Dumbfoundead is thirsty in his latest MV ‘Water’

Korean American rapper Dumbfoundead recently released a new song called ‘Water’ featuring G. Soul and as expected – it’s another great one.

This song is probably one of my favorites among Dumbfoundead’s releases the past few months. He’s been collaborating a lot more frequently with Korean hip-hop rappers and artists lately such as Microdot, Jessi, Dok2, Simon D, Tiger Jk, and then now with G. Soul for this latest one it’s great to see him branching out to Korean hip-hop rappers in Korea and expanding on collaborations.

I first discovered Dumbfoundead when he collaborated with Jay Park and Clara Chung with ‘Clouds’ 7 years ago (wow it’s been 7 years already) and I’ve been a casual fan ever since. I was actually fortunate enough to see him live at concert at an Asian American conference I attended earlier this year in January (he was probably the only reason why I went to the conference). Dumbfoundead has always been a great rapper and has steadily worked his way up to make a name for himself. Whether in America or Korea, he’s proved that he can still make great music where ever he goes and his latest release ‘Water’ is no exception to that. I especially love G. Soul’s part in here (who’s been everywhere ever since he joined Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone’s new label H1GHR Music) and I believe the female’s voice throughout the song is Jessi so it’s nice hearing familiar voices, some smooth rhymes, and witty lyrics.

Dumbfoundead might not be “no Taeyang”, but he still delivers once again with this latest release.

Source: GENIE MUSIC @ youtube


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