[Discuss Away!] YG’s Team B’s new survival program Mix & Match episode 1


The year long wait for YG’s popular trainee group Team B (who will eventually go on to be named iKon) is finally over as the first episode to their new survival program ‘Mix and Match’ aired on September 11 on MNET. Since the survival program is focused on Team B and they are my babies, I could not resist watching this show despite knowing that it might not be good for me and my health and that there’s a good chance that there will be a lot of tears, pain, heart-break, sadness, anger, anxiety, and many more emotions to come out of this. But even with all of those risks, I am willing to put myself through the torture and pain of watching ‘Mix & Match’ just to catch a few more glimpses of my Team B babies (yes, I call them my babies. Don’t judge me, haha) before they officially go on to debut as iKon.

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To give you guys a little introduction and explanation on my love for Team B as a fan and why I love them so much, Team B was the team that I rooted for back during last year’s survival program ‘WIN: Who is Next.’ Right when I saw the 20 minute teaser for the first episode, I was totally impressed and taken aback by how much talent they possessed. They were such strong dancers and even though their vocal line might not have been as impressive during ‘WIN’, I always had faith in Team B and I never criticized them or underestimated them. I always believed in them and felt like they were already strong the way they were. Many people would criticize the vocal line especially and point that out as Team B’s weakest link and although I do understand where their opinions and thoughts are coming from, maybe it was because my bias in the group (and no it’s not B.I or Bobby) was Donghyuk who is a vocalist that I never belittled the vocal line or thought weakly of them. Instead, I felt like they had so much more to show us and that it’s just because they weren’t able to showcase all of their potential and skills in ‘WIN’ that they were getting the criticisms they were (because let’s face it. The whole show was primarily focused on Team A so not much time was spent on Team B, much less Yunhyeong, Junhwe, or Donghyuk who were the newer trainees in Team B). No matter what people said, my faith in Team B was always stable and constant and I knew that the next time we would see them they were going to blow our minds away and prove to everyone who doubted them wrong by being strong in not only rapping but singing as well.

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I think it’s pretty clear so far that I love and admire Team B so much so when they lost to Team A during ‘WIN’, I cried my eyes out until I no longer could. It was so devastating because this was my first time ever watching any survival program so I mean, this kind of stuff I was not familiar with so I did not know what kind of terrible stuff I was getting myself into, but also because I was so emotionally connected to Team B and all I wanted was for them to win ‘WIN.’ I wanted them to win because it was evident that they were such a powerful force not to be reckoned with so to root for a team that did not win and whose future was not guaranteed was a very devastating and heart-breaking idea to consider and accept. These 6 talented and amazing guys worked so hard for their dreams only to have it taken away from them at the last minute and so they had no choice but to return back to their daily lives and routines not knowing what the future held for them. It was difficult not only for the boys, but also for their families, friends, and us fans who weren’t certain what was going to happen to them. I wanted to see my Team B babies again especially since there weren’t many updates about them after ‘WIN’, but not through another survival program. Lol. They went through so much together and individually as a group during ‘WIN’, now they are threatened by three new trainees who might get the chance to replace them and debut instead. It’s a very scary thought because I was a fan of Team B from the very beginning so if the six original members don’t debut as a group, it’s going to hurt like heck. And if there’s anything I learned from watching ‘WIN’ and the new ‘Mix and Match’, it would be probably that YG is an asshole and that one should not support a group who has not debuted yet because you never know what’s going to happen and if there will be any group / member changes.

I already talked a little bit about ‘Mix and Match’, but for those who are not familiar with the show, basically B.I, Jinhwan, and Bobby are already secured their own spot to debut in iKon, leaving the original Team B members Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Junhwe to battle it out against the three new trainees Hongseok, Jinhyeong, and Chanwoo for the four remaining spots in iKon to complete iKon as a seven member group. Since I’m a Team B supporter, it’s obvious that I find original Team B perfect the way they are and that there is no need to add in another member, but I am open to a new member as long as the original Team B debuts together. Episode one of ‘Mix and Match’ basically showed us what Team B did after ‘WIN’ ended (which was going back to practice and train like usual, performing at YG’s family concert, etc.) and then introducing the two new trainees, Jinhyeong and Chanwoo, to Team B.

I felt like the first episode was kind of like Team B’s own reality show kind of thing, similar to 2NE1 TV or WINNER TV, where the show focuses in on them and what they’re doing and how the members film themselves talking to the camera. So basically just like any other reality show. And then the twist came in when YG introduced the two new trainees to Team B and that’s when I knew that it was real. Shit is going to go down. There are going to be battles and my Team B will not be Team B any longer (gawd, it breaks my heart to write that, lol). In the first episode, we saw Bobby travel to the United States to finally reunite with his family after 4 very long years. That part was very endearing, sweet, and touching. Then we also saw footages of Team B half-naked in their hotel rooms just chilling and hanging around the night before the YG family concert in Japan. The awkwardness between Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Junhwe is really no joke. Lol. You could hear the sound of crickets in their hotel room at first, but then later on we saw them all joking around and playing so that was really nice to see. Of course, I feel like there are many mixed reactions and thoughts to Team B’s reactions to the two new trainees, but I’m not going to comment about that and how I feel about it. All I’m going to say is that everyone’s different and everyone reacts and behaves differently.

jinhyeong2 jinhyeong

Regarding my thoughts on the two new trainees, I have to admit that they are both visually appealing although I find Jinhyeong a bit more cuter and attractive. We haven’t seen anything from them so far except for their good-looking faces, but in the next episode, judging from the preview, it seems like we are going to already see some tears (and they’re from my bias Donghyuk too. That just makes it so much worse) and the monthly evaluations that we saw back in ‘WIN.’ If what I see is correct, the group will be divided into 2 teams and then they will perform from there. I mean honestly, I was thankful that at least in ‘WIN’, it was Team A vs. Team B, but here in ‘Mix and Match’, it’s going to be Team B vs. Team B. They’re going against each other and that shit is going to break my heart into so many pieces. I don’t even want to get started or to even simply think of which members I feel are going to get cut and eliminated (some people I noticed are already making predictions) because then I’m just going to break down and cry at the thought of that and how my original Team B might not debut together. I just want all my original Team B members to debut as a group because they have already shown to us fans that they are capable of doing that through their strong teamwork and huge talent.

As a gift for all the fans that have waited for them since the end of WIN (which is me! YAY!), Team B released a new song and MV titled ‘Wait for Me.’ After watching this MV and listening to the song, I don’t understand the whole point of ‘Mix and Match’ because the group is fine as six members. Yunhyeong and Donghyuk who were the two members that were considered the weakest back during ‘WIN’ have improved tons and miles as they are now stable and consistent and are even doing ad-libs (and they’re not even the main vocalists in the group, lol). Bobby and B.I are great as usual and our vocal line has improved tremendously. I saw nothing wrong with Team B while watching ‘WIN’, but after watching ‘Wait for Me’, they are literally perfect. Perfect as they are. Two rappers, two supporting vocalists, and two lead vocalists. -sigh- I don’t know what to think anymore man, but as long as my Team B makes it out alive in ‘Mix and Match’, I will be alright. That is all I want.

Credit: MNET @ youtube, TBSS @ youtube, Beyond Perfection @ youtube

One response to “[Discuss Away!] YG’s Team B’s new survival program Mix & Match episode 1”

  1. Oh good, I’ve found another blog who’s watching Mix & Match. I need someone to talk to about it, ha ha. I was a Team B fan during WIN as well so my heart broke for them when they lost, and then broke for them again when we found out they were going to be in ANOTHER survival show. Haven’t they been through enough!?

    What you said at the end, about how Team B are fine as they are, which is evidenced by Wait For Me, I totally agree. And that’s actually why I think Team B won’t be splitting up. My prediction is that iKon will just be the 6 of them plus one of the newbies. I mean, why would YG release a single for them if they were just gonna break up? And why would he split them up when we would be seeing exactly how the original members feel about the newbies? If we see B.I treating the new kid with hostility, or the three confirmed being really upset at saying goodbye to those who don’t get through, we’re not exactly going to be thrilled about the group, are we? If Team B aren’t happy, how can their fans be? So that’s why I am 90% convinced no one will leave from Team B. I do still think the boys could do with extra vocal training but they’ve clearly improved since the WIN days.

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