Listen to This: Giriboy’s ‘Coming of Age’

I wish I could just recommend one song from Girboy’s full album ‘Coming of Age’ that he released not too long ago in March for y’all, but I found it harder than expected. After giving the album a listen, I found myself listening repeatedly to four or five tracks (with one a little bit more than the others).

For those of y’all who aren’t familiar with Giriboy, he’s a Korean hip-hop rapper who was involved in the underground hip-hop scene until he became a bit more popular and known after appearing on Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 3’ where he is now slowly gaining more recognition. Although his appearance on the program wasn’t that glorious, his music still continues to be and that is proved through his latest album ‘Coming of Age.’

Although all nine songs are great, I especially liked track number two “Adult”, the remix version of ‘Skit’, track number five, his title track ‘Back and Forth 30 Min’, and the last track on the album. I found out about Giriboy through ‘Show Me the Money 3’ so I gave a few of his songs a listen and came to enjoying his songs and he doesn’t disappoint with his new album. If there’s a song I recommend you listen to first, I’d say track number two ‘Adult.’ For those of you who aren’t into slow mellow songs and ballads, maybe the song isn’t for you but me being the depressing and sad person I am, I fell in love with that track the first time I heard it. Within the first 10 seconds I had already found myself squealing and crying because the song was just so perfect. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know what Giriboy was saying; I could just hear the sadness and passion in Giriboy’s voice and that was more than enough for me. I definitely recommend listening to the whole album as well because they are all great in their own ways.

It’s been a while since Giriboy has released an album so I’m glad that he came back with a full album because us fans have been waiting for too long. If you aren’t familiar with Giriboy, definitely give this album a listen (or at least the songs I mentioned above) and if you are a fan of Giriboy, please support Giriboy by purchasing his album or spreading the love!


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