#TurnItUpTuesday: The Black Skirts

I decided to throw it back a little bit and bring back some cringey, embarrassing, and random things that I used to do back in the very early days of my blog. I used to do these posts designated for each day of the week, but then I stopped because it got too demanding and I just didn’t have the time for it as much anymore. However, today is an exception because I wanted to bring attention to a band and an album that I fortunately stumbled upon today on random but am totally grateful that I discovered.

After having finished watching the latest episodes of ‘Fight For My Way’, I went on youtube and came across a MV called “Who Do You Love?” by a band called The Black Skirts – a Korean indie band from HIGHGRND, an independent indie label started by Epik High’s very own Tablo. I’m not a big fan of HIGHGRND and don’t really listen to the music of the artists/groups from the label, but knowing Tablo and seeing some familiar names under the label, I am more than positive that HIGHGRND artists make amazing music (it’s just that I don’t listen to them).

So then today I happened to randomly stumble upon a music video by The Black Skirts and oh boy was I in love with the music video. I don’t really care for music videos (I know surprisingly) and care for more the music and albums so for this music video to have been able to capture my attention and interest and support – it was just totally different. While I still don’t have a good grasp of what the music video is about, I fell in love with how sweet and loving the couple was (apparently they’re couples in real life which is why it was so easy to play a couple in the MV) and not to mention the beautiful song by The Black Skirts themselves. I’m a total sucker for slow alternative songs like this and omg, this song is just so beautiful. It’s wonderful. Pair a wonderful song with a wonderful music video with beautiful actors and breath-taking cinematography and you win me over completely. Everything about this music video was great and I absolutely enjoyed everything about it. I was so caught up while watching it and that’s something that rarely happens to me so this music video was a great one to watch.

If you enjoyed ‘Who Do You Love?’, consider listening to the rest of their album ‘Team Baby.’ I took the time to listen to all the songs and there are plenty of other songs on the album that I love and enjoy as much as the title track. I’m quite glad I randomly decided to watch the music video, because now I discovered a great MV, a talented band from a talented agency, and some beautiful songs. So if you have nothing to do or you just came home from a day of work or school, turn up on this Tuesday with me by listening to the album and watching the music video! 😀


HIGHGRND @ youtube, keu keu @ youtube

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