KARD makes their official debut with ‘Hola Hola’!


Co-ed group KARD consisting of female members Somin and Jiwoo and male members BM (aka Matthew) and J. Seph has finally made their official debut!

There are many reasons as to why KARD has become so successful and they continue to maintain that streak of success and good tracks with official debut song ‘Hola Hola.’ Filmed in different locations that KARD visited for their world tour, ‘Hola Hola’ is a fun summer song and even includes references to first pre-release track ‘Oh Nana.’ In addition to their fun tracks, another thing they’re known for is their choreography and they’ve usually had at least a point dance move for each of the songs they’ve released so far (that’s one of the ways they were able to get people’s attention). Their debut is no exception as KARD did release a video with their point choreography to the song. It looks fun, but a little bit more complicated than their prior dance moves but still fun nonetheless.

In addition to a MV to ‘Hola Hola’, KARD also released their first mini-album also titled ‘Hola Hola.’ Consisting of 6 tracks overall, the mini-album includes the 3 pre-debut releases ‘Oh Nana’, ‘Don’t Recall,’ and ‘Rumor’ as well as 3 new tracks including ‘Hola Hola.’

I think the thing about KARD that fascinates me (and everyone) is how they literally came out of no where and managed to achieve such great success especially overseas. The group first experimented with the public by releasing 3 pre-debut tracks over the course of the last few months to gauge and see what the general reaction would be and I was actually expecting new member additions to the group upon hearing that they were officially going to debut later (I thought KARD would be one of those groups where they start off as a small project with just a few members at first and then the rest of the members of the group would be revealed later on during the actual debut). When met with unexpected success and immense popularity overseas, KARD then capitalized on this success by venturing on a world tour to meet their international fans all over the world. I don’t think the company and members themselves expected to become this big. I’m glad that they’re getting their names out there just because it’s so rare to see co-ed groups nowadays in the K-pop industry and also because it’s rare for newer groups to become successful because of how over-saturated the K-pop industry is now. With that being said, out of the 4 title tracks KARD has released my favorite would probably have to be ‘Oh Nana’ followed by ‘Don’t Recall.’ I wasn’t feeling ‘Rumor’ as much even though I still do think it’s a good song and I still have to give ‘Hola Hola’ a few more listens to enjoy it.

I’m glad that KARD has been able to travel around the world to meet their fans and put on concerts as well as make good music (they’ve actually been confirmed for KCON LA this year!). I think they’ve been definitely appealing a lot more to their international fans so I’m curious to see how they’ll do domestically in Korea now that they’ve made their official debut. I’m just hoping their company DSP Media won’t mess them up like how they’ve done with their other groups and artists. KARD has been doing a good and stable job building a reputation and name for themselves. I hope they can keep doing that with their future releases.

Source: KARD @ youtube, 1theK @ youtube

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