What Mary Thinks: Show Me the Money 3 episodes 5 & 6

Oh ho ho ho, so just a while ago I finished watching ‘Show Me the Money 3’ episode 6 so I thought I’d write a review on episodes 5 & 6 which I am honestly disappointed about. Since I watched episode 5 first, we can start off by talking about that episode.

Episode 5 was such a huge huge huge disappointment. I was really frustrated, starting from the beginning of the episode because I just couldn’t seem to grasp and understand some decisions that some judges were making. I am the most frustrated with the YG Team which is Tablo and Masta Wu’s team. I actually saw them as the weakest group up to episode 6 because none of the three members (Olltii, B.I, Yook Ji Dam) are particularly known to be the stronger rappers on the show despite having decent rapping skills or they lack the stage presence to stand out. In episode five, the groups were to prepare and put on a performance in front of the judges where the judges will then select one member out of the group to be eliminated. The thing that made me super angry was when Tablo and Masta Wu decided to eliminate Snacky Chan from the group. And this frustrates me so much I didn’t even bother listening to their reasons and explanations as to why they chose to let him go. I just couldn’t. And eliminating Snacky Chan, who was by far, by far the strongest rapper not only on the YG team but also on the whole show, came back to bite Tablo and Masta Wu’s butt later on in the episode (KAARRRMMMAAAAA). Snacky Chan is an amazing rapper. He is phenomenal and Tablo and Masta Wu knew this and felt like they had to eliminate him because there wasn’t any more to teach him. But just because he’s already good enough does not mean that you let him go and keep the newbies. He’s in this not to learn, Snacky Chan just like the other contestants appeared on the show to win the grand prize. It was so painful watching him be let go because he’s definitely one of the better performers and rappers on the show. I mean, I could even imagine him going up against Vasco on the final round of the season finale. He was up there with Vasco. It’s just a pity that Tablo and Masta Wu let him go. They definitely learned their lesson when later on in the episode both of their own group members B.I and Yook Ji Dam forgot their lyrics which not only made themselves look bad but also Tablo and Masta Wu. IF ONLY THEY DIDN’T ELIMINATE SNACKY CHAN, THEY WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SO REGRETFUL AND ASHAMED AND EMBARRASSED. See what you did wrong TABLO AND MASTA WU!? Gawd. I will never be able to understand why they first – chose Yook Ji Dam over Jolly V who was the best female rapper on the show and then now Yook Ji Dam over Snacky Chan who was one of the strongest rappers. I can’t even. *sigh* It’s all over now and there’s nothing I can do about it, but it really hurt seeing Snacky Chan go. At least before he left we got to see him fangirl over 2NE1’s Dara. It was really cute and entertaining watching him smile and giggle in front of his girl crush. Hehehe. I never thought I’d live to see this side of Snacky Chan^^

Moving on to the second half of episode 5, all those who passed had to put on individual performances in front of an audience. I’m just going to quickly convey my thoughts about each performance.

VASCO, who’s the strongest and most experienced contestant on the show, put on a rap and rock combined performance and although I’m not a big fan of this genre mash-up, I did get goosebumps from watching his performance. It was different and unique, but not my kind of thing. Of course, the judges didn’t like it because it was too much of rock and not enough of rap or hip-hop but I can care less because we all know that Vasco’s gonna make it to the top.

Bobby did an awesome job with his solo performance. Stage presence and rapping skills were up there. He definitely did prove his haters wrong. I was super happy that he didn’t mess up or make any mistakes. And at the end when he took a selfie on stage, haha. TOO CUTE. One thing I would like though is if he just tone down on the foul language. Haha.

Giriboy, my Giriboy. My pretty pretty Giriboy. What happened to you?! Honestly, ever since he became part of the YDG team, he’s been really messing up. This performance definitely proved to me that choosing to be on the YDG team was the wrong choice. He should have stuck with Tablo and Masta Wu. I was really disappointed with this performance. It’s just not Giriboy. Granted, I haven’t been Giriboy’s fan for a long time (I barely found about him through this show), but I can just tell this style of music isn’t usually what he does or he’s not familiar with it. This isn’t him. And it hurts me to say that and it hurts me to watch him do something that isn’t him. Ugh. You should have just stuck with Tablo Giriboy baby. Lol. As much as I love Giriboy, I gotta say this is my least favorite performance coming from him.

*sigh* B.I B.I B.I. If you guys don’t know, B.I (who I will refer to as Hanbin since that’s his real name and I feel more comfortable using his real name) is like my little baby. I love him lots. I’ve been a fan of him ever since I saw him in WIN and although I don’t think he’s a strong rapper, I do enjoy his performances for he has that stage presence and energy capable of pumping up the crowd and audience. For the 1039910033957th time, he forgot his lyrics again, but at the very end, jumped into the crowd dissing Olltii (who dissed him and Bobby in the first place for being idol rappers) as a chance to redeem himself. I was disappointed, but not surprised. This isn’t the very first time Hanbin has messed up and has forgotten his lyrics while performing. Thankfully, in episode 6, he does redeem himself, but watching this performance was very very hard.

And last but not least, saving the best for last, is my other baby Iron whose real name is Jung Hunchul. I’ve been rooting for him ever since I saw him in episode 2 where at that time I didn’t know who he was, but was really intrigued with his performance and voice. He was just different and unique. Then I researched about him a little bit more and found out that his name is Iron and that he used to be a part of BTS, but quit before they debuted. That made me an even bigger fan of Iron (because I LOVE LOVE LOVE BTS) and now I’m wholeheartedly supporting him. As expected, he put on an amazing performance. Very very impressive and charming. I love the way he performed so strongly, but then ran off the stage like a little kid when he finished. SO CUTE! *squeals*

In episode 5, there were some disses here and there, such as with Olltii dissing Hanbin and Bobby for being idol rappers and Bobby dissing all his haters and all of that good stuff. I’m not gonna go into too much details about it though. I still have to go on to talk about episode 6!

Episode 6 was a bit better in terms of performances, but overall, it was still a pretty dull episode with some sentiments of disappointment. Since team San E and Swings won the round in episode 5, they got to choose which team they would like to go up against in the next round. They eventually chose Illionaire team so that left Team YDG up against Team YG. I’m not Korean so I’m not sure if I’m correct on how eliminations were executed but from what I watched and interpreted the judges did choose one member out of the team to represent the whole group so for the YDG team it was Iron (he is the strongest rapper on the team – no surprise) and for the YG team it was Hanbin. For the remaining group members, they were to battle it out against each other to see who would get to perform. Tablo and Masta Wu had to choose between letting Olltii or Yook Ji Dam go up to perform on stage and they for once, finally, finally made the right choice that I fully agree with and support. They chose Olltii to go perform, so this meant that Yook Ji Dam is now eliminated from the show (girl is good, but not good enough). For YDG, it was between Giriboy and another team mate and YDG eventually chose Giriboy to perform. So now that the performers had been chosen, it was time for the performances!

I have to admit, I didn’t know who Olltii was before the show and even when I did discover him through the show, I never really cared about him. But then his diss towards my babies Hanbin and Bobby got me curious about him so I looked him up and did my research on him and is now slowly, slowly becoming a fan. It doesn’t help that he’s the same age as me which makes him even more attractive, lol. Anyways, boy is young, but he sure does know how to put on a great performance. His performance was a bit monotone, but I loved his confidence on stage. And the song is extremely catchy too. Overall, it wasn’t bad.

Olltii went up against Giriboy who had troubles accepting the results from the last round in episode 5 where he placed second to last (ooooooh, not good. Not good at all). It was evident he was lost and frustrated and wasn’t exactly sure what to do and although in this performance I kind of still saw his uncertainty, it was definitely a better performance than his last one in episode 5. Giriboy eventually opened up on stage and for once I could finally see him perform a bit more confidently. However, still, the performance was not enough as Olltii concluded to be the winner between their battle. I’m not going to argue against that though for Olltii’s performance was better. It was monotone, but great whereas Giriboy’s performance had too much going on so it was hard for him to catch up on everything. It’s okay Giriboy. I rather you leave the show then continue to keep messing yourself up because you chose to be on YDG’s team instead of Tablo’s. Lol.

The intense and hectic battle that we’ve all been waiting for finally arrives. Hanbin VS Iron. While everyone else is like screaming and anticipating their performances, I’m watching this in tears and pain because I love both so dearly and so much. Then to see them both go up against each other absolutely breaks my heart. I love Hanbin but I also love Iron. YOU SEE MY PROBLEM HERE?! Haha.

Anyways, Hanbin is up first and he puts on a stellar performances. Inspirational lyrics that conveyed his problems and difficulties were there. His stage presence that got all the girls in the building screaming and cheering were there. His overall performance was great. Hanbin definitely redeemed himself and it was great witnessing that. The song is super catchy as well. Even Olltii who had dissed Hanbin in the last episode was complimenting Hanbin endlessly this episode. Even mentors Tablo and Masta Wu were super impressed with Hanbin and were showering him with love and compliments and support. Hehe. That’s more like it! 😀

After Hanbin is Iron’s turn and he too puts on a great performance. But I was sort of bored and distracted, not because Iron didn’t do a great job – it was just more like I’ve seen him do better and I know he can do better. Iron’s put on better performances than this one. His overall performance was very powerful and intense and heavy and aggressive and I liked it, but it was kind of slow and there wasn’t a lot of momentum to keep the audience interested and attached whereas Hanbin was able to get the crowd going all the way until the very end in his performance. I think I just expected more after watching Iron’s past performances where he clearly proved that he’s not someone to mess with. I often feel like at times Iron is a bit underrated in this show. He’s one of the better rappers on the show who continues to remain humble and supportive. It broke my heart to see him being neglected and ignored by his own mentor YDG who wouldn’t help him on his performance no matter how many times he asked for assistance. I don’t get why YDG would treat Iron so harshly and cruelly, especially considering that Iron’s the strongest rapper on his team and really the closest shot to getting YDG to win the whole competition if anything. It’s sad too because Iron continually showed YDG his love and support throughout the whole show and – unlike Giriboy – continued to stay with YDG until the very end. So to see him being treated so badly by YDG, one of the rappers he’s always looked up to since forever, really breaks my heart. It does. I don’t even know why YDG gotta be criticizing my Iron on his performance when he didn’t even help Iron at all. So annoying. And let’s also not ignore the fact that Iron is looking MIGHTY FINE in that black suit. Woooooo, stop Iron. You’re making me blush and sweat. Haha.

We actually won’t find out who the winner is between Iron and Hanbin until episode 7, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hanbin won the battle. He is loved by quite many people on the show and his performance was great. Episode 7 will also be covering the battle between Team Illionaire and Team San E & Swings so I gotta watch out for that when it airs next Thursday!

Until then, discuss away on what you think about episodes 5 and 6. Am I the only one who feels like this show is getting more and more disappointing and that it’s on its downfall? I can’t be the only one right? Right?!

Credits: Mnet @ youtube, vibrating johnson @ youtube

One response to “What Mary Thinks: Show Me the Money 3 episodes 5 & 6”

  1. First one here! Again haha.I really feel you. I get more and more disappointed with each episode, its not only you so dont worry hehe. I think something with the format of the show forced eliminations of really good rappers especially during the 1vs1 battle that eliminated really good rappers and advanced really crappy rappers. I really like Jidam but compared to other people I dont know how the heck she made it so far. I was glad to see that Oltii from YG team did better than Giriboy after the backstabbing. I like Giriboy but he broke my heart choosing the wrong team >.< I was so glad BI did so well.

    On episode 6, each team representative was chosen by the number of votes they got in the showcase(?) in ep 5. BI represented YG because he had the most votes within the team which left Oltii and Jidam to fight for the last spot. Same with Iron in YDG team. So it was not the mentors choice on the first one. I already saw ep 7 but Ill wait for your thoughts first.


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