Eddy Kim returns with ‘My Love’ for his new comeback~

I know I’m really late on this (in the K-Pop world), but I thought it’d be better to post about it than never doing so. Solo artist Eddy Kim returned with a new mini-album called ‘Sing Sing Sing’ for his comeback towards the middle of January. Included in the mini-album was of course his title track ‘My Love’, a sweet and mellow ballad that also happens to be my favorite out of all the tracks in his album.

I’m not a big music video person so I’m not gonna comment on the MV other than that I love Eddy Kim and Jung Yeon-joo who plays his love interest in the MV. As for the song, I really really like ‘My Love.’ Unlike ‘The Manual’ where it took me a few months to fall in love with it, I liked ‘My Love’ on the first listen and I still do. The other tracks on the album aren’t bad and are enjoyable to listen to, but I don’t find myself going back to listen to them whereas with Eddy’s first mini-album ‘The Manual’, album track ‘Slow Dance’ was no doubt my most favorite track not just from that album but also from Eddy himself (and I still listen to it to this day!). Both albums have their own perks and features that I love and that says a lot about Eddy because it’s rare to come across that for me in K-Popland.


I’m not a huge fan of Eddy Kim but I do check his stuff out when he has new music and he hasn’t disappointed so far. I enjoy listening to his music and he has a lovely and beautiful voice. I can’t wait to see what else he has for his fans in the future! Go Eddy Kim! 😀

Credits: SON_MUMBLESTASH14, 1theK, #EddyKim @ youtube

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