Bangtan Boys / BTS releases MV for follow-up song ‘War of Hormones’

It wasn’t that long ago since BTS ended their promotions for ‘Danger.’ Now they’re following up with another track from their 1st full length album ‘Dark and Wild’ and this time the lucky song is ‘War of Hormones’!

Along with comeback teaser photos, the boy group also filmed a MV for the follow-up track and released it not too long ago. The music video is quite simple in that the members are trying to woo the female lead and get her attention and love. As to who wins the girl’s heart, it’s up to you to witness that yourself, but the music video centers around BTS serenading the girl and singing to their parts.


After watching the whole MV, I don’t think the MV for ‘War of Hormones’ was necessary. As much as I love BTS, the MV was very simple. I was surprised at how long each shot was and how many scenes there were in total which did not amount up to a lot. Don’t get me wrong – I think the boys are looking amazing and looking fine and I love their outfits and the MV of course provides lots of eye candy, but it’s not something that I would watch repeatedly nor is it my favorite MV from BTS. I do like how the boys look really energetic and playful in the MV; their face expressions are so funny to watch and witness and it’s just those little things that makes the MV enjoyable. The choreography for ‘War of Hormones’ isn’t too heavy unlike ‘Boy in Luv’ or ‘Danger’, but poor Jungkook has to carry Suga on his shoulders. Suga is always getting carried every single time in every single BTS song and it makes me laugh but makes me annoyed too. Haha. Overall, I would say that the MV for ‘War of Hormones’ wasn’t bad, but at the same time I don’t think it was necessary. I was hoping that BTS would get a break since they just finished their concert the other day and are all probably very exhausted and tired. These boys never get a break and that makes me very sad.

BTS will start follow-up promotions for ‘War of Hormones’ soon (I’m thinking maybe this week) so check them out and give them your support!

Credits: ibighit @ youtube


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