‘Let’s Eat’ returns for a second season + releases teasers!


tvN’s food drama ‘Let’s Eat’ that first aired back in 2013 will be returning with a second season! Titled ‘Let’s Eat 2’, the cast stars BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon who was originally in the first season, Seo Hyun-jin as Baek Soo-ji who will be playing a food blogger who only eats once a day, and Kwon Yul, a vegetarian public officer who is often admired by women (I mean, he IS good-looking). In this season, we will watch Goo Dae-young (played by Doojoon) interact and bond with his new neighbors after successfully doing the same with his former neighbors in the first season (played by Lee Soo-kyung and Yoon So-hee).


Of course I would have loved the original cast to return in this second season, but I don’t think this new cast looks bad either. I’m actually quite content and satisfied with the cast, but it is the execution of how this drama will play out that is also significant. I thought Seo Hyun-jin looked familiar and then I remembered that I last saw her in other tvN drama ‘The Three Musketeers’ where she played the princess. As for Kwon Yul, I’ve seen him in a few dramas a few times and have always found him to be handsome, cute, and charming. Knowing that I’m satisfied with the cast, let’s hope that the drama will be executed well. I think comparisons between both seasons are inevitable and it’s going to happen and if I choose to recap the second season I’m probably going to compare both seasons to each other as well, but I think each season will have their own strengths and weaknesses and it’s up to the individual as to which season they liked better or what they preferred about each season.

Let’s-Eat-Season-2-2 Let’s-Eat-Season-2-3

Maybe it was because this drama was one of the first dramas I recapped and one of the very first things I covered on my blog that it holds a special place in my heart. It seemed like it was just yesterday that we saw Goo Dae Young, Lee Soo Kyung, and everyone else interacting and bonding over food. It really doesn’t feel that long since we’ve last seen the first season of ‘Let’s Eat’ and then now they’re already returning with a second season and ugghhh, there’s just so many feels (this drama is like my baby. First drama I recapped till the very end and just having been there from the start. Then now there’s gonna be a second season and omggg). I’m excited to watch the drama based off the teasers that tvN has released so far. If you haven’t yet, definitely check them out because they’re just as fun and entertaining as what we saw in the first season; I would be lying if I said that these teasers don’t give me the same vibe that the first season provided us which were vibes full of comedy and laughter. Just like the first season, I’m hoping the second season also gives us those scenes of sincerity and love, scenes that are very heart-felt. I mean, as much as I love funny and entertaining dramas, it’s those scenes where you can just feel all the genuine emotions and thoughts that gets to me the most. It’s those scenes that I love a drama more for ❤

(Can the teasers for ‘Let’s Eat 2’ be anymore perfect? Not only do we get close-ups of their beautiful faces, but they use American Author’s ‘Best Day of My Life’ which is like one of my most favorite songs in the entire world?! YES PLEASE!)

The second season is planned to air on April 6 after ‘Ho-gu’s Love.’

Credits: tvn Drama @ youtube

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