Lee Hi wants you to Hold her Hand

And our little princess is finally back! Solo artist, Lee Hi, is finally back after a 3 year hiatus and she is back fresher and better than ever! The soloist released her first half album ‘Seoulite’ on March 8, 2016 with a total of 5 tracks. She released music videos for her two title tracks ‘Hold My Hand’ (as seen in the video above) and for her slower, ballad song ‘Breathe.’

I was never really a fan of Lee Hi. I checked out her music and songs from time to time, but I was never really a devoted fan. Even after this amazing comeback, I’ve come to appreciating Lee Hi’s music and voice and I honestly think that’s all that I’m going to be towards Lee Hi. However, her music and vocals are amazing and I especially love her new album ‘Seoulite.’ All the songs on it are great and bada*s and demonstrates Lee Hi’s maturity since her last comeback (which was 3 years ago). I’m really glad that she’s back and I hope that she’ll continue to make even more awesome music.

Regarding my favorite track on the album, title track ‘Hold My Hand’ definitely has to be my favorite. It’s so catchy and bubbly and cute and the chorus is especially addicting. I remember watching the short 15 second teaser for ‘Hold My Hand’ and being really excited for it considering that I’m not even a big Lee Hi fan. So once the music video came out, I was definitely hooked onto the song the first time I listened to it and I’ve been listening to it non-stop ever since. ‘Hold My Hand’ is funky and jazzy and sweet and I really like this song. Other noteworthy tracks for me include ‘World Tour’ featuring WINNER’s Mino. Although all the tracks on the album are great, ‘World Tour’ and ‘Hold My Hand’ definitely stand out to me.

Lee Hi’s other title track ‘Breathe’ definitely took me a while to get used to. Upon the first listen, I enjoyed the track but didn’t find myself going back to listen to it. However, I decided to listen to the track a few more times and I like it now. I could see why some people are bored with the song, but as a lover of ballads myself, I might be in the minority where I actually enjoy ‘Breathe’ and find myself listening to it repeatedly.

Overall, Lee Hi definitely does not disappoint with this comeback and her album ‘Seoulite.’ Considering that this is the first half of an album, I’m assuming there’s going to be a second half to the album which only means that she’s going to release more amazing songs to complete the whole album which means yet another comeback from Lee Hi which is totally awesome and exciting. Although it’s unknown as to whether she will actually come back with the other half of her album or whenever that will be, her most recent album ‘Seoulite’ is enough to keep us fans satisfied and waiting. Lee Hi, please come back as soon as possible again!

Sources: OfficialLEEHI@youtube, YG Family Tube @ youtube


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