[Discuss Away!] Descendants of the Sun episodes 3-8


Hello friends! I am back again with another post, this time to discuss about Korean drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ episodes 3 to 8. I’m sad to say that my excitement and arousal for the korean drama has slowly died down and ceased as I continued to watch the drama and I’m not so sure if I want to keep watching the drama at this point.

This post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t seen episodes 3 to 8 yet, please refrain from reading this post (unless of course you are okay with spoilers).


The last few episodes of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ focused on a somewhat balanced level between the love lines in the drama and the jobs of our characters. An earthquake hits the station in the country of Uruk that our characters are working at. Everything is crumbling down and everyone is getting hurt. Our medical team that comprises of Mo-yeon and her superb team of medical doctors are called to the scene. Army surgeon Myeong-ju and her team are also at the station to assist Shi-jin and his team of military soldiers in saving as many lives as possible. This is essentially what happens the last few episodes (along with some minor other things that I don’t really care about LOL).


I think ‘Descendants of the Sun’ does a good job in introducing to us our characters and that’s one thing I appreciate about the drama. I feel like I understand them and the decisions they make or I appreciate the fact that they’re so brave and willing to risk their lives in order to save others. I mean, their job does kind of require them to do that in the first place, but when you’re surrounded by so much chaos and stress and dead bodies, it’s easy to lose yourself and to get caught up in everything and be scared. But I love how our characters always gave their best from the very beginning of the earthquake until the very end to save as many lives as possible. They overcame many obstacles by shedding their fear and anxiety and ultimately did the best that they could to assist others.


I also appreciated seeing Onew’s struggle with dealing with a patient that he unfortunately couldn’t save. Witnessing his guilt and regret was really touching and demonstrates that in life, as a doctor, you are going to encounter situations like this where you won’t be able to save everyone that you come across and I really appreciated the fact that the writers put in a scene like that. It was eye-opening and moving.


I might be in the minority, but I feel like the drama is unrealistic most of the times and that’s something I just can’t quite get over or wrap my finger around. During times of emergency when the doctors are running around saving lives, they’d still have time to interject little comments here and there that are totally out of randomness. I feel like the conversations that take place in the drama are random comments that no one would ever say in real life. I think the earthquake scenario was long overdue and dragged on for too long. And just when you thought that it was over and everything was good, immature and selfish characters got in the way to ruin everything and make things worse. I just remembered watching the last few episodes thinking to myself when they would be done with the whole earthquake problem, because I just felt like they were dragging it on for too long. Realistically, it’s going to take some time to save people and to combat a problem like this, but this problem was stretched out for 3 episodes and 3 episodes is a lot.

In addition, I found it astonishing and a bit frustrating that everyone knew the answer or solution to every problem. If someone was hurt and needed medical attention, somehow Mo-yeon and her team knew that person’s medical condition and how to treat it and what was wrong with the person. I wished to have seen a situation where they didn’t know what to do with a person that was injured and the obstacles they faced in overcoming that encounter. But for most of the episodes, they had answers to every problem and treated almost everyone they saved who turned out to be okay in the end and that was another unrealistic aspect in my opinion. As doctors they’re very smart and intelligent, but I wanted to see something different that would have tested that intelligence and knowledge.


Also, in episode 5 when Mo-yeon’s car was hanging off the cliff to the point where she could have fallen off, she somehow managed to interact with Shi-jin via phone call and then be found within a time span of 30 seconds – maybe even less. I was just so amazed but also found it funny how it all went down so quickly and as if nothing even happened. As if Mo-yeon and Shi-jin’s life was not at risk in the first place. As if it was all okay. I think some scenes exaggerate heavily and that’s why I can’t enjoy ‘Descendants of the Sun’ as much as I would like to.

Also, I’m not so sure on how I feel about the development of the love lines. I was invested in the both of them (Myeong-ju and Dae-young’s a little bit more), but now I don’t really know if I care enough about their relationships. There’s definitely a push-and-pull between the two relationships which can get tiring after a while. Telling each other that you missed them and couldn’t stop thinking about them but then changing your words to how you don’t care about them and don’t love them. There’s very mixed messages and then I as a viewer get confused. Sooo do you love them or not?


By the time you’re reading this section, I think some of you might interpret this post to be a hate-post. It’s not. If I could, I would enjoy the drama. Y’all have already seen some of my posts written in the past about dramas and how much I enjoyed them. ‘Descendants of the Sun’ to me is a drama that is bittersweet. Sweet because the characters are full of life and wit and bravery and they are passionate about their jobs (and great at what they do too) and the OST tracks are beautiful and the cinematography is just so beautiful and amazing, but bitter because most of the times many of the scenes are exaggerated and there are cheesy and unrealistic conversations that don’t add anything to the drama at all. I’m not sure if I’m just being too picky or not, but my love and excitement for this drama has died down within the last few episodes, making me uncertain if I wanna continue watching it or not. I don’t want to give up on this drama just yet though; I might wait a few more episodes to see how things turn out now that the earthquake problem is done and over with.

I had written a post about my first initial thoughts about ‘Descendants of the Sun’ a few weeks ago where I stated that I hoped to not be disappointed by the drama, but it did unfortunately did happen with the last few episodes. However though, I’m being hopeful and hope that things will get better within the next few episodes. ‘Descendants of the Sun’, I don’t wanna give up on you just yet! Please!

Credits: eps-kdrama (for the screenshots)

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