Hey Hey Hey!

Hello everyone~


How are you guys doing?! I know I know. It’s been months and years and centuries since I’ve posted on here (I’ve been adding in little posts here and there from time to time on important dates and events), but I haven’t been catching up on my dramas and shows.

Just to give you guys a small update as to what I’m doing, I have now started college (about 2-3 weeks ago to be exact) so that has been taking up A LOT of my time. Other than just classes, I’ve been getting involved in about 5 different organizations and clubs here at my college so that also takes up a lot of time (but it’s good because it keeps me busy and I make a lot of friends! YAY!).

I have a few tests and papers coming up next week, so I won’t be posting again anytime soon, but I really want to thank those who are still supporting me and visiting my blog. I promise that once I am done with my mid-terms, I will try to find some time to catch up on my dramas and shows. In fact, I will MAKE time. Haha. I do miss watching them though I have to be honest, but it’s just that I am so busy (for once!) that I can’t I am so out of date with anything Korean drama or K-Pop related, but I will get back on my feet and catch up very very soon.

Once again, thanks to my followers, visitors, and readers. You guys are seriously the best! I couldn’t have asked for more amazing and awesome supporters! Love you guys! 😀

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