[K-Popcorn Podcast] Podcast #1: Introductions, Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo, DAY6, Queen for 7 Days, and you!


Me being me, I wanted to try something new so I decided to do my very first ever podcast! Beware, the podcast is not the best (I was all over the place) and I say a lot of ‘um’s and ‘like’ and ‘you know’ (I’m sorryyyy that’s just how I speak but it gets better I swear) and the sound quality is not the best (you might have to turn up your volume a little bit… but just a little bit though I swear) and I sigh a lot for some reason in this podcast and there might be some glitches here and there… BUT despite all of this, I hope you will give still the podcast a try and join me in on my very first ever podcast!


I’m super excited to be starting this platform because it’s something new and sometimes I don’t always wanna write and sometimes writing doesn’t fully encompass everything that I feel or think about something so what better way to convey my thoughts than literally talk about it?! Jokes aside, I’ve always been a big fan of Dramabean’s podcasts so I wanted to do something similar to them so my huge inspiration for doing this podcast and this blog in general is due to them so big thanks to Dramabeans for being such a great community and resource for Korean drama fans all over the world and inspiring me to bring out the creative side in me.

Also, since this is my first podcast ever, I’m not quite familiar with how this whole thing works so for now, I uploaded the first podcast to that website, but I’m considering other changes so for now that is where the podcasts will be uploaded.

As you listen, I’ll sound different in certain portions because I recorded the podcast in different parts as I was testing out the app that I was using to record the podcast so I apologize if this throws you off and distracts you. And I apologize for any background noise as well. However, I hope it doesn’t annoy you too much and you’ll still give the podcast a try!

Songs used in the podcast:

  • Spring Day – BTS
  • Hi Hello – DAY6
  • I Smile – DAY6
  • I’m Serious – DAY6
  • No Matter How Hard I Try – Yael Meyer (Queen for 7 Days OST)
  • Shouldn’t Have… – Baek Ah Yeon (ft. DAY6’s Young K)
  • Star, Fire, Night – We Are the Night
  • Plz Don’t Be Sad – Highlight

Also, as mentioned in the podcast, here’s my Tumblr account for any of those who would like to follow my account to see what I’m up to or what I’m like on my social media accounts! I also have a Youtube account where I sometimes upload videos of me singing to songs.

As always, I appreciate any feedback/suggestions on how I can improve the podcasts. I’m always opened to constructive criticism and this is my first ever podcast so there’s always room for change and improvement.

So with that, enjoy the first ever podcast and let me know down below in the comments what your thoughts on the podcast and things touched upon in the podcast are! 🙂

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