Ladies’ Code involved in a major car accident + member EunB passes away while Sojung and Rise remain in critical condition


Unfortunate and heart-breaking news came about today as it was revealed that girl group Ladies’ Code was involved in a major accident that resulted in member EunB passing away and Kwon Rise and Lee Sojung remaining in critical condition. According to Koreaboo, “Around 1:20AM at the Singal Intersection of Yeondong Expressway heading towards Incheon, near the 43km point, Ladies’ Code’s van slipped down a rainy road, hitting the expressway’s wall. The van held seven passengers including the driver. The car crash brought the devastating news of member EunB’s death at the site of the accident, while members Lee Sojung and Kwon Rise are being treated for critical injuries  at a nearby hospital.  Ashley, Zuny and their stylist are reported to have sustained minor injuries. According to current reports, Lee Sojung and Kwon Rise are currently in surgery. An official from Polaris Entertainment said, ‘Ladies’ Code were in a car accident on their way back from a schedule. We are still grasping the cause of the accident and will update on the situation as quickly as possible.’”


This news absolutely, absolutely, breaks my heart. I am torn into so many pieces. My eyes were full of running tears once I read the news that EunB had died because she was so young (she was born in 1992) and had such a bright and wonderful future ahead of her. She had a whole life ahead of her and she could have accomplished many more things along the way. It’s crazy to think that just recently I had checked out Ladies’ Code’s song ‘Hate You‘ and watched the MV and listened to the song. I admit that I never really paid attention towards them despite having heard their group name before, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am mourning over the death of a beautiful person who lit so many people’s lives and managed to put a smile on their face. To make things even worse, other members Rise and Sojung are also reported to be in critical conditions so I really do hope that everything is going to be okay. That they will make it out alive and are able to reunite with the other group members and their family and friends. Please pray for them if you have the time and I give out my condolences to EunB and her family and friends.





After hearing about EunB’s death, I immediately thought about how this just goes to prove that this could happen to anyone at any moment and at any time. This could happen to you, it could happen to me, it could happen to other Korean celebrities – the thing is that we never know and that’s what’s terrifying. What terrifies me even more is that the people that I sincerely love, support, and care about are also exposed to the same dangerous acts and could also lose their life. As a fan, it would absolutely break my heart to know that someone who made such a huge impact in my life passed away at such a young age. I don’t know how I would ever be able to recover if that does happen in which I genuinely hope it won’t. While browsing through my Tumblr for updates, I came across this post which I felt is absolutely accurate that I would love to share with you guys all: “To hear that a K-pop idol died scares the shit out of me. It is just another reminder that idol’s are human and death is a possibility at any time. Cherish the moments with your idols while they are still here. Don’t cause fanwars or bash idols for no reasons because one day those idols will be gone. Enjoy the music and give them as much love as you can because you never know when it’s too late…R.I.P EunB.” It’s just terrifying to think about all the possibilities out there and how we never know what’s going to happen. That’s why I feel like this post talking about how we should treasure and cherish our idols and give them our support while we can and are able to is so accurate and true and should be shared among all.


Once again, I give out my condolences to Ladies’ Code EunB, her family and friends and fans. I also give out my condolences to the driver of the vehicle who also happened to pass away. Let’s pray for the other Ladies’ Code members in that they will survive and to the family and friends of the Ladies’ Code members and the driver. Let’s hope that everything will be alright.

To EunB, you will be so, so missed. May you rest in peace.

For live updates, you can check Onehallyu’s thread here.

Source: Koreaboojonginsringdingdong @ tumblr, Onehallyu thread

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