Listen to This: Roy Kim’s ‘Far Away’ When artists or groups that I like or are interested in makes a comeback, I always have to make some time to listen to their new album or song that they worked so hard on to put out and release no matter how busy I am. Soloist and Superstar K4 winner Roy Kim is [...]

I listened to Epik High’s 8th full-length album ‘Shoebox’ and you should too! Epik High released their latest MV for their most recent comeback 'Spoiler + Happen Ending' starring YG new girl group's Kim Ji Soo and I wrote about how although I was not a big fan of the MV, I was a huge fan of the tracks 'Spoiler' and 'Happen Ending' themselves. I got the [...]

Bangtan Boys / BTS releases MV for follow-up song ‘War of Hormones’ It wasn't that long ago since BTS ended their promotions for 'Danger.' Now they're following up with another track from their 1st full length album 'Dark and Wild' and this time the lucky song is 'War of Hormones'! Along with comeback teaser photos, the boy group also filmed a MV for the follow-up track [...]

Epik High releases MVs ‘Spoiler + Happen Ending’ and ‘Born Hater’ for upcoming comeback Epik High is coming back and have released two MVs in anticipation for their long-awaited and highly anticipated comeback! Just recently they released the MV to their double title tracks 'Spoiler' and 'Happen Ending' starring YG's new girl group member Kim Ji Soo (who is also my favorite member from the group so far [...]

What Mary Thinks: BEAST / B2ST releases ’12:30′ MV + 7th mini-album ‘Time’! My beautiful boys and favorite K-Pop band, BEAST / B2ST, finally dropped their 7th mini-album 'Time' just a few days after their 5th anniversary (which was on October 16) and along with the mini-album a music video for one of the album tracks '12:30.' In the MV, we get to see Doojoon arguing and [...]

Hey Hey Hey!

Hello everyone~ How are you guys doing?! I know I know. It's been months and years and centuries since I've posted on here (I've been adding in little posts here and there from time to time on important dates and events), but I haven't been catching up on my dramas and shows. Just to give [...]

An Appreciation Post for Park Jimin, my second ultimate bias in all of K-Pop <3

So a few months ago I wrote an appreciation post for my second favorite K-Pop group, Bangtan Boys / Bulletproof Boy Scouts / BTS, and talked about my thoughts, opinions, and love for them. I'm back with yet another appreciation post, but this time for one of the members in BTS that I did not [...]