Kangnam and UEE confirmed to be dating!

Wowowow, it looks like we have the birth of a new couple as it was confirmed recently that singer-actress UEE (former After School member) and singer Kangnam (former MIB member) are dating!

At first, the both of them denied the news but when Dispatch released photos of the both of them hugging and what seems to be Kangnam saying goodbye to UEE at her apartment, the couple went ahead and confirmed the dating rumors.

Upon hearing the news, I was surprised that the both of them were dating (but then again that’s me with all dating rumors and couples). I don’t follow these two celebrities so I had no clue they even knew each other or had connections with each other. But I’m happy nonetheless for the two and based on the pictures that Dispatch released, they look like a sweet couple (also Dispatch, not cool at all).

With the behavior and actions of fans nowadays and their hysterical reactions to dating news, I can see why UEE and Kangnam felt the need to deny the dating rumors at first. Maybe they didn’t want to upset their fans or maybe they just wanted to keep their dating lives private as it should be. However, with how entitled fans feel nowadays and the released pictures, I can see why UEE and Kangnam just ended up telling everyone the truth. What they do and what they choose to share with the public is in no way any of our business and we should respect that, but that seems like a hard decision for some people to abide by and follow so UEE and Kangnam had no choice but to be honest with everyone.

Congratulations to the couple! I wish them the best and I hope they can still date with each other without any pressure or hate from the public.

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