Park Bo Young to possibly return to dramaland!


For those of you who know me pretty well (not sure if I gave y’all the chance to in the first place), actress Park Bo Young is my most favorite actress in all of Korean entertainment. I fell for her when I first saw her in ‘Speedy Scandal’ where she starred alongside Cha Tae Hyun and then went on to being a big fan of hers ever since (let’s not even talk about ‘Werewolf Boy’ because both she and Song Joong Ki who I also REALLY love did an amazing job in that movie). There are talks going around that Park Bo Young will be making her comeback in dramaland after years in new upcoming tvN drama ‘Oh My Ghostess.’ If she signs to play the female lead, Park Bo Young will be playing a timid character who becomes “possessed by the ghost of a lustful virgin female ghost” and will end up falling in love with a man who doesn’t believe in ghosts. Haha, how funny is that!

I’m really glad that Park Bo Young will finally be on screen again and not just in movies this time like how she’s been doing the past few years but now on TV screens. I remember writing a post back in the beginning of 2014 [I believe it was 2014] about how one of my main wishes was to see my favorite actress be a female lead in a drama and I can’t believe that my dream is possibly going to become true. Park Bo Young has been steadily building her acting career by filming movies instead of dramas which isn’t a bad thing, but I love how she’s hoping to return to dramaland because movies is just not enough for us fans. Of course, there’s no need to be worried about her acting because as we all know, Park Bo Young is a wonderful actress capable of taking on a wide variety of characters and expressions.

If she accepts ‘Oh My Ghostess’, she will be working with the same producers from ‘King of High School Life Conduct’ and that makes me even more excited because y’all know, y’all especially know, just how much I loved that drama. There are no updates yet on who the male lead will be, but honestly it doesn’t matter because if anything I will be watching this drama to support my favorite actress Park Bo Young ❤

‘Oh My Ghostees’ is planning to air sometime in Mid-July after “Ex-Girlfriend Club.”

Credit: Dramabeans

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