[Discuss Away!] Show Me the Money 3 episodes 7 & 8

So I’ve decided that I’m going to start this new thing called ‘Discuss Away!’ where basically I’ll talk about an on-going drama or show and we all come together to discuss about the topic. I’ve noticed that I’ve been using ‘What Mary Thinks’ for all my ‘SMTM3’ posts so far, but then I came to realizing that I only want to post ‘What Mary Thinks’ posts about one-time events or things that I watched, such as the first episode of an drama or the debut / comeback of a music group. I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but basically from now on, we’re going to ‘discuss away!’ on on-going dramas / shows / events instead of me just conveying what I think about it.

Episode 7:

Just to give a brief summary of what went down in episode 7,  Team Illionaire battled it out against Team Swings and San E. Just like how Team YG and Team YDG did in episode 6, the one member from each team that got the most amount of votes from the showcase in episode 5 (thanks to mihr_ehyrir for pointing that out to me!) was guaranteed a spot to perform while the two members that got the least amount of votes had to fight for a spot to perform. Yook Ji Dam was unfortunately eliminated as Team YG chose Olltii (finally a choice I could agree on for once!) while YDG eventually chose Giriboy to perform (not surprising though). In episode 7, Chamain was chosen to perform (so Toy got eliminated) while from Team Swings and San E, they obviously were more favorable towards Cjamm. As for the members who were guaranteed a spot to perform because they got the higher amount of votes in their own teams respectively was Bobby from Team Illionaire and Vasco from Team Swings and San E who battled it out against each other.

It’s been a week since I’ve seen episode 7 (and a lot has happened within that week) so I don’t remember exactly how I felt about each performance, but I will try my best to convey my thoughts and opinion about each performance.

Vasco did yet another rock performance and just like how everyone reacted the other time, many were disapproving of this (except for the audience of course who seemed to have enjoyed it). Even Vasco’s very own rap mentor San E was questioning his performance and putting it down because it wasn’t rap or hip-hop but rock, but Swings didn’t say much but go with what his home boy Vasco was preparing for. As for Vasco’s performance, I’m not going to lie, I personally thought it was better than his rock performance in episode 5, but only by a small margin. I really miss the stuff that he put out earlier in the show; I want something similar to like his audition in episode one or his performance in episode 2. Hearing all this rock stuff from Vasco can get kind of repetitive and boring; You already know what to expect from Vasco because he’s going to put on another rock performance. But I can forgive Vasco for doing something unacceptable because at least he knows how to put on a good show and get the audience going. There aren’t many that are capable of doing that so just watching him perform and witnessing his stage presence unfold doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed with his rock performances. I’ll give him credit for being able to do that much.

Vasco’s rival was none other than Bobby from Team Illionaire. His performance wasn’t the most impressive and it wasn’t my favorite either. Bobby, just like Vasco, has great stage presence and he’s really energetic on stage. But the song that he performed ‘Go’ was just sort of bland and monotone to me which made me not enjoy his performance as much as I wanted to. And that’s not to say that Bobby’s a bad rapper or anything, because he isn’t. Even prior to ‘SMTM3’, when I first saw him back in ‘WIN:Who Is Next’, but didn’t even know his name yet, I heard him rap for the first time and I was immediately impressed and I was totally wowed by how great of a rapper he was. And to this day my impression of him hasn’t changed. Bobby has it all – the skills, the stage presence, style, swag, you name it and Bobby has it, but I think in order to showcase all of your skills and potential, you need a great song too and I can’t say for sure if ‘Go’ is Bobby’s best song yet. He pulled his performance off great and at least he didn’t mess up so that was good. Good job Bobby!

CJamm, who I don’t talk about much in these posts I do for SMTM3, also did a rock performance. Since he was one of those more popular underground artists I expected him to do better, but his performance was just average to me at the most. I don’t think he does rock as great as Vasco and it might be because this is his first time trying that  genre out. However, even then, all he did was just walk on the stage and minimally interacted with the audience. I’m going to admit it, it was boring and dull. And no I’m not a hater of CJamm. The other performances are just better than his for this episode.


Later on in the episode, we find out that Team YG had lost to Team YDG (I was surprised myself because Team YG did phenomenal!). Poor Tablo was the most hurt, surprised, and affected by this (and he was so confident in his team too!). B.I and Olltii got less money than Iron and Giriboy so the person that made the least amount of money between the two was the person to be eliminated. B.I ended up making less money than Olltii so he had no choice but to leave the show (Tablo was so so sad and hurt). Meanwhile, Team Illionaire ended up losing against Team Swings and San E. Chamain made less money than Bobby, so he too was eliminated and had to leave.

How do I feel about B.I’s, who was one of the more popular contestants, departure from the show? In the nicest way possible, it was time for him to leave. He did all that he could and he gave us a great one last performance before his elimination, but out of all the contestants that made it just as far as he did, he was probably one of the weaker rappers. I’m not surprised he got eliminated because I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to win the show, but what I was surprised about was that he didn’t win as much money for his performance which I believe (and I feel like many others too) was his best one yet throughout the show. B.I is still young and he still has a long way to go. This definitely isn’t the end for him. I did get kind of tired watching him forget his lyrics and then wing his performances (all that second-hand embarrassment). But I’m pretty sure he’s learned a lot by being on this show and I will still support him after.

Episode 8:

I’m not sure if it’s just me who feels this way, but I feel like the performances every episode continues to decline and worsen every time. I’m left feeling less and less impressed with each performance knowing that that contestant had put on a better performance a few episodes before. This continues to bother me so I’m not too wowed or amazed by the performances. Hence, why my thoughts and opinions on episode 8 might be quite negative and mean.

In episode 8, the contestants were to rap or perform about love. Ooh~ Love love love. *WINK WINK* They were also given the chance to invite a special guest to perform on stage with them. Since Team Swings and San E have two contestants (Vasco and CJamm) and Team YDG also have two contestants on their team (Iron and Giriboy), they went against each other while Team YG (Olltii) battled against Team Illionaire (Bobby).

Bobby performed his track ‘L4L’ AKA ‘Lookin’ for Luv.’ I was quite immersed with the beginning of the performance where it was quiet and the song was slow and all we could hear was Bobby’s husky voice rapping his lines. That was pretty sexy I gotta admit. And then when he was serenading the young lady with his rap – I kind of died on that part too it was impossible not to. Bobby was also super funny pretending to trip down the stairs (I knew he was just playing around when he was shown tripping on the stairs in episode 7’s preview – it looked so fake! Lol). I think Bobby did a great job. Again, song wasn’t the best but I loved how he was constantly moving around and jumping up and down displaying his energy and stage presence. His special guests were none other than his mentors Dok2 and The Quiett who performed with him on stage. The Quiett got me questioning why he’s even a rap mentor on this show but DOK2 did great, lol. Overall, Bobby’s performance was fun.

Bobby’s rival, Olltii, paired up with Block B’s Zico (SHIT. THAT ALREADY IS A HUGE THREAT ALONE) to put on a performance where they did a remix of G-dragon’s ‘That XX.’ The performance overall was great. Zico and Olltii definitely gave it their all and I didn’t feel like Zico was overpowering Olltii or anything. It was obvious that it was Olltii ft. Zico for their performance. However, if there was something I would complain about, it would be the song itself. The track started out great and then I kind of lost interest in it halfway into the performance. Olltii and Zico performed greatly to a song that had the potential to be better. It turned dark once it lost the guitar tune and then that was when I became kind of disappointed. But you know, Olltii and Zico were totally killing it. I just wished the song had maintained its tune the way it sounded in the beginning. But then I haven’t read the lyrics to the song, so I’m just reacting right now off of the performance alone. Overall, great performance. Although inside of me I want Bobby to win against Olltii, I wouldn’t be surprised if Olltii won. He did great.

Vasco did yet another rock performance, but if I’m not mistakened, he wrote the lyrics to his song based off of his son (he’s a single dad for those who don’t know). I actually really REALLY REALLY enjoyed this performance. It was great, it was sentimental, it was touching, it was moving, it was emotional, it was wonderful. Vasco did a great job. While I’m not a big fan of Vasco’s rock performances, I personally really enjoyed this performance because he sounded so much more passionate and the song was so powerful and strong. There wasn’t any of that nonsense screaming like how he did in the past two performances. This performance was based off of just rapping and I enjoyed that a lot. This performance was amazing. Enough said. I think it’s Vasco’s most powerful performance yet (and my favorite from him).

Unfortunately, lame Mnet did not upload Iron’s performance (ARGGGHHH), but he did a reggae-centered performance that Swings didn’t seem so approving of (but I’m just like, you let Vasco do rock but you don’t like how Iron’s doing reggae? Hypocrite much? Lol). Anywayyyysss, his special guest performer was a singer known for his reggae music, Skulls. I have to say that as much as I love Iron (I’m actually rooting for him on this show so yes I’m biased towards him), I was a bit disappointed with his performance. I was just expecting more from him because we all know how good and crazy he can get (especially with his performance in episode 6). And I felt like the performance was more like Skulls featuring Iron which is not a great thing because as the contestant, you have to learn to be the more dominant one and not let your special guest outperform you (they are the special guest performers for a reason). Iron went against Vasco, but unfortunately lost which I am totally okay with because Vasco’s performance was better (it moved people to tears).

The show left us with a cliffhanger. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out whether it’s Olltii or Bobby who gets eliminated. It would be great if Bobby passes and wins, but if he doesn’t which means he (and DOK2 and The Quiett) will get eliminated, Bobby can always go back to reunite with B.I while DOK2 and The Quiett can go rest in their homes like how they had been yearning to do as they mentioned in the beginning of the show. (:

Credit: Mnet @ youtube

4 responses to “[Discuss Away!] Show Me the Money 3 episodes 7 & 8”

  1. Hi after watching episode 8, I was actually kind of disappointed with Bobby’s and Iron’s performance. I really expected Iron to put up something strong and wild against Vasco but I guess the theme is something he can’t really relate to, that’s why I’m not really feeling the energy from his performance. But I definitely like his reggae style.
    As for Bobby.. I don’t really like the fact that they are trying to win the audience over with girls in bikini, smoke, fireworks and what not.. Even with all that I didn’t feel engaged and I felt that that was not Bobby’s standard. There wasn’t much element of rap skills in it which was quite disappointing since his opponent Olltii actually showed quite a great performance. There was definitely a showcase of Olltii’s rap skills and creativity to come up with such an idea and the addition of Zico made me really involved in his performance. That is why even though I rooted for Bobby from the start, I think that Olltii deserves to win this round.
    In my opinion this episode showed a little lack of sincerity in the performances. They were either more focused on dissing their opponent (Iron doing a little rock version to make fun of Vasco) or they were using every means to win (Bobby with the showy performance)
    I never really liked Vasco and Olltii initially but their performance in this episode showed me a different side of them and they were sincere in their performance.
    Yep I know I’m being critical to Iron and Bobby but it’s just my opinion. Since I’m new to this hip hop scene, I’m glad I can share my opinions here 🙂
    Overall I guess this episode was not as great as the previous ones but the cliffhanger arggghhh

  2. I agree, I was disappointed with both Bobby + Iron :/ I personally rooted for both of them in episodes 6 + 7 because I thought they both did a great job. I actually liked Bobby’s Go and Iron’s Look out for detox was amazing 🙂

    But I wonder if Iron was restricted by YDG’s song choice? It seemed like he wanted to use another beat completely but YDG forced him into using the one he had personally picked. Iron left to his own is a great performer, but the song + guesting let him down. It wasn’t really an Iron performance.

    Bobby has only disappointed me with L4L 😦 I feel like he should be true to himself and his style instead of relying on cheap tricks, even if it means getting through to the next round. And gosh, I was really disappointed with The Quiett lol, he seemed so unenergetic and out of it?

    All up, I wonder if all this has to do with poor decisions made by the mentors?

    • Hi sorkii~

      I know this might sound mean, but I sometimes feel like the contestants do better without the help of their mentors, in this case, Iron. As evident, he did an amazing job when YDG gave him no attention or help, but once YDG offered his help and participation and expressed his dislike on Iron’s choices, Iron did not do as good as he could have. I sometimes feel like instead of the producers helping the contestants out, they sometimes hold them back, as with the case of Giriboy who was clearly lost as a member of the YDG Team. I’m so sad and heart-broken because I know Giriboy can do so much better and he has so much potential, but because he chose YDG who was clearly not the right mentor for him, he was held back and he didn’t get to show all of the potential that he had.

      As for Bobby’s ‘L4L’ performance, I too didn’t like the cheap tricks that he was using to get all the votes/money. I liked how energetic he was on stage, but I wasn’t feeling the song nor The Quiett’s rapping. LOL. I’m not a hater or anything, but he just sounded so lazy (or maybe that’s just how he usually raps, haha).

      I’m glad to know that we share similar thoughts on the performances. Thanks for commenting~

  3. it’s too late to comment.
    but i have an opinion why iron performance didn’tdidn’t upload by mnet.
    cz iron ft skull.
    and in his performance skull (still) mention tablo.
    Maybe it become worst if mnet upload it.
    and absolutely controversial.
    But honestly, i really want to watch it.
    i want to see how skull and tablo expression T.T

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