Listen to This: Roy Kim’s ‘Far Away’

When artists or groups that I like or are interested in makes a comeback, I always have to make some time to listen to their new album or song that they worked so hard on to put out and release no matter how busy I am. Soloist and Superstar K4 winner Roy Kim is no exception to this rule. Not too long ago, he recently made his long-awaited comeback, after taking a year hiatus to attend university at Georgetown, with his 2nd full-length studio album ‘HOME’ and I fortunately got the chance to listen to the whole album.

Just because I love Roy Kim does not mean that I love all of his songs and admittedly there are usually only a few tracks of his that I actually like, enjoy, and listen to repeatedly. Just like how it was with his last album ‘Love Love Love’ where there were only about 3 tracks from that album that I really liked and still listen to this day, the same thing happened once again with ‘Home.’ All the tracks are nice but forgettable to me, all of them except for one of the tracks which is called ‘Far Away’ or ‘멀어졌죠.’ If I’m going to be honest here, I said that I only enjoy a few of Roy Kim’s tracks, leading me to forget those tracks that I’m not impressed with, but when he releases a song that I really like, it’s usually super good and beautiful to listen to to the point where I can’t stop listening to it. There are some songs by Roy Kim that just touches you and fills you up and makes you either super happy or super sad. ‘Far Away’ is more mellow and slow and sentimental, making it a great listen to overall. Roy Kim has always had a wonderful and unique voice and that’s one of the reasons as to why I became a big fan of his (and let’s not forget how handsome the guy is too) so when he pours all his emotions into the song, you just wanna cry because the song is so perfect and touching and raw and emotional.

‘Far Away’ might be my only favorite track from his new album ‘HOME’, but it’s no doubt a song I’m going to continue to listen to over and over again and definitely one of my favorite K-Pop ballads in a very long time. If you haven’t yet, I recommend you give his new 2nd full-length album ‘HOME’ a try and share on how you feel about it!

Credits: CJENMMUSIC @ youtube, OST _ KPOP @ youtube

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