The Three Musketeers: Episode 5 Recap


Episode 5 of ‘The Three Musketeers’ takes things onto a whole new level as Dal Hyang’s loyalty for Prince Sohyeon and for the King of Joseon is tested. The King orders everyone to find and capture General Yong Gol Dae so that he can be beheaded, but Sohyeon’s goal is to protect and save General Yong Gol Dae. Just who will Dal Hyang listen to and how will everything turn out?


From where we left off in episode 4, Joseon’s King had ordered everyone to find and capture General Yong Gol Dae so that he could behead him himself. While the search for Yong Gol Dae begins, Crown Prince Sohyeon tells his team of Seung-po and Min-seo that their goal is to find Gol Dae and protect him at whatever costs. Meanwhile, Dal Hyang and Yong Gol Dae are battling it out against each other in the forest where Dal Hyang refuses to let him escape away alive. Yong Gol Dae manages to escape when Dal Hyang faces some trouble, but he doesn’t get the chance to escape too far as Dal Hyang and a soldier Dal Hyang came across along the way chases after him passionately. The chase continues all the way up to the mountains where Yong Gol Dae tries to escape on a horse while Dal Hyang and the soldier work together to shoot Yong Gol Dae with a gun. However, Dal Hyang’s plan is unsuccessful when he shoots at Yong Gol Dae but misses due to some kind of interruption. It turns out to be Seung-po and Min-seo who had interrupted Dal Hyang’s plans of killing General Yong Gol Dae. Min-seo injures the two guys who falls to the ground unconscious while Seung-po goes off to chase after Yong Gol Dae who has now successfully escaped on the horse.

Back at the Palace, Joseon King gathers the ministers and they go through another round of discussions and debates on the King’s order about beheading Yong Gol Dae. While the argument arouses, Sohyeon reads a letter that Seung-po had written to him regarding General Yong Gol Dae.


When Dal Hyang awakens, he finds himself lying down in his room. While Pan Se asks Dal Hyang a few questions, all Dal Hyang can focus on is the way he got attacked and the fact that there’s someone helping General Yong Gol Dae. He also retrieves the needle that Mi-ryung poked him with from Pan Se who had removed it from Dal Hyang’s clothes. “Do you want to die?!” Dal Hyang asks Pan Se as he takes it and wraps it back up in its cloth. Haha. I love their master-servant relationship that doesn’t scream out master and servant.

Princess Yoon-seo hurries out to meet Sohyeon who is planning to head to the Gyebang, the military office that works for the Prince. Upon seeing each other, she tries to tell him about how she had lost the letter that Dal Hyang wrote for her, but she can’t bring herself to. Instead, what she says is that she made a big mistake and when Sohyeon asks for an explanation, she changes her mind and heads back to her room, leaving Sohyeon confused and a bit curious.


On her way back, she encounters Dal Hyang who has come to the Palace to meet and talk with the Prince. He refuses to reveal the reason as to why he has come to meet the Prince, but he does bring up about the letter. This causes Yoon-seo to invite Dal Hyang into her room so that they can discuss about the letter. Dal Hyang explains to Yoon-seo that he does know who has the letter and warns her that there might be a spy among her servants. He encourages Yoon-seo to check among her servants for anyone suspicious for her safety. Upon hearing this, Yoon-seo bursts into tears and expresses her frustration to Dal Hyang saying, “I hate it here. It’s always been like this here. You can’t trust anyone. It’s all secrets. There are walls everywhere.” When Dal Hyang asks Yoon-seo if she’s being loved, she responds hysterically, “Love? What is that?” Dal Hyang and Yoon-seo continue to remain in the room together when Sohyeon unexpectedly arrives at her room to visit her. Dal Hyang quickly goes into hiding before Sohyeon enters the room, but it doesn’t take long before Sohyeon catches him red-handed (YIKES!). He begins by asking about the letter to which Yoon-seo confesses that someone has stolen it. As to who stole it, Dal Hyang answers to Sohyeon that it’s the woman that he’s been looking for. He also goes on to explain that he came to the Princess to check with her first (OOOOHHHH. SHOTS ARE FIRED). Upon hearing woman, Yoon-seo becomes puzzled and confused. Sohyeon orders Dal Hyang to follow him so they both leave Yoon-seo’s room (THIS IS GETTING GOOD!).


Once in another room, Dal Hyang goes on to reveal everything to Sohyeon about Mi-ryung from how she pretended to be the Vice General’s wife to escaping to poisoning Dal Hyang with the needle. Dal Hyang also relays to Sohyeon the message that Mi-ryung had asked him to tell Sohyeon: “Remembering that feeling of poison spreading through your body. Be sure to tell the Crown Prince this…because he (Sohyeon) will be next.” Dal Hyang also remembers how Mi-ryung told him that his life isn’t worth being put on the line for just for Sohyeon, but he chooses to keep that advice to himself. He instead continues that he saw the copy letter of the original letter and wishes to know more about the relationship between Sohyeon and Mi-ryung, but Sohyeon changes the subject to the letter. He warns Dal Hyang that he should stop interacting with the Princess. He’ll be responsible for her and will care for her. With that, Sohyeon leaves the room. He also orders his eunuch to search Yoon-seo’s servants as well as their family and friends for any spies.

While walking around the Palace, Dal Hyang comes across Seung-po and Min-seo who panic upon seeing Dal Hyang. They pretend to act playful around him but hurry to get away from him as soon as possible. It turns out that the reason as to why they’re acting so suspicious is because they have to go get General Yong Gol Dae who they managed to successfully capture. They bring him to a secret library in the Palace where he then meets with Sohyeon. The two are able to communicate with each other since Sohyeon speaks the same language that General Yong Gol Dae does and so they hold a discussion. Sohyeon reveals that if there’s anyone General Yong Gol Dae wants to be allied with, it should be him. He’ll make a better ally. He also explains that he doesn’t want to lose his position as the future king and also doesn’t want an unnecessary war to begin between Joseon and the Manchus which is why he saved and protected General Yong Gol Dae. We witness a flashback that showed us just how Seung-po and Min-seo were able to capture Yong Gol Dae and bring him to the library without getting caught.


While Yong Gol Dae and Sohyeon have a discussion inside the library, Seung-po and Min-seo are outside guarding the library. Dal Hyang arrives at the library and reveals that he has to check something. He adds that when he got knocked out by the stone, he could feel a man wiping the blood on his forehead with a handkerchief and feels as if its Min-seo’s handkerchief that Dal Hyang’s blood was wiped with. Of course, the two guards act as if nothing’s wrong and accuse Dal Hyang of being drunk, but Dal Hyang is dead serious. He’s suspicious as to why Sohyeon is in the library in the middle of the night and why Seung-po and Min-seo are outside guarding it. Dal Hyang requests to check the library to see if Yong Gol Dae is inside, but Seung-po and Min-seo are reluctant in letting him enter the library. Dal Hyang finds out through Seung-po that Yong Gol Dae is inside the library which angers him because the King ordered everyone to find and capture Yong Gol Dae so that the King could behead him. So Dal Hyang find this act as them disobeying the King’s orders! The argument transforms into a fight and soon enough Dal Hyang is fighting against Seung-po and Min-seo (ugh please Dal Hyang. You’re fighting with professionals here).

Sohyeon goes outside to check to see what’s going on when he finds his two guards raising their swords at Dal Hyang. He orders them to stop and also orders Dal Hyang to not enter the library. Of course Dal Hyang disobeys Sohyeon’s order – the King’s order must come first. Even Sohyeon acknowledged that to Dal Hyang himself. Sohyeon decides then that the only way to solve this problem is if they battle it out against each other. If Dal Hyang wins, Sohyeon will hand Yong Gol Dae over to him. However, if Dal Hyang loses, he will have to quit his job as a military officer and return back home (oooh, the gamble!). Dal Hyang has no choice but to accept Sohyeon’s request if he is to obey the King’s order so he and Sohyeon fight it out against each other.


The fighting intensifies until Princess Yoon-seo interrupts and comes in between them. She yells at both men to stop whatever they’re doing. The episode ends with Yoon-seo standing in between both guys, with one being the man she loved five years ago and the man she is in love with at present.

2 responses to “The Three Musketeers: Episode 5 Recap”

  1. Dal Hyang is one heck of the stubborn boy here. When does he actually remember that the Prince isn’t his friend but a way way above immediate supervisor?
    Thank you for your come back to the recap.

    • Hi recaplover~

      I agree with you in that Dal Hyang’s really stubborn, but I’m hoping that it’s just because he’s loyal to the King (and not that he has any negative feelings for the Prince for stealing Yoon-seo from him) that he’s behaving the way he is. I hope he will mature though and come to realizing that he must obey whose ever’s orders he is given, whether that’d be the King’s or Sohyeon’s.

      And thanks for commenting! I wasn’t sure if anyone was checking out my recaps for this drama, but now I do! Thank you again~~

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