over that.

So SMTM3 isn’t going as well as I wanted it to go, but it’s definitely going to be interesting from here on out now that the teams have been formed. The only contestant I can predict will make it to the top is Vasco. I’m not so sure about which other contestants will join him, but I guess we’ll find out in the next few weeks.

Source: Mnet @ youtube

ALL GIFS ARE NOT MINE. CREDIT TO WHOEVER THEY BELONG TO. (Thanks for letting me use them).

3 responses to “What Mary Thinks: Show Me the Money 3 episodes 2-4”

  1. Hello there! I absolutely agree with you! I love tabloXgiriboy combi. I was devastated when be betrayed him. I am so glad i found someone who thinks like i do! I dont know how popular smtm3 is, especially to international fans, but im glad i found you who enjoys it as much as i do!! Ill see u in future posts about smtm3 😉

  2. Me 3. I was devastated the Giriboy betrayed Tablo!!! Imagine the beautiful music they would have made. Perhaps he kinda regretted cos he’s the odd one out in the YDG team.

  3. Me4. I really wish he chooses YG team since he is really talented and tablo really likes him..I didnt expect he’ll switch to YDG.. but after the dissing thing I’m starting to think he doesnt really like YG.. maybe he didnt really plan in joining tablo. 😥 <\3

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