The Three Musketeers: Episode 3 Recap


It’s an hour of happiness as our hero is rewarded with some success and gifts, but along with the prizes are tasks and conflicts that he might not be so open to. Meanwhile, Sohyeon tries anything and everything to solve a few mysteries of his own while he himself remains a mystery to the one woman who only wants his affection and attention, Yoon Seo.


Episode 3 ended with our hero Dal Hyang trying to be a hero by chasing after our two messengers, No Soo (guy messenger) and Mi-ryeong only to be confronted by the Manchus (Qing Dynasty) and a countless numbers of arrows shot towards him. Dal Hyang manages to dodge all of the arrows thanks to his horse who he uses as his shield and escapes on his horse, but the Manchus are determined to capture Dal Hyang and take him down as they chase after him. However, once again, Dal Hyang escapes from their hands and survives (it’s a miracle, really). Poor horsey dies from the injuries it got from the arrows so Dal Hyang has no choice but to leave it if he wants to live. The Manchus continue to search for Dal Hyang, but has no luck as Dal Hyang runs away successfully.

Back at the Palace, Princess Yoon Seo worries for Sohyeon whose arm is bleeding from the cut he got from No Soo, but he demands for her to leave the room and calls in the eunuch instead. Once outside the room, Yoon Seo questions Seung Po how Sohyeon’s arm is bleeding, but Seung Po finds it hard to respond to the princess. Meanwhile, Sohyeon who is now with the eunuch reveals to him that he saw Mi-ryeong not long ago and wonders how that could be. Sohyeon points out that the eunuch had stated that he saw Mi-ryeong hang herself, but the eunuch defends himself by replying that he just heard things – he didn’t see Mi-ryeong’s corpse himself. He ends the conversation by encouraging Sohyeon to investigate on the case so Sohyeon tells the eunuch to meet up with a person called Yoon Eui Rip to re-confirm everything. Once their talk ends, Sohyeon exits out of his room and meets his wife once again. He criticizes her for her inability to take jokes when he tries to come up with an excuse for the bleeding, but finds it to no use once Seung Po gestures to him to he has already told her how Sohyeon got his injury. Lol. Please give Yoon Seo some love. She just wants some attention from you Sohyeon!

Sohyeon and Min Seo heads to a doctor to treat Sohyeon’s wounds.


Meanwhile, the Manchus are still in the forest searching for the sneaky Dal Hyang, but what they come across instead is his dead horse who died from the arrow injuries (aww, poor horsey. You will be missed). General Yong Gol Dae threatens Mi-ryeong when she is unable to answer any of his questions about who tricked him and if anyone is cooperating and helping out one another. While the Manchus divert their attention back to finding Dal Hyang, the two messengers discuss about how General Gol Dae is worried that Prince Sohyeon might die which he doesn’t want to happen. No Soo expresses his regrets in not stabbing Sohyeon any harder to the point where he would have died as it is his goal to kill the whole royal family. Damn. Someone’s mad.

Dal Hyang heads back to his room all beatened and dirty and nasty. While walking back to his room, the landlord notices his external appearance and questions him on what he did the night before to look like the dirty disaster that Dal Hyang is. Dal Hyang stops to think about the landlord’s statement and replies, “Was that only last night? I feel like it was a year ago.” HAHAHHA. When you’re getting chased by the Manchus and getting shot by arrows in a dark and vast location with no guarantee that you’ll make it out alive, it sure does feel like a whole year. Dal Hyang heads into his room only to his a man calling out to him from outside his room.


The man turns out to be a servant named Pan Se who was sent by Seung Po. Dal Hyang invites him into his room so they talk and hold a conversation. It turns out that the reason Pan Se had been sent by Seung Po was to check up on Dal Hyang and to see if he was okay to which Dal Hyang responds, “Does it look like I’m okay?” OMG. I’M DYING HERE. SOMEONE HELP ME STOP LAUGHING. Pan Se hands Dal Hyang a letter written by Seung Po who wishes to meet with Dal Hyang to discuss on some things so he and Pan Se heads to Minister Choi Myung Gil’s house – the teacher of the The Three Musketeers.

When Dal Hyang arrives at Minister Choi Myung Gil’s (played by Jeon No-min) house, he witnesses Min Seo and Seung Po receiving a harsh lecture and scolding from their teacher for not being able to protect the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince who’s resting in a room not faraway finds Dal Hyang standing outside watching the two men getting lectured so he gets Dal Hyang’s attention by conversing with him. Dal Hyang updates Sohyeon on the two messengers and reveals that he lost them since he was threatened by savage warriors who Sohyeon describes as envoys (Dal Hyang’s just like, “Envoys? No wonder they spoke a weird language!” Hahaha). But it’s not just Seung Po and Min Seo that the Minister is lecturing – the Crown Prince had his faults as well in all of this. He lectures Sohyeon for a few minutes until he sees Dal Hyang and stops to ask him on who he is. With that, Dal Hyang introduces himself to the Minister and hands him a letter that his dad had written for Minister Choi Myung Gil (if you recall in episode one, Dal Hyang’s dad had advised Dal Hyang to meet Minister Choi Myung Gil and to give him a letter he wrote for him).


Minister Choi Myung Gil and Dal Hyang  talk in a room about the letter. Minister tries to recall who Dal Hyang’s dad, Park Oh Soon, is so Dal Hyang hints to him that his dad is Minister Choi Myung Gil’s cousin’s brother-in-law’s uncle’s cousin. Minister Choi Myung Gil states that he remembers who Park Oh Soon is and describes him as a tall and pale skin man, but Dal Hyang responds by describing the exact opposite. His dad is actually very short and dark (HAHAHA. OMG. TALK ABOUT AWKWARD MOMENTS). Minister Choi Myung Gil shakes it off and reassures Dal Hyang that he’ll remember who his dad is…someday. He goes on to talk about some more serious stuff like how the country isn’t doing so well and is on the edge of war. He also notes that if Joseon was to enter another war, their era would be over to the point of no return. Since the government is incapable of protecting the country due to their own problems and conflicts within itself, it’s up to the new military officers like Dal Hyang to stand up for the country and protect it. Just how exactly will Dal Hyang live his life as a military officer and what is he going to do to serve his country? While Minister and Dal Hyang discuss upon this, The Three Musketeers converse about Kim Ja Jum and his whereabouts. They reach the conclusion that he’s fled the city since they’re unable to find him, but what they really want to know is why Kim Ja Jum is meeting up with General Yong Gol Dae.

The Prince’s servant / Eunuch goes to visit the man that Sohyeon had advised him to go visit, Yoon Eui Rip (Mi-ryeong’s father). Upon meeting, the servant immediately explains the reason as to why he came to visit: to talk about Mi-ryeong who had supposedly hung herself five years ago. A flashback of the night that Mi-ryeong had hung herself ensues and in the flashback we witness Mi-ryeong hanging herself surrounded by fire while her dad calls out to her but is unable to do anything to help his dying daughter. We find out that Mi-ryeong’s father did not see Mi-ryeong corpse himself since his servant had decided to bury her to protect her parents from seeing her badly damaged body. The Eunuch reports this to Sohyeon and also adds that Mi-ryeong’s dad just recalls his servant telling him that he had buried Mi-ryeong somewhere in the back of the mountains. Unfortunately, the servant hung himself a few days later so there is no definite answer as to whether anyone had actually witnessed Mi-ryeong kill herself. Damn, this is getting interesting.

0305 0306

Crown Prince and Princess head to the King’s place to give him their morning greetings (well actually, Yoon Seo went on first without Sohyeon so Sohyeon had to catch up with her over at the King’s place). Once inside, they bow down to the King, but Sohyeon finds it difficult to move because of his arm. The King catches sight of this and becomes suspicious even though the couple tries to play it off as if nothing’s wrong. The King goes on to apologize for his behavior the other night when he had that nightmare. It’s just that since the death of his wife, he’s been very lonely. With this, he expresses his wish for a grandson and asks the couple if there are any news yet upon this matter. Have they even been trying? Upon asking this, Yoon Seo starts to cry which overwhelms and confuses the King. When they finish with their morning greetings, Yoon Seo storms out of the room by herself, still immersed in tears and pain. Although she seems to be mad at the Crown Prince externally, internally she still does care for him and receives updates from the Eunuch about her husband’s current conditions in which she learns that he’s not in any danger and is recovering.

It’s the day of the ceremony where the men that passed the military service exam are acknowledged and enrolled. Since the men are lined up based on the score that they got, our hero Dal Hyang is sadly all the way in the back of the line. Awww, poor boy 😦


Meanwhile, four of the men that had met up with Kim Ja Jum the night before at the meeting discuss the rumors about the Crown Prince being injured, Kim Ja Jum himself, and the King. Right at that moment, Sohyeon enters the scene himself and reveals to them his nightmare of how he dreamed of traitors betraying the country before the war even started. Upon this, the four guys start to panic (because ya know, they are involved in Kim Ja Jum’s plans to betray the country), but luckily it’s all just a dream and isn’t real. Sohyeon has to leave to attend the ceremony so Minister Choi Myung Gil is left in charge of dealing with them instead.

Yoon Seo is walking around the Palace when she learns that it’s the day of Bang Bang Eui (the ceremony). Although she shows no interest in going to the ceremony, she is reminded of her conversation with Dal Hyang five years ago about Bang Bang Eui and how she must go to the ceremony once he passes his exam. She recalls the conversation and reconsiders her decision on whether to attend the ceremony or not.

0308 0309

Meanwhile, the ceremony has finally started with the presence of the King apparent at the Bang Bang Eui location. The officials call the names of the military officers and civilians and one by one they enter the Palace and go to their designed spots. The last but definitely not least person to be called is none other than Park Dal Hyang who enters the Palace looking a bit nervous and scared (while Sohyeon watches Dal Hyang like a proud father, haha). Yoon Seo also joins in on the ceremony to watch Dal Hyang as well. Everything is going fine until Sohyeon and his Eunuch notices Mi-ryeong standing in the family section of the Palace (okay, this is scaring me. This scene is similar to a scene I would see in a horror movie or something).


(I mean, look at this. Isn’t this frightening? Everyone else is smiling & having a good time and then you see this woman staring back at you with a straight and cold face. *shivers*).

Sohyeon demands for his Eunuch to capture her so he follows Sohyeon’s instructions and chases after Mi-ryeong who is running away (uh-oh. Something about this screams danger and risk). While running away, Mi-ryeong bumps into Yoon-seo (GASP!) who shows concern towards her, asking her if she’s alright and if she’s hurt. Unlike Mi-ryeong who recognizes Yoon-seo for being the Crown Princess, Yoon-seo doesn’t recognize Mi-ryeong but does take notice of her appearance and grows a bit suspicious.

Crown Prince’s Eunuch returns to the ceremony and reveals that he lost Mi-ryeong.

That night, Dal Hyang gets another visit from Pan Se who has two letters from Seung Po. In one of the letters, Seung Po congratulates Dal Hyang on becoming a military officer and as a reward, gets a servant of his own who will be none other than Pan Se. So the other letter turns out to be Pan Se’s slave contract. Upon finding out that Seung Po has handed Pan Se over to Dal Hyang, Pan Se runs out of the room panicking and rushes over to Seung Po to check to see if this is true. Aww, poor Pan Se. Once Pan Se leaves, Dal Hyang relaxes by himself in his room while watching the rain pour outside. The night reminds him of the surprise visit by Yoon Seo to which he still vividly remembers and recalls. While thinking about this, he sees someone walking closer and closer to him so he thinks that it must be Yoon Seo again, but to his disappointment (and mines too), it’s just Crown Prince who has come to visit him, not Yoon Seo. Hahaha. That was a good one The Three Musketeers, good one.


The Crown Prince’s meeting with Dal Hyang is absolutely confidential (even Min Seo and Seung Po doesn’t know about it! *gasp*). Sohyeon reveals that he likes life outside of the Palace because he’s used to it that way since he wasn’t born into the Palace, but rather placed into it at a young age when his dad suddenly had to become King. He goes on to offer Dal Hyang the chance to become a Royal Guard since ya know, everyone likes him so just when Dal Hyang has his hopes up, Sohyeon brings it alll the way back down by stating that he didn’t want Dal Hyang to become his Royal Guard because that would mean more chances of meeting Yoon Seo and since Yoon Seo doesn’t seem to like Sohyeon too much right now, Dal Hyang and Yoon Seo could probably start talking again. OMG. Who knew Sohyeon could be so funny? Hahaha.

But then Sohyeon’s just like, “Haha. Just kidding. Here’s the real reason as to why I don’t want you to be my Royal Guard.” It turns out that he has a different mission for Dal Hyang instead. He’s going to appoint Dal Hyang to work at Youngjubdogam which is a temporary office for welcoming envoys. There, Dal Hyang will be the guard of the Manchu envoy, General Yong Gol Dae, all for one reason: to find the woman that Dal Hyang lost the night before – Mi-ryeong (who might also go by the name of Hyang Sun). Dal Hyang’s first task as a military officer is to find her and bring her back to Sohyeon. This is getting goooooood.

The next morning, Dal Hyang and a few other military officers, accompanied by citizens and ministers, anticipate the arrival of the Manchus into their city. But their welcoming isn’t so welcoming as some citizens try to attack them by throwing some rocks. This causes some commotion so the military officers has to step in to stop anything else bad from happening. While protecting the citizens, Dal Hyang catches sight of Mi-ryeong who happens to be with the Manchus. Once she notices him, she smirks because she recognizes Dal Hyang.

0313 0314

Upon seeing Mi-ryeong, Dal Hyang recalls the conversation that he had with Sohyeon the night before about Mi-ryeong. Sohyeon reveals to Dal Hyang that he was the person who had ordered Mi-ryeong to kill herself as evident in a flashback of when they were younger where Sohyeon tells Mi-ryeong to kill herself after ignoring her question of whether he loved her or not (ooh, young Sohyeon is really good-looking. He reminds me of Yeo Jin-gu). So if Dal Hyang is able to find Mi-ryeong, Sohyeon is either going to try to kill her again or fall in love and run away with her.

The episode ends with Sohyeon instructing a very hesitant and confused Dal Hyang to do his job.

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