[Discuss Away!] Plus Nine Boys episodes 3 & 4


As endearing, sweet, light, and enlightening as ‘Plus Nine Boys’ is, the drama remains a bit too dull and slow for me to want to continue on and watch it. I enjoy watching it, but out of all the dramas that I’m watching so far, I’d have to ‘Plus Nine Boys’ is my least favorite. And that’s not to say that the drama is bad, because it is a good drama and has its special and quirky and funny moments, but I’m sad to say that I’m only watching it to be entertained and that I’m not as invested in the characters as much as I had wanted to. I watched episodes 1 & 2 with an open heart, but episodes 3 & 4 were the two episodes that I watched to see if I wanted to continue watching it or not and as of right now, I have to lean more towards quitting the show.


In episodes 3 & 4, Jin-goo is our main focus leaving behind our other three characters who did not get as much screen time sadly. I’d have to say though that out of the four guys, Jin-goo’s story is the story that I’m the most interested in, but it does get a bit boring, repetitive, and irritating every once in a while. Maybe it’s because we know that Jin-goo has a one-sided crush on Se Young that I just want him to hurry up and confess to her already, but then again I know that there was something that happened to them in the past that might be making him hesitant and reluctant on doing so. And plus, his best friend Jae-bum is also in love with the same girl so we have to be cautious about that. I was relieved when he kissed Se Young at the end of episode 4 because that only means that she now has some kind of hint or clue that he likes her so we should be making some progress whether positive or bad. Se Young can either reject Jin-goo or return the same feelings back so it’ll be interesting to see what she does.


I want to believe that she likes him, but is just too afraid to confess because of the thought that Jin-goo’s a playboy or that he doesn’t have any feelings towards her, but it’s difficult to determine how she feels at this point because we don’t know a whole lot about her and her feelings or thoughts. We know that she rejected Jae-bum, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she likes Jin-goo. Ugh. I really want to know a lot more about Se-young and how she feels. She’s way too vague for me and I can only be patient for so long. It is undeniable though that when Se-young and Jin-goo are together that they make a really cute and hilarious couple. For the most part I enjoyed their little couple date while on their trip and the gorgeous pictures that they took together. Kim Young Kwang and Kyung Soo-jin have great chemistry with each other and you know we can always need more of that in K-dramaland!


I’m very glad that Kwang-soo’s story developed a lot within episodes 3 & 4 where he reunited with another ex-girlfriend of his, Joo Da-in (who might just be THE ex-girlfriend for Kwang-soo). I’m really curious as to how they met, broke up, and why Da-in rejected Kwang-soo’s proposal. And most of all, if that daughter is his (although I’m leaning more towards that she’s not, but you never know). I can only hope that Kwang-soo will mature after reuniting with Da-in because his reaction to reuniting with his other ex-girlfriends rubbed me off in the wrong way, so here’s to hoping that with the misunderstandings that are clarified, Kwang-soo learns a lot more along the way and becomes a better person than he already is.


Since we got to see a lot more of Jin-goo and Kwang-soo in episodes 3 & 4, we did not focus much on Min-goo or Dong-goo which saddens me because I want to see more of them, no matter how cliche or annoying their story is. I’m wondering if Soo-Ah left her planner behind on the bus on purpose just so Min-goo would pick it up or if she really did forget about it. As for Dong-goo, kid is so darn cute even though his arrogant and conceited attitude can be the most frustrating and irritating thing ever. I love how he reads his lines instead of saying them smoothly and how his mom continues to encourage him even when he’s not doing so great of a job. I’m also hoping that Dong-goo and Mom will change for the better by the end of the drama.


(AWWW. AREN’T THEY CUTE?! I’m only sticking with the drama because I want to see more scenes of them together, keke).

Altogether, I would love to continue watching ‘Nine Plus Boys’, but as of right now, I’m a bit too invested in my other dramas to do so. It’s sad because I was looking forward to watching this drama and had high hopes for it and thought that it would deliver, but so far, it hasn’t blown me away. Things can get a bit repetitive and predictable and drag on for a while. But it’s not all that bad though because at least we have scenes of Dong-goo and his girlfriend and kisses between Se Young and Jin-goo (who I know will deliver on those kisses – I mean, come on, it’s Kim Young Kwang) to make up for what the drama lacks.



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