[Discuss Away!] Show Me the Money 4 episode 1 *SPOILER ALERT*

Hello everybody! It has been quite a while [very very long while] since I've last posted on here a thread or even just post about anything but I am finally back since a new season of hip-hop survival competition 'Show Me the Money' has returned. For those of y'all who don't know, I am a [...]

Big Bang releases ‘Sober’ and ‘If You’ for the ‘D’ series of MADE and both are amazing

https://youtu.be/MBNQgq56egk For those of y'all who have been living under a rock [and don't be ashamed and embarrassed because I too have been to be quite honest], Big Bang released their two latest releases 'Sober' and 'If You' for the D series of their MADE project. They have released four songs so far including 'Loser', [...]