Writer Kim Eun-sook’s new drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’ to star Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-ri, and Yoo Yeon-seok!


Popular writer Kim Eun-sook revealed details and plans of her newest drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’ to the public not too long ago and along with the storyline of the drama, she also revealed some of the cast members that has agreed to star in her new drama.

The first cast member that was revealed to star in the drama was Lee Byung-hun who will be acting as the male lead. Not too long after, rising actress Kim Tae-ri was also announced to star in the drama as the female lead who would have a love line and interest with Lee Byung-hun. And then just recently, it was released that popular actor Yoo Yeon-seok has also agreed to be in the drama as the second male lead who has a one-sided love interest for Kim Tae-ri’s character.


Plot and storyline aside, my thoughts about the cast is a little iffy. While I do acknowledge that Lee Byung-hun is a good actor, I’m not too sure why he would need to return to dramaland considering that he’s already a well-respected, well-known, and established actor. A part of me feels like he’s decided to take part in this drama because 1) the power of Kim Eun-sook (she rakes in ratings and $$ whether or not you like the drama or not 2) to improve his not-so-good image right now. Whatever the reason is, it’ll be interesting to watch him return to dramaland as the last drama he acted in was in 2009 with ‘Iris.’ With Kim Eun-sook’s amusing ability to pull in viewers and ratings and Lee Byung-hun’s star power, I’m expecting this drama to be a great success.

kim tae ri

As for Kim Tae-ri, I’ve never seen her in anything before but have heard great things about her. She’s been working her way up steadily as an actress and was most known for her character in ‘The Handmaiden’ where she received lots of attention and popularity for it. She had competed against 1,500 other applicants who had also auditioned for the same role and at the end was chosen for the role. I’m assuming that she’s got the talent and skills for acting considering that she was good enough to star in a blockbuster movie with two other top actors and was chosen to be the female lead in Kim Eun-sook’s anticipated drama. While I haven’t seen her in anything yet, I have already heard of her name multiple times already which says great thing about her rising career.


And then last but not least is Yoo Yeon-seok who will be acting as the second male lead in the drama. Upon hearing this news a part of me was happy because we get to see him in another drama but another part of me was sad because he’s playing the second male lead and the last time Yeon-seok was the second male lead I cried myself to sleep. I can’t afford to go through another round of heart-break since his role as Chilbongie in Answer Me 1994. God knows how mad, frustrated, and heart-broken I was when we all got fooled with Chilbongie’s rejection. It’s been a few years since, but my wounds have still not healed and I honestly don’t think it ever will at all. Lol. I’m not prepared to suffer again and watch Yoo Yeon-seok lose to the male lead like how he did in Answer Me 1994. He deserves better! Jokes (kind of) aside, it’s also weird and interesting that he signed up to be a second male lead considering that all the roles he’s played since his last second male lead character were male lead roles. His last drama ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’ was a huge hit and I wasn’t expecting him to take on a second male lead role just because he’s been doing relatively well as a male lead. I guess that’s the power of Kim Eun-sook and what wanting to be in her drama does to you. Who knows, maybe he’ll gain even more popularity, attention, and love after this drama just like how all the other cast members in her other dramas have done respectively.

Kim Eun-sook’s dramas have always been a hit or miss for me (mostly miss). While I enjoyed ‘Goblin’ to some extent (some episodes and moments more than others), I couldn’t bring myself to finish ‘Descendants of the Sun’ while I put myself through the horror of ‘Heirs’ just for Lee Min-ho (oh Lee Min-ho, the things I would do for you). While I don’t anticipate watching this drama (just not sold unfortunately), I do expect the drama to look gorgeous and beautiful as Kim Eun-sook will be collaborating with director Lee Eung-bok who she worked with for her last drama ‘Goblin’ which, if anything, was shot so beautifully and so easy to watch (if the drama wasn’t enjoyable to some, I think we can at least agree that the cinematography was amazing). I look forward to seeing and hearing what other people will have to say about the drama and maybe, MAYBE, if there are good enough reviews on the drama, I might give it a chance. But for now, I’m just waiting for more and hoping that other news about the drama along the way will sell me once and for all.

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