[Discuss Away!] My Secret Hotel episodes 1-6


So I know that tvN drama ‘My Secret Hotel’ starring Jin Yi Han and Yoo In Na has been airing for the past 3 weeks and my ‘Discuss Away!’ thread for this might be fairly late, but I just felt the need to start one since I’m currently watching and obsessed with this drama and would like to talk about it with others so I thought I’d create one. I won’t cover my thoughts for each episode like how I did with ‘Plus Nine Boys’ because there are six episodes out so far and I don’t remember my thoughts on the first few episodes so I’m just going to reveal how I feel about the drama so far.

I really enjoy this drama because it’s so subtle, sentimental, emotional, and stirring. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a rom-com because it does carry a dark tone and vibe to it, but there are scenes that do provide comedy relief which I really appreciate. Like I stated before in my ‘What Mary Thinks’ post about this drama, I am totally in support of our main couple / OTP Goo Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo who was once a married couple but divorced only after three months. There’s just something about the way they long for each other even after what happened seven years ago that really tugs at my heartstrings and makes me root for them. I love watching the flashbacks of when they were still a couple such as on their wedding day or their first interaction and then seeing them seven years later because they haven’t changed much other than the fact that they’re meeting different people. I really enjoy seeing Hae Young struggle in wanting to tell Sang Hyo his feelings and the truth and how he still wants her – it’s a good thing that he’s not stubborn and isn’t willing to let his pride be his excuse to not be upfront and straight-forward. I love how he’s still there for Sang Hyo after all that has happened and still cares for her even though they had gone their own ways seven years ago. Hae Young isn’t made out to be this generous and kind and awesome male lead; he has his own flaws as well and that’s why I care so much about him. He’s definitely the most interesting to me so far and I like his character the most out of all the characters. His efforts and attempts to continue on what he had with Sang Hyo seven years ago are so interesting, amusing, and intriguing, because Sang Hyo doesn’t want to admit that she is still in love with him while Hae Young does. Ugh, talk about struggles. It’s the push-and-pull relationship that they have with each other in the present that makes me so interested and engaged. I love it I love it!


My favorite episode out of the six episodes that have aired so far is definitely episode two which was the episode that provided us the first few glimpses of Hae Young and Sang Hyo’s wedding which was so simplistic but because it was so simple it was really so beautiful and the scenery was breath-taking and the cinematography was just stunning. There were no audience, no family members, no friends, no one but Sang Hyo and Hae Young, but yet the wedding was really nice and beautiful. After getting a glance of their wedding and their past, how can you not root for them to get back together to continue on the relationship that they lost?

Episode 5

Since episode 5 and 6 were the most recent episodes to air, I’d thought I’d give my thoughts on both episodes briefly. I definitely enjoyed episode five more than I enjoyed episode six (because the ending to episode six left me in tears and sadness). I loved it when in episode five Sang Hyo was on her knees begging for forgiveness from Soo Ah in the mall and Hae Young comes to rescue her. When yelling at her to stand up wasn’t enough, he bent down to her level and picked her up in front of everybody including his own fiancé and even dragged Sang Hyo out with him. Then he gave her time to let all her feelings and stress out and to cry; Hae Young respected her feelings and gave her some alone time which are bonus points in my book. I would have expected him to demand her to talk to him and to tell him what’s happening and what’s wrong, but instead he left her by herself to cry and to let everything out. Bonus points for Goo Hae Young for showing his concern and care for her without any dialogue or conversing!


In episode five we also learn a little bit more about one of the reasons that might have contributed towards the downfall to Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s relationship with him not being satisfied with her risky job. I don’t necessarily believe that this is the main reason as to why their relationship fell apart. Rather I feel like it’s just one of the many reasons to come that resulted in their divorce; I’m pretty sure there are other things and not just their disagreement over Sang Hyo’s job that caused things to turn out the way they did. I feel like by agreeing to get married with Soo Ah at Sang Hyo’s hotel this just proves that Hae Young is willing to do anything for Sang Hyo’s sake and showcases his care and support for her. Throughout the episode, she continuously begged Hae Young and Soo Ah to let her coordinate and plan their marriage and we saw Hae Young reject her request because he wasn’t certain if he wanted to considering his unresolved feelings for Sang Hyo, but by deciding to go through with the marriage, I think this just shows that he sincerely cares for Sang Hyo and will be willing to do anything for her. It’s kind of like he doesn’t want to get married, but because he loves Sang Hyo and wants the best for her, he’s willing to go through it even if he doesn’t feel anything for Soo Ah. I think of it as if Hae Young’s showing his love for her in a way that doesn’t scream out ‘I love you’ or ‘I still wish you were mines’ which is so heart-breaking but refreshing. And that’s the thing about ‘My Secret Hotel’ that I love about. A lot of the emotions and feelings aren’t explicit and it’s great watching this.


Other things from episode 5 that I am curious about that isn’t related to the OTP is how Young Mi was able to afford a trip to Hong Kong. Just like how Gi-chul pointed out, her salary doesn’t pay much but she was still able to travel and visit Hong Kong which leaves me kind of suspicious. And just how the heck were Soo Ah in most of her photos. That’s kind of creepy and weird if you ask me. As for how I feel about Sung Gyum and Sang Hyo, I think it’s obvious that I am on Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s ship all the way so there’s no chance of me suffering from second lead syndrome, but I do think that Sang Gyum’s a kind guy. I just hope that he doesn’t have any ulterior motives because if he does, man that would suck and his image as the good nice guy in this drama will go down the drain. Don’t disappoint me now Sang Gyum!

Episode 6

Moving on to episode 6, I had a much harder time watching this episode than I did of episode five and I’m not so sure why. I mean, there were scenes of my OTP which I really loved and adored and squealed over, but there wasn’t much in terms of content. There wasn’t much progress in our murder mystery and I’m actually quite surprised that the drama has decided to focus less on the murder mystery a bit which I’m quite thankful for though honestly.


Oh episode six, what am I going to do with you regarding my OTP? The ending showed Hae Young and Sang Hyo walking past each other which signals the start to a new beginning and the end to any hope that they were holding onto to continue what they once had but left behind which absolutely breaks my heart. You have Hae Young who wants to tell Sang Hyo how much he still wants her, but then you have Sang Hyo who keeps denying it all and who is now in love with another man. Ugh, don’t this to me now drama. Don’t break my heart.


Two scenes that I absolutely, absolutely loved was when Sang Hyo and Hae Young were having a discussion about his marriage and they were talking about what kind of theme he wanted and how to plan it, but he was acting all careless about it because most likely he was. He went on to tell Sang Hyo that instead of an extravagant dress, his wife wear a one piece dress holding in her hand flowers that she likes instead of a neat bouquet and they drive to a church that they like. Watching him talk about their past wedding so passionately made my heart ache because it was so obvious that he’s still haunted by his past that he has a hard time moving on from. As if this scene wasn’t good enough, the drama dared to re-enact the moment when Sang Hyo and Hae Young first met each other back in Las Vegas (which I have to admit was perfect. You could definitely feel the chemistry and see all the sparks flying in the air) once again in the present time during the meeting about their wedding.


LIKE, THE RE-ENACTMENT WAS PERFECT BOTH IN THE PAST AND THE PRESENT; The way Hae Young voiced the same exact words he did the very time he laid his eyes upon Sang Hyo was so beautiful and touching. The intimate look in Hae Young eyes while requesting for Sang Hyo’s time like how he asked her the very first time they met was just so great and lovely. Nothing has changed seven years ago and seven years later. Hae Young and Sang Hyo are still madly in love with each other, but they are just too afraid and hesitant to bring it up because they aren’t sure how the other is going to respond. With both acting like they have moved on and like they don’t care about each other anymore, it’s no wonder they don’t want to show any signs of care or concern for each other, but they can only deny their feelings for so long until someone (I’m assuming it’ll be Hae Young) gives up and communicate their feelings. And when that day arrives, I will be so excited because I know that the way the confession will be executed and carried out will be oh so perfect.

0606 0605


As of now, ‘My Secret Hotel’ is starting to slow down, but I’m going to enjoy the drama as much as I can before it picks up. It’ll be great to watch Sang Hyo and Hae Young struggle living their new lives with their new loves before they realize that it’s not this new life style that is the best for them – it’s returning back to each other and being in each other’s lives again that is meant for the both of them since that is what they both truly and deeply want.


9 responses to “[Discuss Away!] My Secret Hotel episodes 1-6”

  1. I am watching this drama too and cant wait foe episode 7! I understand how you felt when they were reminiscing that time when they first met and their wedding day.. i seriously cried on that scene. Also when Sang Hyo told Sung Gyum about her past…and when Sang Hyo saw Hae Young was still the parking lot waiting for her? Ugh. Hurted like hell. Cant believe how Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han are pulling these I-am-still-inlove-with-you-like-hell and having those lovesick puppy eyes… aw. Wish they could just get married again and end the drama at episode 8. Harhar.

  2. I am watching this drama too and cant wait foe episode 7! I understand how you felt when they were reminiscing that time when they first met and their wedding day.. i seriously cried on that scene. Also when Sang Hyo told Sung Gyum about her past…and when Sang Hyo saw Hae Young was still the parking lot waiting for her? Ugh. Hurted like hell. Cant believe how Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han are pulling these I-am-still-inlove-with-you-like-hell and having those lovesick puppy eyes… aw. Wish they could just get married again and end the drama at episode 8. Harhar.

    • Hello jhayelie~

      I agree with you so much, especially on the last part with Hae Young and Sang Hyo getting married and ending the drama with only 8 episodes. Now THAT would be the perfect drama wouldn’t it?

      I just love the way Hae Young and Sang Hyo communicate and convey their feelings without even having to speak any words or say anything. Like you stated, they manage to show so much with their “lovesick puppy eyes” and that’s what I love and enjoy watching! I can’t get enough of them and their puppy eyes. It’s so sad but cute and all I want them to do is just fall in love again and get married so that they don’t have to show anymore puppy eyes, but eyes that brightly shine and radiate.

      Thanks for commenting and I hope to see you in the up and coming future discussions for ‘My Secret Hotel’~~~

      • Can i say that the main reasons i watch this drama are:

        1. YOO IN NA
        2. Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han (my new otp)
        3. My Secret Hotel OST
        4. Yoo In Na/Nam Sang Hyo wardrobe

        Couldnt care less with other characters tho i really really want to know who killed Mr. Hwang. 😉

        • I agree with you so so much, especially with numbers 2 and 3!

          I really really love our OTP (that chemistry!) and the OST tracks are so so good.The OST tracks released so far are already very good I really can’t wait to hear the upcoming OST tracks for the drama! :DD

          As for the wardrobe, I really like the outfits that Yoo In Na wear in this drama. She looks great in them (:

            • Nope 😦
              Apparently there won’t be any new episodes this week for us.

              Gaahhh, this breaks my heart. I waited a whole week for two new episodes only to find out that we won’t get any. What am I going to do with my life?! Now we have to wait another whole week for two new episodes ;____; This is so sad. So so sad. /cries/

            • TvN is just so cruel. Another week without any episode? Argh. And it’ s episode 7! I was very anxious to know if the wedding pushed thru or if Soo Ah eloped with her driver, or if there would really be a wedding between Sang Hyo and Hae Young (as shown in the previews) and what will Sung Gyum do if that is the case? Gaaaah.ㅠ_ㅠ

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