Geeks blesses us all with a new comeback!

Summer is finally getting fun as there have been a ton of great new releases within this past week alone including but not limited to EXO, KARD, HOTSHOT, Akmu, Jay Park, and then now Korean hip-hop duo Geeks!

AHHHHHH I’M SCREAMING. AND CRYING. AND SCREAMING BECAUSE I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GEEKS. It’s been a while since their last release and I’ve been waiting forever for another comeback from them. They’ve been releasing singles here and there and features with other artists the past few years, but have finally returned as a duo again this year with a new album titled ‘Fireworks.’

The fangirl in me is crying because I’ve been a loyal fan of Geeks since…forever. It’s been so long now that I don’t even recall when I became a fan of theirs, but all I know is that I love their music and the members themselves. I love how Geeks doesn’t do outright hip-hop or rap music that is all in your face. Rather their music is mellow and chill and that’s what I absolutely love about their songs. I can still jam to their songs and not be annoyed by any jarring auto-tune or bad rapping skills because Geeks 1) makes amazing music 2) they can rap well.

Geeks became especially popular a few years back through songs like ‘Wash Away‘ featuring Ailee and their rendition of ‘Officially Missing You.’ Through songs like these, they were able to steadily get their name out there and then ventured off to do their own solo activities but were also still releasing songs out there as a duo here and there. I’m especially happy that they’ve returned with a new MV and album because I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve last seen them together even though it really hasn’t been. I remember watching member Lil’ Boi on SMTM4 (I swear, all my favorite contestants were on team AOMG I think it was meant to be) and just squealing because he was so cute but also so powerful at rapping. I haven’t been as caught up with Louie, but I did check out his stuff from time to time.

If you would like some song recommendations from Geeks, some of my favorite songs from them include ‘Is You‘ featuring Lena Park, ‘Sometimes‘ featuring Crush, ‘Divin‘, ‘Raining‘ featuring Park Soo Min, and ‘Siren‘ featuring Swings. But these are just some of my favorites, they have a lot more amazing music you should listen to!

As usual, give ‘Fireworks’ a listen if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it as Geeks always delivers with their music. They have never failed to disappoint me which explains why I’m such a huge fan of them even after all these years. They’re a great and talented hip-hop duo and I’m just glad that they’re finally back.

Source: KWorldNation@youtube, HYUK_MUMBLESTASH20 @ youtube, 420힙합 @ youtube, Soribada Music Channel @ youtube, 1theK @ youtube, WKE music @ youtube

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