[What Mary Thinks] Show Me the Money Season 6 episode three



*sigh* I’ll just be honest from the get-go. I don’t enjoy SMTM6 as much as I enjoyed the other seasons. I could already sense it beginning from episode one and episodes two and three just confirmed it.

There are multiple reasons why I am enjoying SMTM6 less than the seasons prior and I think the biggest reason for that itself is Mnet’s dramatic and evil editing are the contestants. Mnet unfortunately hasn’t shown any scenes of other rappers that are supposedly on the show (like Olltii, Hanhae, MyunDo, etc.) and I just don’t really care for any of the contestants in all honesty. I’m not as familiar with any of the contestants this season (unless they appeared on the seasons before or unless I came across them before) and none of them really stand out to me so they don’t really give me a reason to care for any of them. I do appreciate that SMTM is giving them the platform and opportunity for many of these up and coming rappers to showcase their “rapping” and personalities and therefore focuses less on rappers who have already gone quite big or have appeared on the show before (e.g.: Microdot, Olltii, etc.), but the downside to that is then that I don’t care about any of the contestants because I don’t know them and they don’t stand out to me. It goes both ways.


(showing Olltii some love since the only times we see him are either of his one-second reactions or of him showing off his necklace)

Mnet’s editing – regardless of which show or program it is – has always been evil and purposely done for the intent to create drama and therefore better ratings. Mnet I would argue is not as dramatic YET with this season of SMTM, but they are still editing the show in a really annoying, frustrating, and odd way. With seasons before, we got a better idea of who the contestants were and their rapping skills but with this season, the show is editing the episodes in a very choppy and disjointed way. Nothing really flows and you have too much going on in one episode and the editors are rushing everything. Usually episode one focuses on the first round which are the preliminaries, the second round is about the 60 second audition, and then the third round is the 1 vs. 1 battle. However, although the show did do that with this season, it didn’t go too well. I don’t know who has passed, I am not getting enough time of the rappers to watch and assess their rapping skills, I’m not really sure what’s going on. Maybe this might just be me because I’m not as familiar with this year’s contestants so I need more time to learn about them and to see what their rapping is like, but the editing is rushed with this season and it’s making me a bit angry lol. It’s as if Mnet already assumes that we know the rappers and what their rapping is like so they end up just showing us a few seconds of their audition and then move on to the judges’ reactions and comments and that’s that. Mnet needs to calm down, give us more time with the contestants, and stop with the constant replays that don’t do anything but frustrate and annoy their viewers because it’s so unnecessary. But hey, this is Mnet and I don’t expect anything much from them. I just think their editing for the seasons prior have been a little bit more smooth and logical.


Moving on, I’m thankful that the three contestants I’m rooting for – Woo Wonjae, Killagramz, and Young B – are still alive in the game. In episode 3, two out of the three passed (almost got a heart attack though because the judges were making some confusing and ridiculous votes out there honestly. You weren’t gonna pass my Wonjae. Seriously??) so I’m just waiting for the results of one more. I thought it was funny how the judges were always confused and shocked when the results came out after each battle as if they weren’t the ones voting for the contestants themselves. I mean… weren’t y’all the ones voting? Why are y’all acting so surprised? Y’all literally made the decision to vote for the contestant you wanted. What’s so surprising? I don’t get it? Lol. I didn’t agree with a few of the decisions made by the judges in episode three. I was super surprised to see Microdot go because he’s easily one of the better and stronger rappers on the show (maybe he didn’t pass because the judges already knew he was strong and stable so they wanted to give the opportunity for someone newer? I don’t know). Rapper Penomeco (who’s a part of the crew that Zico and Dean is in) got eliminated and even better, he got defeated by a female rapper contestant named ASOL. In their 1 vs. 1 battle, Penomeco was delivering like usual (and Zico was hella excited and hyped for his friend ya know what I mean), but when it was ASOL’s turn, the judges were totally shook and surprised by her strong performance and voted for her in the end to pass (Zico’s face expression in the midst of all this and realizing that his friend wasn’t gonna pass onto the next round was the funniest thing in the world. He got so serious and sad it was great). Zico totally wasn’t expecting Penomeco to lose and all the judges definitely wasn’t expecting ASOL to win. I have my theories and reasons as to why they probably passed her and not Penomeco, but I’m pretty sure that SMTM is going to do a revival round and when they do that revival round, Penomeco is going to be revived. Maybe the same thing with Microdot – who knows. And as I mentioned earlier, my Wonjae almost didn’t pass and I don’t understand why the producers would even dare to do that to him. He’s easily one of the stronger and better rappers on the show (why do I have a feeling that a lot of the contestants Tiger Jk and Bizzy voted for were the ones I didn’t like lol which I hate because I love Team Tiger Jk and Bizzy the most out of the producer teams but sometimes they make such questionable decisions). But I know Team Zico and Dean (especially Zico) really enjoyed Wonjae’s performance and I’m pretty sure they voted for him (Zico’s reactions to Wonjae’s performance though hahaha I loved it because I was reacting the same way). Them rooting for Wonjae gives me a reason to root for them lol.


My Sleepy made it and I’m so happy for him because as long as he’s been doing korean hip-hop music, he’s had his up’s and down’s throughout his music career and SMTM is really one of his last chances to prove to everyone how serious he is about music. So far, he’s been doing a fairly good job and passed the first 2 rounds so it’ll be interesting to see how he does in the future rounds. I love Sleepy and has been a fan of his since his days in Untouchable. Because he’s more popular for his TV personality and not as much for his music, I could see this image translate over to SMTM and how contestants view him  – they don’t take him as seriously because he’s known to have a funny and clumsy personality. But Sleepy is trying to improve his image as an musician and show a different side of what is usually seen from him by participating in SMTM and I’m glad that he’s doing this (and I also think that he doesn’t get enough respect on this show but whatever). I think it’ll be a good opportunity for Sleepy regardless even if he doesn’t necessarily win the show.

(here’s some Sleepy in Untouchable for y’all. you will become a fan after you watch this I promise. One of my favorite songs from the group and in general)

The 1 vs. 1 battles were good, but in my opinion I think I’ve seen better ones from the seasons prior (Microdot and BeWhy anyone? And this is random, but I just happened to think of Superbee while writing this post. I wonder what he’s been up to lol. Oh and since we’re already talking about other SMTM contestants, I miss BeWhy as well). It’ll be interesting to see the rest of the battles in episode 4 and hopefully Mnet won’t skip around too much this time and actually show us the battles. Please Mnet, please. Try to do your job nicely this time for once.

Source: methekpop.net, 1theK @ youtube

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