[Discuss Away!] Mix & Match episode 2

Episode 2 of Team B’s new survival program ‘Mix and Match’ aired this past Thursday and we finally got a glimpse of the two new trainees’ skills. In this episode, the boys split into two groups and prepared for their monthly evaluation that they performed in front of YG and other judges. I’d have to say that after watching this episode, I liked it a lot more than I liked episode one and that I hope the future episodes will continue to get better.

The episode primarily focused on the members getting ready for their monthly evaluation. Since there were eight trainees, they split into two groups. There was Jinhwan’s team who consisted of Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Bobby, and Jinhyeong while the other team had B.I, Donghyuk, Junhwe, and Chanwoo. With that, both teams chose their song that they would perform as a group and also worked together as a group for their dance evaluations.

Between Jinhwan’s team who performed their own version of Jay Z’s ‘Run this Town’ featuring Rihanna and Kanye West and B.I’s team who performed their own cover of Duffy’s ‘Mercy’, I’d have to say that I liked B.I’s team’s performance better because it was just so fun and light-hearted and adorable. I wasn’t so sure on the song choice at first; I was kind of iffy about it, but the team actually performed it really well with a bit of their own taste and vibe to it so I really enjoyed B.I’s team’s performance. Chanwoo wasn’t as good at singing as I had expected, but I believe he was able to hold his ground and perform well with the other members because the song was just overall a really fun and adorable track. While watching their performance, Chanwoo didn’t stick out like a sore thumb to me so I’d have to give credit to the other members for helping him adjust to things and just in general helping him out. The beginning was screaming cuteness overload with B.I introducing the members and the members posing. Haha, it was so adorable! Then going on to talk about the members, Junhwe really shined in this performance with his powerful and amazing vocals. So so good! B.I and Donghyuk did solid as well with Chanwoo being the weakest, but like I mentioned, he didn’t do bad for his first monthly evaluation (he was kind of awkward but it’s his first time so I can understand). Overall, I liked B.I’s performance! It was fresh and very cute~

As for Jinhwan’s team, it’s not that I didn’t like the performance, because all the members did great and worked hard to present this performance, but I felt like B.I’s team was a bit stronger and their performance was a bit better. The thing is I really like ‘Run this Town’ and I enjoy the original and I feel like you can do so much with this song, so I had quite some high expectations for Jinhwan’s team but they were sadly not met. I felt like the arrangement in which the members performed was a bit random and could have been put together better. I honestly didn’t feel much for the performance until Bobby came in with his husky voice and started to aggressively rap. God, that part was smoking hot! But before Bobby’s rap, I was waiting for something grand and amazing to happen, but the performance didn’t deliver until Bobby rapped. I found new trainee Jinhyeong to be very awkward in the performance and I’m not so sure if it was just because the camera focused in on him more than it did on Chanwoo when Chanwoo performed, but you could tell he had a hard time fitting in. Jinhwan and Yunhyeong did great (I especially loved it when Jinhwan stood up on the bench! You go Jinhwan!) and you could definitely hear Yunhyeong’s improvement. Overall, the performance wasn’t bad but I preferred ‘Mercy.’

Then all eight trainees came together to present their dance. While dancing to CL’s ‘MTBD’, the boys showcased great in-sync dancing and powerful choreography. Yunhyeong even did a backflip at the very end and Junhwe did some kick in the air. Like woah woah woah, where did that come from?! Haha. I know I can always rely on Team B when it comes to dancing. They might not be as strong in some other areas, but when it comes to dancing, they own and slay and they slay hard. They never fail to impress when they dance; I’m always amazed at what they show and I always find myself looking forward to their next dance. The skills they presented back in ‘WIN’ is still there as we saw in this episode of ‘Mix and Match.’ Overall, great dance performance! Always delivering and impressing! I LOVED IT.

As to how I feel about the two new trainees Jinhyeong and Chanwoo, I think I’m in the majority here where I was expecting a lot more from them, but ended up being kind of disappointed. Since they were the two new trainees that made this whole ‘Mix and Match’ possible in the first place, I thought that maybe they were as good as YG made them out to be, but in the end I found them to be quite weak. Granted, they’ve only been training for a few months and is still unfamiliar with this whole thing, but if they’re going to possibly replace the original members of Team B and get to debut, I expect them to be good or at least decent. In this episode, they were probably nervous so they were shaky and unable to showcase their vocals, but in the upcoming episodes, I’m expecting better things coming from them. And we also have to remember that this episode was filmed a few months back so by this day, they have probably improved (or at least I hope they did). The other trainee Hongseok is to be introduced in episode 3 and by what we saw in the preview it seems like the new trainee might be causing some trouble and communication problems with his attitude. We can’t always trust previews, but if what we saw in the preview is true, then I don’t think I’d be able to open up to Hongseok especially with such an attitude like that (heck, it’s still hard for me to open up to Jinhyeong and Chanwoo as it is). I know I have said this many times and I will continue to say it, but as long as my three original Team B members Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Junhwe make it, I will be okay with whoever the new member is.

Credit: MNET @ youtube, iKON YG @ youtube

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