[Discuss Away!] Show Me the Money 4 episode 3


I’m so close to being done with this show – or at least this season. Each episode just keeps on getting worse and worse and I don’t know how much longer I can hold in this anger and disappointment with each progressing episode. Why? Why do things have to be this wayyyyy.

In episode 3, the contestants got to choose the person they want to go against and within a given amount of time work together to create a performance in front of the judges. From there, the judges will then decide on who they think deserves to move onto the next round between the two.

I had always thought the third round of auditions could be either a hit or miss. The duo can either put on a really good performance for the judges in which there have been plenty of times or the duo can both be really bad and don’t deliver in which this has happened too or in rare cases, one person is better than the other. Episode 3 just proved to me now why I hate the third round of auditions the most. It’s all pretty much based off of luck. Whose ever name gets chosen by the MC gets to choose the opponent of their choice, meaning even if you suck and shouldn’t be on the show any longer, you’re still going to choose someone else who’s on your level so you can stay on the show even longer which I don’t think should be the case.


And it is because of this that my favorite contestant on the show – Lil Boi – got eliminated. As one of the more stronger contestants on the show, no one really wanted to choose him as their opponent because they knew they would lose to Lil Boi if they did so he ended up having to up against Basick, another stronger competitor on the show, because no one else picked them both to duel against. Their battle wasn’t aired until the very end of the episode so while watching the episode, I wasn’t so worried about who Lil Boi was going up against. I thought that whoever picked him would surely lose to him. But never did I anticipate Lil Boi battling against Basick. I mean, c’ mon, why would you do that. Lol. It’s not fair at all. Lil Boi ended up losing to Basick and sadly got eliminated.

Which brings me to another point and major issue that I had with this episode and season. There were a few rap battles that were good in that both the contestants were strong individually and together. They both delivered in their performance and it was just great overall. However, when there were rap battles like this, the person that got chosen to go onto the next round I felt should not have been the person to move on. Examples include Hanhae vs. One from 1Punch, Microdot vs. BeWhy, Jooheon vs. Hyun Joon, and yes, even Basick vs. Lil Boi. These are all really great rappers and it’s so sad that they all had to go against each other, but let’s be real, the contestants that got chosen to move onto the next round got chosen by the judges because they were either the Sunbae (meaning more years of experience), had connections with the judges, they’re more popular and well-known, or the judges liked one contestant more than the other . The judges weren’t necessarily choosing them based off of their rapping skills and performance which is ridiculous to me.


Now these are just my thoughts and they’re going to be very unpopular but I felt like One should have been the one chosen to go onto the next round, not Hanhae. Hanhae’s a good rapper but I certainly don’t think he’s as good as One. One just knows how to captivate you the moment he starts rapping and his flow is smooth and sick and he’s kind of like a full package if you think about it (I do have to admit the bromance between the two is sorta cute). He’s a really good rapper and I wished he would have been the one to go onto the next round.

I re-watched the performance between Jooheon and Hyun Joon and it still baffles me that Hyun Joon won. Jooheon does sound like a mini-Zico but he’s good (or at least better than Hyun Joon). I think the judges have something against idol rappers or something because Jooheon was definitely a lot more impressive than his opponent. Another disappointment.


The thing that made me the most angry while watching episode 3 was learning about Heo In Chang’s performance in episode 2 and how he passed. For those of y’all who don’t know yet, Heo In Chang passed the second round of auditions rapping with just half of the time he was given. For the first 30 seconds, he just walked around the stage saying little ad-libs here and there but it wasn’t until the rest of the 30 seconds that he finally started to spit something and rap and I’m just like, wtf?! How is it that he passed with just 30 seconds of a hella crappy ass rap but then P-Type got eliminated for forgetting a few lyrics where he picked right back up? This is what I’m saying about P-Type’s elimination. The judges just wanted a reason to eliminate him so they used his excuse of forgetting his lyrics as a reason to do so. They’re going to pass Heo In Chang (who I might add is a weak rapper anyways) who managed to pass by only rapping for 30 seconds but then eliminate P-Type who rapped the whole minute and only slipped for a few seconds. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Heo In Chang is also quite annoying, thinking that he’s all good just because he was Yook Ji Dam’s past rap teacher and has 18 years of experience. I feel bad for him because I don’t think he realizes how much has changed within those 18 years and how little credibility those 18 years of experience gives him. He’s just not good at rapping, as harsh as that is.

The biggest disappointment of all times like I mentioned earlier was Lil Boi’s elimination. I don’t know. It was a tough battle between choosing either Basick or Lil Boi because they have their strengths and weaknesses and they’re more of the two stronger contestants on the show. It’s sad that no one wanted to go up against them so as the last two remaining they had to go up against each other. I think it’s funny that these contestants brag about how they’re going to defeat everyone else on the show as if they’re all good and they’re going to win the competition but when the time comes they choose people that are on their level or worse than them. You’re not going to win by going against people who you think aren’t as good as you. But then again, I understand about wanting to last in the competition for as long as possible. But then again, if you don’t go against the stronger contestants right now in the competition, you’re going to have to later on in the show and it’s not like it’s going to get any easier. Lol. These people are funny. I hope AndUp gets eliminated. Guy be picking on the weakest contestant on the show just because he’s an idol. C’mon dude, pick someone your size and level. Lol.

I thought watching Black Nut prepare for his performance with his opponent, Ahn Su Min, was just hilarious. It was something refreshing and new instead of the typical “they either show great communication and cooperation” or “the two hate each other to death they won’t work with each other” kind of thing. He chose Su Min because he supposedly had his eyes on her and jealousy arose and romance bloomed and omg it was just so funny. The performance wasn’t funny though because none of the judges were impressed. Uh-oh. Then there was also Mino’s performance which I won’t go into a lot of details. By now, everyone should already know about the controversy over his lyrics and how he almost got sued for it and I don’t know. I don’t have much to say because I can care less about what happened but all I gotta say is for all the hype Mino gets on the show you would expect him to do better but the stuff he’s putting out is rather quite weak and childish. I wanna see more Mino. I wanna see what you’re really capable of. Don’t let me down baby. I’m hoping that this isn’t all you got because if it is then…it’s a good thing you’re in WINNER.

So yup. Favorite contestant got eliminated and a lot of controversy over every single thing in this season. I’m not sure if I still wanna watch it still. Next episode looks kind of interesting watching everyone fight over the one microphone in front of Snoop Dogg so maybe I’ll give that episode a try and see what it’s like.

Credit: Mnet @ youtube

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