[Discuss Away!] Show Me the Money 3 episode 9


Okay, so before I go on to talk about and discuss episode nine of ‘Show Me the Money 3’, I just want to clarify on some things about the ‘Discuss Away’ threads and posts. Usually if I make these ‘Discuss Away!’ threads, it’s because I have already seen and watched the episode and I feel the need to talk about it with others who are also watching the show hence the word ‘discuss.’ If you read the thread and posts, I’m going to assume you have already watched the episode/show so anything that I write shall not be a spoiler for you. For the sake of this episode and thread, I will put ‘spoiler’ warnings where I think it is needed just in case you wanted to know my thoughts on just the performances and not on anything else. But be aware that in the future, I will not warn you about any information or comments I feel are spoilers about the show/episode and will just talk freely on the topic. I hope this wasn’t confusing and that I was able to get my message across. Thanks you guys~

Another Thursday arrived which means another episode of ‘Show Me the Money 3’ did as well. Episode 9 of ‘Show Me the Money 3’ aired this past Thursday and I have to say that it was one of the better episodes compared to the last few episodes that’s been airing.

We continued off from where we left last time which was the battle between CJamm and Giriboy. Giriboy performed first and regarding his performance, I think it was one of his better ones since he’s joined the YDG team. We all know that he’s always been weak and very confused ever since he was on the YDG team and his performances on stage proved that, but here, I gotta give Giriboy some credit for at least putting on a good show. His performance out of all the contestants was still weaker, but individually, this one wasn’t as bad or at least I wasn’t cringing when I was watching his performance. It seemed like Giriboy was having a lot of fun on stage and wasn’t as worried about memorizing his lyrics or making any mistakes – he seemed really carefree on stage and I liked that. I don’t remember him rapping a lot in his performance for episode 9 which kind of disappointed me; He was more just like running around, but we didn’t get to see a lot of that in his past performances so this performance just shows that he’s not letting anything get to him and that he’s having some fun.

CJamm’s performance is something I feel bittersweet about. I really liked the beginning of his performance with just the piano, because I was REALLY feeling the piano piece (it sounded super nice). Then once he moved on to his next song and the drums came out, I felt like my interest in his performance just decreased by quite a bit. Here’s the thing, CJamm is a great rapper and I’m not going to deny that, but I don’t think he knows how to put on a good show. He lacks stage presence and energy and he just doesn’t know how to command the stage. This performance proved that. Most of the time he’s just walking around while on other contestants’ performances like Bobby or Vasco, they’re like jumping around and interacting with the audience, throwing water at them, going up and down the stairs, etc. There’s a huge difference between CJamm’s performances and let’s say Bobby’s. CJamm’s performances were always boring and dull to me and it wasn’t until Swings, who was CJamm’s guest performer, came out in the performance that I was captivated once again. Once he came out, the audience was even more excited and crazy because Swings was doing everything and anything that CJamm would not even attempt to do which was jumping on the stage, yelling into his mic, doing rolls here and there, etc. I mean, yes, Swings might have been overdoing it a little bit, but it was because he was doing those crazy and hilarious acts on stage that the audience was pumped up (and because it is Swings we’re talking about after all).

[SPOILERS!!!] Team YDG and Team Swings & San E were up against each other and as we all expected, Team Swings and San E ended up winning, having made money almost 3 times as much as Team YDG did. Since Team YDG lost, it was either between Iron or Giriboy (who I might add I love both very very much so I didn’t want either of them to leave) to be eliminated and unfortunately Giriboy was eliminated as he made less money than Iron did. After that elimination, it was now time for the second round of elimination, this time between Team YG and Olltii and Team Illionaire with Bobby. Olltii ended up losing to Bobby who made twice as much money than Olltii. So to sum it up, Olltii AND Team YG and Giriboy was eliminated from the show. Bummer.


Regarding the eliminations, I was really preparing myself for Iron and Bobby to leave. I really was. Seconds before the results were shown as to who would get eliminated from Team YDG, I for a second thought that Iron would make less money than Giriboy because his performance wasn’t the best and as a result make less money and leave the show. This thought really saddened me because I love Iron (I’m actually rooting for him so yes I’m biased) and I felt like he still had so much more to show (his ‘I Am’ performance was just a preview as to what he’s capable of doing and remember, he prepared for that performance ALONE. Just imagine what else he can do lol). I also love Giriboy and I didn’t want him to go either, but between the two, I rather Giriboy leave because Iron is a much better rapper than Giriboy is. You don’t know how relieved I was when I found out that Giriboy made less money than Iron, lol. IRON HAS TO WIN THE SHOW. As for the battle between Olltii and Bobby, because Olltii had Zico as his guest performer, I thought that would play a huge role in gaining him the win against Bobby (and it probably did), but to my absolute surprise, Olltii made less money than Bobby. Olltii had the better song while Bobby had the better performance and it was a close call between both, but I’m assuming that because Bobby had DOK2 and The Quiett, that helped him out too which gained him some money. I wasn’t as conflicted about the elimination battle between Olltii and Bobby as I was about Giriboy and Iron’s. If Bobby had left, I would have been very very sad as well but not as affected. I’m glad to see that he’s survived and is still in the show though.

girithough yesthisboyrighthere

Regarding Giriboy’s departure from the show, is it mean of me to say that I’m quite happy he’s gone? It’s not that I don’t like Giriboy because oh boy, I love him to bits. It was through this show that I discovered him and that I became a huuugeee fan of his, listening to his songs and watching his live performances and just becoming obsessed with him, but it was just rather that I didn’t like him being on YDG’s team because it was so obvious he didn’t feel like he belonged there and it was obvious that Giriboy chose the wrong mentor. I really hated seeing Giriboy rap to beats that YDG gave him and to beats that he could not keep up with. I knew Giriboy was capable of doing so much more, SO MUCH MORE, but because he was on YDG’s team, instead of showcasing what he got and his skills, he was held back instead. Compare his performances to when he was still just a contestant and his performances as a member on YDG’s team – Giriboy did so much better when he was just a contestant still battling it out against others to gain a spot on a team. I’m so sad that he wasn’t able to showcase all that he was capable of doing this season and I sincerely hope that he returns next year and chooses another mentor wisely that will be to his benefit instead of his disadvantage. I really hated seeing Giriboy struggle on the show so I’m quite glad that he’s gone so he doesn’t have to put up with YDG’s strange beats and songs that he keeps being given and doesn’t match. Don’t worry Giriboy, I still love you regardless.


As for Olltii…he was always a very great rapper with honest and funny punchlines, but like some pointed out on Tumblr, he’s a rather weak performer. I don’t think he stands out on stage and just like CJamm, he doesn’t know how to command the stage. I always found his songs and rapping really good, but then his performances rather dull and boring because there wasn’t anything to it that made me captivated and intrigued. I’m sad that he’s gone, but this show has also introduced me to him and I anticipate his future works. Go Olltii! 😀 Oh yeah and I forgot that mentors Tablo and Masta Wu has also left the show since their only member left Olltii lost. It seemed like Tablo was rather happy that Olltii was eliminated since I don’t think he wanted to do the show anymore honestly, lol. I’m not surprised that they’re the first mentors to be out as they made some shitty choices like eliminating Jolly V and Snacky Chan (who were two of the stronger performers on the show) and choosing some other contestants over them. I’m quite disappointed in them to be honest, because if they had chose Jolly V and Snacky Chan, they would have still been in the game and could have watched either contestants win the show. Oh well, there’s nothing we can do about that now. [END OF SPOILERS!!!]

Since CJamm won the most amount of money (even more than Vasco omg), he got to choose who goes up against who for the semi-finals. Since Iron and Bobby both went up against Vasco, it wouldn’t really matter who Vasco went up against again so CJamm chose Bobby to be Vasco’s opponent while he chose Iron to go up against him.

Episode 9 showed the performances between Vasco and Bobby and even the results between them (so no cliffhanger! YAY!).

Since Vasco had always been putting on rock performances his past few performances, Team Illionaire decided to do something a little differently this time for Bobby’s performance and implement a band to play for Bobby. Surprisingly, Bobby did rather very well with the band and the rock music as his performance was just so enjoyable but emotional and deep and great. The audience must really love all these rock performances because they were REALLY feeling and enjoying Bobby’s performance (I’ve never seen a reaction like that before from the audience for any of Bobby’s performances). Overall, I personally enjoyed Bobby’s performance and I felt like a proud mother watching his son perform so wonderfully on stage. (I also thought it was funny how during the rehearsals Vasco was making fun of Bobby for implementing the band and putting on a rock performance. He even went as far to tease Bobby’s performing saying shit like ‘Show Me the Guitar?’ and I’m just sitting here like, weren’t you the one who started all of this in the first place and you’ve been performing rock performances ever since like episode 5 so you got no right to complain about stuff like this).

Just like how Bobby did a rock performance, Vasco did a non-rock performance (omg i was surprised myself too) and made a change for the better (or worse?) by performing to trap since that was what Bobby (and the others) had been complaining about his rock performances. I personally was pretty bored by the performance and thought that it was one of Vasco’s weaker performances. I was excited when I heard that he wasn’t going to do a rock-centered performance because I really yearned to see Vasco do something else, but I didn’t expect his hip-hop performance to be this…boring? Lol. I just expected more from Vasco, because it’s Vasco we’re talking about you know?! Even then, I gotta give credit for Vasco putting on a good show to a dull song. You tried Vasco and your efforts were shown and seen.

[SPOILERS!!!] The producers for some reason were super nice to us fans this episode and gave us the surprising results between Bobby and Vasco’s battle. To everyone’s surprise and amazement, Bobby ended up winning against Vasco, with just a small small difference in the amount of money made between them. I really did not expect Bobby to win against Vasco. I was preparing myself for his departure from the show actually because we all know how popular Vasco is and how much everyone loves him on this show. Vasco’s always been placing first every single time so just like the last few battles and just like the last time Bobby and Vasco battled against each other, I expected Vasco to win again, but when I found out that Bobby won, I was so happy and shocked my jaw literally dropped. It literally dropped and I could not think about anything else other than the fact that Bobby won against Vasco, the strongest competitor on the show, the hip-hop veteran who’s been in the underground hip-hop scene for 14 years. Bobby, I have never felt any more surprised and proud. I knew there was a good reason I chose to stan you. Anyways, so yeah, Bobby ended up winning against Vasco so now it’s just up to whether Iron or CJamm wins that will determine who Bobby goes up against. I’m really looking forward to the finals for this season’s show and who the top 2 will be. I’m really hoping it will be between Bobby and Iron because that will be one heck of a crazy and exciting battle and because I really like them two. Lol. [END OF SPOILERS!!!]

And the hi-light of episode nine is none other than:

thisishiphopiamhiphop thatglarehahaha  vasrock

omg vasrock. seriously dok2 seriously? vasrock?! lol. ok that was actually kind of funny.

Credit: Mnet @ youtube


2 responses to “[Discuss Away!] Show Me the Money 3 episode 9”

  1. Hi! Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to enjoy the surprise you received from the fact that Bobby won against Vasco because the English subtitles were taking so long to release that for the past few days I’ve been stumbling across news about SMTM Ep 9 and 10 and totally got myself spoilt. :”(
    I would have liked to meet Bobby and Vasco at the finals though, would be much more interesting, provided that Vasco does hip hop as seen in this episode. Both of them really showed their skills, just got me hyped up. And the margin was so small!! I feel that Bobby incorporated the rock element really well and he was clearly doing hip hop, no doubt.
    While I was watching the first part of the show, all I could think was “I don’t want Iron to be out!! I still wanna see his performance!!” I still wanna see him perform and I’m excited for his performances in the next episode but I guess, I’ll have to wait another week for the subtitles to be released :”( I like it when he wears suit 😀

    • Hello Ping~

      Yikes! I’m sorry to hear about that! I tried my best to avoid going on Tumblr or other websites when the new episode came out in fear of spoilers. And I’m sadly not patient enough for the English subs, so I watched this whole show without the subs, but for the most part, I still understood what was going on. Haha.

      Although I’m pretty sure a Bobby vs. Vasco battle would have been awesome as the final battle, the two went at each other before in the show so I was hoping for something different. I wanted two contestants who had never battled against each other before to be in the finals (and luckily we got that!). I also felt like Bobby did a great job incorporating rock into his performance. It was just really really well done!

      AND YES YES YES YES. IRON IN A SUIT IS A TOTAL, 1000000000% YES. TO THE MAX. TO THE INFINITY. TO THE MOON AND BACK. Iron looks amazing and so so good-looking with a suit on (although he looks just as great without one on).

      Thanks for commenting~

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