HOTSHOT makes comeback with ‘Jelly’ after Produce 101 success

K-Pop boy group HOTSHOT might just seem like your typical idol boy group who comes from a small company, releases mediocre music, and doesn’t have much content – except that’s what they used to be for quite a few years until recently.

After successfully participating in popular survival show ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 and one of the members actually making it into Wanna One, HOTSHOT decided to capitalize on the popularity they gained from being on the show with a comeback, leading this comeback to be their most successful comeback yet.

Titled ‘Jelly’, the comeback features only 5 of their members as member Sungwoon who made it into Wanna One is prohibited from any group activities until his contract in Wanna One is over. Despite the one member subtraction, the group is still able to do their best with this comeback and I – as someone who didn’t even know about the existence of HOTSHOT or cared to watch Produce 101 Season 2 at all – actually enjoy this comeback.

The song isn’t the trendiest and HOTSHOT’s company doesn’t have the most money so the MV isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing or nice, but the song is catchy enough that I can find myself listening to it repeatedly. The choreography – which was choreographed by one of their own members Taehyun – also fits well with the song and looks nice and clean. For someone who had accidentally discovered HOTSHOT through Tumblr posts on my dashboard, I’m glad I learned about them because this latest comeback definitely delivered.

I actually only recognize and know Taehyun out of the members in the group because one of the people I was following on Tumblr was reposting gif’s and posts about him and he would come up on my dashboard. Ever since then I’ve been curious about him and looked him up a little bit and admit to checking out this comeback because of him. Regardless, all the members are talented and great and I’m hoping HOTSHOT will achieve great success with this comeback and even greater success when Sungwoon returns from Wanna One. This might be one of their last chances to remain as a group considering how small they and their company are and that’s something that no group and fans should ever have to go through so here’s to hoping HOTSHOT will achieve immense success with this comeback and make even more comebacks in the future!

Source: 1theK@youtube

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