K-Popcorn updates!


Hi everyone! Hello hello hello!

If y’all are regular visitors or have visited my blog a few times, some of y’all are probably very confused right now. And why is thaaaaat?

Because I have changed the theme and layout to my blog!

Yes, that’s right folks. I have decided to start anew and because I’m also planning to update my blog more often now I decided, why not begin by changing the layout?


Since the beginning of my blog back in January of 2014, I’ve never once changed the layout even though there have been multiple times where I tested different possible themes, but in the end I chose to not change anything. However, I wanted to do something different this time and wanted to go with something new and fresh, so I spontaneously decided to go with this new layout!

I hope that y’all are okay with the new change and will accept me and the new update to the blog the way they are. I’ll try my best to keep y’all updated and to keep writing for y’all! Thanks for all the support and love that y’all have given me even throughout the past few months where I’ve been inactive and busy. You all are the best!


I’m planning to write a few more posts. They’ll be up soon. Until then, enjoy the new update to K-Popcorn and stay tune for more goodies! Thanks fam!

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