SECRET’s Ji Eun releases new solo song ‘Don’t Look At Me Like That / 쳐다보지마’ and it is amazing~

Call me biased, but my favorite member from my favorite girl group returned with her third solo comeback ‘Don’t Look At Me Like That’ which I found quite amazing. Ji Eun from SECRET announced her solo return not too long ago and released an intriguing and interesting teaser. Then came the MV that was just released a few hours ago and after watching the whole thing, I’m really impressed and in love with not only the song, Ji Eun herself, the lyrics, but also the concept and plot to the MV.

In the MV, we can see Ji Eun being dragged and auctioned off for money which as some people on Youtube commented reminds them of the sex slave industry and trafficking that is still active to this day. Not only does the MV present this bold and daring idea, but the lyrics to the song also presents another courageous idea. They read,

“Don’t look at me like that
We’re just in love, that’s all
Don’t hate on us, however you’re viewing us
We’re just a little different
Just leave us alone”


(one of my favorite scenes from the MV)

My interpretation of this song could be inaccurate, but after reading the lyrics to ‘Don’t Look At Me Like That’, I can see it as being a song that describes the different types of relationships out there, ranging from but not limited to interracial or homosexual relationships. It kind of goes along the lines of ‘let me just love whoever I want to love. Don’t judge me or us or our relationship” and if what I think this song is about is really what it is about, I am now a bigger fan of this song than I originally was.


(my other favorite scene from the MV. Ji Eun is just so so so so gorgeous).

The concept for this track kind of reminded me of Ji Eun’s first solo track ‘Going Crazy’ featuring B.A.P.’s Yong Guk which I absolutely loved so I’m glad that Ji Eun is returning to her original roots. It wasn’t that her second solo ‘False Hope’ was bad or anything, but it was rather dull and bland and just there (but the cinematography and visuals in ‘False Hope’ was absolutely gorgeous. That’s my favorite MV of Ji Eun yet). But here, ‘Don’t Look At Me Like That’ can be interpreted in multiple ways and it’s more than just your usual pop songs you get from idols. I love it when Ji Eun promotes as a solo artist because she usually promotes more darker, mature, and complex concepts that we don’t get a lot of in the K-Pop music industry. Unlike with her group SECRET where their images vary from comeback to comeback, Ji Eun’s concepts as a soloist remains consistent from the very beginning with ‘Going Crazy’ to her most recent solo comeback ‘Don’t Look At Me Like That’ so I know I can always rely on Ji Eun if I want anything dark or mysterious. I’m also surprised at how much TS is promoting her as a solo artist since it’s rare for a girl group member to continue to be promoted as a solo artist. Not that I’m complaining or anything though because one, Ji Eun’s my bias in SECRET, and two, because her solo songs are always great to listen to and watch – sometimes even better than the songs and MVs of SECRET.

Overall, I enjoyed Ji Eun’s solo comeback and can find myself repeating this song non-stop. Apparently, B.A.P.’s Yong Guk is to feature in her album or on another track with Ji Eun again so hopefully we’ll get to hear their collaboration soon. I know I can’t be the only one excited am I?!


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