[Discuss Away!] Surplus Princess episode 7


Episode 7 of ‘Surplus Princess’ continues to deliver with its hilarious scenes that continuously evokes great laughter. I’ve never watched a drama so entertaining and funny before, but I’m glad that that has changed with ‘Surplus Princess.’ With a hysterical special appearance by Cultwoshow’s Jung Chanu as Ha Ni’s older brother and Jiyong’s endless efforts to make Ha Ni his, ‘Surplus Princess’ remains entertaining and and delightful.


Other than the adorable scenes of Ha Ni and Hyun Myung together, I really enjoyed watching Ji Yong, Big, and Hye Young try to find out Sungkyu’s identity. I was always a bit curious about him as well but found it a bit sad how the drama never really focused on his character, but in this episode we got to know a bit more about him and what he is and what he’s not. The whole mystery investigation conducted by the three house mates on Sungkyu was so enlightening and amusing. I love how they believed Sungkyu was this contest king who was rumored to be a legend in presentations and contests only to actually be a big time Crayon Pop fan. Biggest plot twist ever! But it was so hilarious and enjoyable! LOL. Poor Hye Young’s views and perspective on him was demolished, but that’s alright because she has Big and he’s all she needs anyways. Lol. I would have never imagined that Sungkyu would have been introduced as a Crayon Pop fan, but we all know that ‘Surplus Princess’ loves to troll the audience so this whole Sungkyu Crayon Pop fan plot was indeed very trollful and entertaining.


Not long ago, I received a comment asking why I was in support of Ha Ni with Hyun Myung instead of Ha Ni with Shi Kyung and although I find it difficult to support both couples, I lean more towards Hyun Myung and Ha Ni because I can’t understand Shi Kyung and Ha Ni’s relationship. The way I see things is that Shi Kyung kissed this random girl under the sea and is now falling in love with her. It’s hard for me to stick behind them because I can’t comprehend why he would like her in the first place. And that’s where I think the drama’s weakest characteristic comes into play. It failed to properly establish Shi Kyung and Ha Ni’s relationship so I have a hard time following it.


And it’s weird because the drama did a decent job in setting up Big and Hye Young’s relationship who isn’t even our main couple. We were aware that Big and Hye Young were just friends and house mates who were both busy chasing after others who didn’t feel or think of them in the same way so when it came to finding out that they could possibly be a couple, it wasn’t surprising. We got to witness Hye Young try to help Big out a few times when he wanted to impress Suzy at their meeting so when we saw her helping him out again that one time when he was struggling to find a way to convey to Suzy his feelings of not wanting her to leave, we were familiar with their relationship and the idea that Hye Young is Big’s ‘to-go-friend.’ That’s why when the drama revealed to us the potential that they could be a couple in this drama I wasn’t so surprised with the idea because I knew that they started out as pretty good friends and could transition into something more.

Whereas with Shi Kyung and Ha Ni, I still struggle to see what it is in Ha Ni that Shi Kyung likes so much. If anything, I’m leaning more towards her bubbly-like personality that can be quite charming and cute, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any trouble supporting them. They never really got time to spend with each other to get to know each other more. All of a sudden, Shi Kyung was wanting Ha Ni to do this and that for him and wanted to spend time with her. I find it hard to accept that he’s truly intrigued and fascinated by the possibility that Ha Ni could be the girl he kissed under the sea with. I wished there was some other realistic motive that’s causing him to keep Ha Ni so close to him. And as far as I see it, Ha Ni only appreciates and pursues Shi Kyung for his appearance; He remains an item of glorification and infatuation to Ha Ni and I can’t support Ha Ni and Shi Kyung knowing this. From the very beginning she would find whatever ways possible to meet him. Then later on that led to her stalking him and then trying to get into the same company that Shi Kyung worked at. In my honest opinion, I’ve only seen Ha Ni as an obsessive fangirl of Shi Kyung’s and I’m not so favorable of that.


At least with Hyun Myung and Ha Ni’s relationship, we witnessed them transform from enemies into friends. The foundation to their relationship was also a bit shaky, but I like how they can be themselves when they are around each other. Hyun Myung looks out for Ha Ni such as when she was pleading to the study group in episode 4 to accept her into their study group, but he warned her that it was the wisest choice to not study with them or even in this episode when he treated her to food that she had always wanted to try because he thought she was sick. She also gave Hyun Myung a gift she could have just kept herself but instead chose to give to Hyun Myung so that he could give it to his Grandma and Ha Ni also gave him her support and comfort when he lost his grandma. I think the most important moment for me was when Hyun Myung opened up to Ha Ni the day that he discovered his grandma had died and cried that he couldn’t even do anything for her. Hyun Myung isn’t the type to reveal his thoughts and feelings a lot and rather buries them inside (he’s heard many mean things about him but he never expresses his anger or frustration on anyone) so to see Hyun Myung cry in front of Ha Ni and reveal to her how he was feeling at that moment was a huge stepping stone that caused my support for the Ha Ni and Hyun Myung couple to strengthen. Furthermore, they’re both struggling to find or get a job (Hyun Myung has always had trouble getting a job and Ha Ni yearns to get into JH Food just for Shi Kyung) and even simply miss their family members. It’s just these little moments and details that makes me support Ha Ni and Hyun Myung’s relationship. She doesn’t glorify Hyun Myung the way that she does to Shi Kyung; I feel like Ha Ni is herself when she’s with Hyun Myung whereas when she’s around Shi Kyung, she tries to do whatever she can to impress him because she likes him.


I think ‘Surplus Princess’ does a wonderful job on keeping the viewers happy and excited with the comedy, but behind that, they struggle to go in depth with the characters and relationships. They could do so much more with the characters, but I’m sad that we don’t know a whole lot about them other than a few details here and there. I know ‘Surplus Princess’ has the potential to give us some more heart-felt and touching moments, but for now it chooses to focus on the relationships that were not properly established. I find it sad how I can support everything except for the romance in this drama when I shouldn’t be feeling or acting this way. Lucky for ‘Surplus Princess’ I’m going to stick to it all the way to the end for more of its parodies and funny moments, but the thought that I can never support the couples in this drama will always stick with me when I watch it. ‘Surplus Princess’ is good, but it could be even better. It could be great. It could be awesome and what I want the most is for the drama to grasp the opportunity to be so.

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