Oh My Ghostess!: Episode 1 Recap


Hello everyone! I am back with a recap of another drama. I know it’s been a while since I’ve last recapped a drama and I’m sorry for making y’all wait but I am finally making my comeback, this time with tvN’s newest drama ‘Oh My Ghostess!’ starring my ever favorite Park Bo Young and her co-star Jo Jung Seok.


A few of y’all might be wondering why I’ve decided to recap ‘Oh My Ghostess!’ out of all the dramas that have aired within the past few months or even year but I am here to gladly say and pronounce to the world my love and support for Park Bo Young. I first discovered her in ‘Speedy Scandal’ which is one of her most popular movies and fell in love with her from there. I’ve watched her other movies (I especially love ‘Werewolf Boy’ with Song Joong Ki. PLEASE. DRAMA GODS. LET THE TWO REUNITE AND FILM ANOTHER MOVIE OR DRAMA. PLEAASEEEEEEE) and now I am super glad that she’s acting in a drama since it’s been a very long while since we’ve last seen her in one. Park Bo Young has been acting in movies all these years which isn’t bad since she hasn’t disappeared off the face of the earth, but being in movies is just quite not enough. I had voiced that one of my main wishes was to see Park Bo Young in a drama and my wish has come true! I couldn’t be any happier! Although not with the male lead of my choice, I am glad nonetheless that she has returned to the screen with a cast and producing team that I am satisfied with. Without further ado, let’s start the recap!


I haven’t been following the previews and trailers for this drama much so I’m not so familiar with the storyline, but from what I’ve read and gathered from other websites, ‘Oh My Ghostess’ will follow Park Bo Young’s life as Na Bong Sun who was originally a quiet and timid young lady. It’s not until she gets possessed by a lustful virgin ghost, named Shin Soon-Ae (played by Kim Seul-gi) who possesses others to make up for the lack of romance she had when she was alive, that Bong Sun turns into a confident and flirty woman – the total opposite of her personality prior.

This possession is then what fuels the relationship (and potential love line) between Bong Sun and her boss Kang Sun Woo (played by Jo Jung-seok) whom she is secretly in love with. After struggling to catch his attention, it is thanks to Soon-Ae that Bong Sun just might have a chance with the person she had always wanted after all the months of trying. What will all this chasing and trying look like? We shall find out!


The episode starts out with Na Bong Sun (Park Bo-young) walking on the busy streets exhaustedly while the camera focuses in on an ambulance who rushes to get to the hospital. It turns out that there has been another case of a male having died after being found unconscious on the stairs of a club in Itaewon. Doctors, police officers, and investigators try to piece together the cause of the death but find it difficult as this is not the first death that’s occurred in the past few months. What they do conclude though is that all the males so far have been around women before they died and not just any kind of women – exceptionally beautiful women with nice slim bodies. Surprise surprise.

We get a glimpse of the male victim minutes before he died in a taxi where he’s seen making love with another woman. It turns out that this woman was possessed by the soul of Soon-Ae (Kim Seul-gi) and that it was Soon-Ae who had killed him. Soon-Ae leaves the body of the woman she possessed and walks off only to be taken aback when she realizes that Bong Sun can see her. “You can see? Me?” Bong Sun apologizes to Soon-Ae after having almost bumped into her while Soon-Ae looks back at Bong Sun confused but alarmed. Ooh hoo, this shall be interesting. Puahaha.


The episode continues with a DJ host of a radio station talking about ghosts and how they exist in daily life and can even be next to someone. While the host is talking about this, we see Soon-Ae doing just that as she casually walks around on the sidewalk like every other human being. LOL. She pretends to fit in and converse with other human beings but like usual finds herself ignored because…well…she is a ghost and no one can see her.

She ends up sitting at a bench by herself where we then get a better understanding of who she is. “I am a ghost. A virgin ghost at that. The ghost with the most bitter grudge out of all ghosts. Imagine how painful it must have been to die as a virgin, to decline the heaven’s invitation, and roam around this ‘other world.’ I’m known as the ill-natured libertine queen of the ghost world. But I wish to be understood. I’m a pitiful love song; a soul full of regrets. And I’m so very bored.” After failing to entertain herself and play alone, she finds a little child not far from her so she approaches the baby. They interact and talk and play with each other until Soon-Ae protects the baby from getting hit by a basketball which she pushed herself with her hand so the baby wouldn’t get hit. She’s surprised that she was able to physically touch the ball and becomes stunned. The basketball players are confused and shocked at what they saw since they hadn’t seen anyone near the baby.


While Soon-Ae goes to get herself some food, we see a guy yelling at his Hoobaes for slacking off and not cooking the food to his expectations (OMG IT’S THE SAME GUY THAT PLAYED SEO IN GUK’S BEST FRIEND FROM ‘HIGH SCHOOL KING OF CONDUCT’! Also, side note, the PD behind this drama is the same PD that worked on ‘High School King of Conduct’ which is another reason why I’m so excited for this drama. If y’all followed my blog while ‘HSKC’ was airing, I was so in love with that drama! Yay to seeing old actors appear in this drama again!). He yells at each of his Hoobaes for doing a bad job but is soon interrupted when they complain about a burning smell from what seems to be coming from outside the kitchen. They rush outside the kitchen only to find Bong-sun sleeping while cooking some sauce. The Sous Chef (aka Seo In Guk’s best friend from ‘High School King of Conduct’) Heo Min Soo threatens to fire Bong-sun since she failed to be responsible, but he’s stopped by the actual owner of the restaurant, Kang Sun-woo (Jo Jung-seok).


Inside the restaurant, he gives the both of them a good lecture, reminding them again of their faults and responsibilities. After Sun-woo finishes talking to them, Min-soo drags Bong-sun to the back room and gives her a talk. Bong-sun is left stressed and exhausted, uncertain as to what to do next. She goes back to do her job but yet again she keeps falling asleep. Just as she’s dozing on and off, we are shown the reason why Bong-sun is so sleep-deprived: she can see ghosts (not a good idea to be recapping this alone in my room in the dark at night). She gets a call from her grandmother who calls to check up on her. Poor Bong-sunnie.

Sun-woo is seen relaxing and talking to her younger sister about women (in particular Bong-sun who has an unrequited love towards him – one in which he just ignores) when their mom barges into the restaurant unexpectedly. Sun-woo doesn’t seem to approve of her habit, but Mom doesn’t care. She hands Sun-woo a talisman claiming that a ghost will be attached to him this year but Sun-woo refuses to accept and acknowledge it since he doesn’t believe in ghosts and isn’t superstitious.

Soon-Ae attends a funeral where she reunites with the other ghosts. They talk badly about her once she arrives which drives Soon-Ae so mad and crazy she threatens to fight the main ghost lady that is criticizing her. Just as they’re about to fight, all the ghosts except for Soon-Ae run away once they see the shaman they’re so afraid of appear at the door of the funeral hall. Of course everyone but Soon-Ae sees her so they all have the time to escape. Poor Soon-Ae flees as well once she notices the shaman and soon a pursuit begins (it’s hilarious watching the shaman chase after Soon-Ae because it seems like she’s just running around with her stick up in the air chasing after nobody when really she’s chasing after Soon-Ae. Hahaha).


Soon-Ae thinks she’s gotten away from the shaman when she possesses a young woman but finds herself in the sight of the shaman when she falls out of the young woman’s body. She gets captured by the shaman where she is then dragged by her to her apartment. Hahaha.

Chef Sun-woo meets up with his great friend Lee So-hyung (Park Jung-ah) who requests for him to appear on the new TV program she’s starting. He refuses the offer even though his friend pleads for him to go on it. He blames the downfall of his restaurant as the reason why he doesn’t want to go on the show. So much for being a friend. Haha.


We return back to the scene with Soon-Ae and the shaman where we find out that since Soon-Ae had been misbehaving by possessing the bodies of woman to fulfill her needs, there has been a lot of chaos from above so the shaman has come to capture Soon-Ae and prevent her from doing more damage. The shaman advises Soon-Ae to stop doing what she’s been doing and to just let go of everything; that way she can enter the Heavens peacefully. She warns that if Soon-Ae enters the body of a woman who she matches with, she might not be able to escape ever. This causes the shaman to become emotional causing Soon-Ae to soften up a little bit. “I guess it’s nice to have someone be worried about me. It’s also nice to have someone to talk to as well,” Soon-Ae mumbles as she sees the shaman tear up. They exchange hugs and words of affirmation and for a second the scene is really touching and I’m also beginning to get watery-eyed until all of this was just a set-up. A set-up for the shaman to be able to put a necklace of bells around Soon-Ae’s neck so she won’t do anything dangerous anymore. Hahaha. I knew it! I KNEW IT! Soon-Ae complains and pleads for the shaman to take it off but the shaman refuses.

Back at the restaurant, all the employees gather up and are determined to rebel against their boss by ordering food that they yearn to eat. It’s up to no good though as Boss Sun-woo comes sweeping in on their plans and orders them to make food with him to eat. After eating, Sun-woo checks up on the salmon that they had ordered and it’s during this time when Sun-woo proves to us why he’s the owner of the restaurant (OMG JO JUNG-SEOK PLEASE). They change up the menu before opening the restaurant and eventually get to work (ugh. It’s also not a good idea to be recapping this while I’m hungry. My stomach is crying right now).

While the restaurant is on a roll, Shaman is doing her own thing but can’t seem to focus because Soon-Ae keeps on fooling around. Annoyed, she smacks Soon-Ae’s head so hard that even Bong-sun seemed to have suffered from the blow (no but seriously, once Soon-Ae got smacked in the head, Bong-sun’s head started to hurt as well as if she also got smacked in the head. Uh-oh. What is this foreshadowing?). The guys wash up after a hard day of work which Bong-sun avoids because ya know, she’s just shy and timid like that (for now. Hehehe). Once they’re finished dressing, Bong-sun slowly enters the dressing room alone (I WILL JOIN YOU PARK BO YOUNG. I WILL HELP YOU COOK AND CLEAN AND BE YOUR ASSISTANT) and heads home alone.


We get a preview of what Bong-sun’s life is like as we watch her buy some groceries and cook them in a study hall. She cooks a cabbage porridge explaining that since she had digestion problems as a young child, her grandmother would cook this dish to help her feel better. She uploads the photo and shares the story on her blog (OMG I THINK SHE’S USING WORDPRESS TOO BUT I’M NOT ENTIRELY SURE). Oh, and she’s also burning the incense like how her grandmother is advising her to ward off ghosts.


The next day at work, a photographer who has her own food blog comes to the restaurant to take photos of the different dishes made at the restaurant. Dissatisfied, she orders Bong-sun to reheat the dish despite the risk of it being overcooked. Bong-sun does what the photographer wants anyways and goes to reheat the dish, all of this being witnessed by the cooks and Boss Sun-woo. As Bong-sun brings the hot dish back out to the table, the photographer’s son bumps into Bong-sun, causing an incident to occur. The photographer complains about Bong-sun’s irresponsibility to be careful and goes off on a tangent, but Sun-woo refuses to let this slide. He stands up for his employee by disciplining the young child which angers the mom (OMG WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!). Mom and poor son is eventually thrown out of the restaurant with Sun-woo scolding Bong-sun after. He complains about her nice and naïve attitude and tells her to rethink if whether being in the kitchen is what is truly meant for her (OMG POOR BONG-SUNNIE. COME HERE. I WILL HUG YOU. YOU LOOK LIKE YOU NEED A HUG).

Sun-woo returns to talk with his sister once he finishes with Bong-sun. He receives an email with information about a middle school reunion which Sun-woo quickly ignores. We then understand why Sun-woo was so careless about the invitation. It was because as a middle school student he was treated badly and neglected by his mother having had a bad childhood. Meanwhile, Bong-sun is also suffering and remains confused and hurt. What is she going to do?


In the next scene, we see a police officer (OMG IT’S LIM JOO HWAN. CUTIEEEE) paying the restaurant owner for the food him and his partner had just finished eating. While paying, he strikes a conversation with the owner and asks about a guy named Kyung-mo only to receive disappointing news that he’s hanging out with his friends again. Sung-jae (Lim Joo-hwan) doesn’t seem too happy with the news.


The two officers arrive at Sun-woo’s restaurant. Sun-woo has plans of visiting his friend’s restaurant that he had just opened up so he leaves his sister with her husband (which is Sung-jae by the way) while the other officer leaves. At his friend’s restaurant, Sun-woo throws out quirky comments about everything his eyes land on and does his friend a favor by trying out some of the dishes.

Back at Bong-sun’s place, Bong-sun gets caught by the owner burning incense again. Fed up, he orders Bong-sun to leave and find a new place. Bong-sun sadly pulls out her scrapbook full of not just meals and dishes but also pictures of her crush Sun-woo (SUN-WOO JUST GIVE HER A CHANCE PLEASE). She’s reminded of the harsh words Sun-woo told her that day which only makes her even sadder. She goes out to get some fresh air by taking a walk but it doesn’t seem to make any things better.

Sun-woo leaves his friend’s restaurant to meet up with a woman for coffee. We find out that this woman he meets up with is just one of the many women who own mini-booths in the seafood market that he’s visiting. Haha. Smooth Sun-woo. Smoooooth.


Bong-sun visits the restaurant to turn in her resignation letter after having thought hard about what Sun-woo told her. Just as she arrives, Boss Sun-woo also gets to the restaurant at the same time. He heads back to his place and follows up on the food blogs that are gaining popularity. He comes across the ‘You are my Sunshine’ blog and compliments the blogger, stating that he can feel her passion for cooking and food through her blog. Little does he know that the person this blog belongs to is the same person he made think twice about working for him (oh the irony).

While Sun-woo is inside the restaurant, Bong-sun stands outside the restaurant expressing words and feelings she didn’t have the courage to write in her resignation letter. “Chef, I want to thank you for everything. You were right about what you said. Wanting to do something and being able to do it are different. I was too ambitious. Sorry to everyone at the restaurant. Goodbye to you all.” Bong-sun also adds that she learned from Boss Sun-woo that a person’s feeling is like a cold. The cold will only end once you persist and endure the pain. We receive flashbacks of all the cooks with Boss Sun-woo and the happy and bad moments they spent together. We also learn that Bong-sun admired Sun-woo and wished to become a chef like him. Because he was able to make her happy but sad as well, this possibly explains why she harbored a one-sided crush on him.


The next morning, Sun-woo receives news that Bong-sun had resigned. In addition, he and the other cooks find out that Bong-sun might have the key to the back storage room since she was the last one to enter that room. They all try to contact Bong-sun and find her as soon as possible before the restaurant opens, but it doesn’t seem to be of any help. Bong-sun ignores their phone calls.

Meanwhile, Shaman and Soon-Ae are still with each other. Soon-Ae finds the opportunity to escape when Shaman heads to the door to pay the delivery guy who had come to her apartment to deliver some food. Soon-Ae rushes out the door and out onto the streets. It’s perfect timing as her victim is none other than exhausted and lonely Bong-sun. Soon-Ae quickly jumps into the body of Bong-sun in order to not be found by the shaman and manages to escape successfully. Joon, one of the workers at Sun-woo’s restaurant, finds Bong-sun (who is now fully awakened and alive I might add) and brings her to the restaurant which Bong-sun seems to be unfamiliar with.


When asked for the keys to the storage room, Bong-sun is confused about what Sun-woo is demanding for. Impatient, he attempts to search her pockets to which Bong-sun isn’t happy about. She manages to throw him onto the floor in front of everybody, leaving everyone to be in total shock and confusion. What has just happened?!


Is this really the Bong-sun that we all know?!

My Thoughts:

Wow wow wow. It has been quite a while since I’ve last recapped a drama it took me quite a while to recap this first episode. I apologize ahead of time if this recap was crappy and not well-done. It’s been a while so I’m still trying to adjust and regain my recapping skills back. Please be patient with me T____T


Anyways, moving on with the drama, although it is barely the first episode and anything is up for grabs, I do have to say I quite enjoyed this episode. I do pity Bong-sun a lot, but her sad and pitiful character is what is needed in order to get the plot moving so I understand why she is so pitiful in this episode. As this is the same PD that worked on ‘High School King of Conduct’, I can sense the same kind of funny mood and atmosphere that was created in ‘High School King of Conduct’ (such as the shaman chasing after Soon-Ae who no one else saw or Chef Sun-woo complimenting Bong-sun’s blog) and I have no problem with that because I loved that drama so much. I love how there was comedy in this episode, but there were also touching moments like when the shaman (fake) hugged Soon-Ae or when Sun-woo stood up for Bong-sun. Those were the many strengths of ‘High School King of Conduct’ that really got to me and I’m hoping that ‘Oh My Ghostess!’ will deliver in the same way.


The first episode gave us a good introduction of each character and let us into their world which I liked. We learned that Sun-woo might not have had the best childhood growing up and maybe that was what motivated him to become the successful person he is today. We also get a glimpse of Bong-sun’s miserable life and we just can’t help but pity her (which I think the drama did a great job of executing). She lives by herself and is often abused emotionally and mentally by the few she interacts with on a daily basis it’s no wonder she’s so exhausted and tired of life. Although I am intrigued by all the characters and their stories that will hopefully be revealed to us later on as the drama progresses, the character I’m most curious about is Soon-Ae. We have yet to really find out how she died and if it’s really because she died as a virgin that she continues to possess woman. I wonder if there’s more than just that because if there was I would be really happy. I understand that there’s the whole possession thing to add a sense of humor into the drama, but I can’t help but feel that since Soon-Ae died young she roams around because she wished she had lived a longer life. She did say that she wished she was understood so I wonder if there’s more to her story. Then there are also the cooks of the restaurant and Sun-woo’s sister which I’m curious about. I want more! I want more!


Despite having enjoyed the first episode, I’m not so sure if I’ll enjoy the rest of the drama since Soon-Ae is now in Bong-sun’s body. I mean, I know that the writers are aiming for a funny touch with the whole ‘lustful-virgin-ghost-possesses-woman’ storyline and it’s going to be funny I already know, but it’s only when Soon-Ae enters Bong-sun’s body that she starts to act differently and finally catches Sun-woo’s attention which I’m not sure if I like. I’d like it if Bong-sun was just Bong-sun and Sun-woo fell in love with her because we all know that when Bong-sun is not Bong-sun but Soon-Ae, she’s going to be different and that’s what Sun-woo’s going to like but it bothers me because it’s not Bong-sun he’s falling for but Soon-Ae instead and I rather want Sun-woo to fall in love with Bong-sun Bong-sun, not Bong-sun Soon-Ae. Does that make sense? LOL. The Bong-sun that Sun-woo falls in love with will only last for so long unless Soon-Ae refuses or is unable to escape Bong-sun’s body which the shaman did warn Soon-Ae about. If that is the case and Bong-sun has become a happier and more confident person with Soon-Ae inside of her, then I guess I’ll be okay with the plot. I just want to see Bong-sun happier. That’s all.


I’m happy to say that I’m satisfied with the cast. I have no doubt about Park Bo-young as she’s been a favorite actress of mines because of her acting. I’ve never seen Jo Jung-seok in anything before so this is the first drama I’m watching him in and although he isn’t doing a bad job, he doesn’t necessarily stick out either. It might be because all my attention is on Park Bo-young or because his character hasn’t been given the time to blossom yet that I don’t notice him but I look forward to Jo Jung-seok in the future. The same goes for Lim Joo-hwan who I have never seen anything in before. He didn’t get much screen time in this episode and all we know so far is that he’s a police officer but a part of me thinks that he also has to have some kind of story. Overall, I like all of the cast members and don’t find them awkward. It will take some time for them to adjust but they’re doing a great job so far and I hope they will keep it up!


Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts and discuss on how you feel about the drama! Did you like it? Dislike it? Didn’t care? Tell me by commenting down below! 😀

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  1. Does anybody know the name of the actor, the friend hoobae of Sunwoo? I know his face, but can’t remember name…

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