Jay Park wants to ride on a yacht with you in his latest MV

Jay Park is back at it again with a new MV, a new catchy and feel-good song produced by the one and only Cha Cha, and new choreography featuring Prepix and 1MILLION. I never knew this song and MV was what I needed until it came out and now this has probably got to be my favorite release so far this summer.

Produced by Cha Cha, ‘Yacht’ is a cute and chill summer R&B release featuring rapper Sik-K who’s a part of Jay Park and Cha Cha’s new label H1GHR Music. Jay released the choreography or dance visual version of the song with choreography by dance group Prepix also featuring popular dancers from 1Million.

Any song by Cha Cha is an ultimate win for me not because I’m biased towards him so I like them automatically but rather because I enjoy most of his songs. I honestly come in not expecting much from AOMG artists, but overtime have come to really warming up to and enjoying their songs – especially the Cha Cha produced songs – because they’re so catchy and great and because Cha Cha’s tracks are so good. ‘Yacht’ is no exception, definitely building off of that catchiness and with Jay Park’s smooth vocals, the song just makes you wanna dance. It gives off such good vibes and it’s a song that’s especially fit for summer.

Jay released the ‘dance visual’ video of the song so I’m wondering if there’s another MV that he’s going to release. In the video, he teased fans through the subtitles by telling them to wait for the english version of the song to come out (typical Jay Park lol) so I’m thinking he might release another MV with the english version? If not, I’m fine with that too because the dance visual is really just what it says it is  – all visuals. The set is your basic normal kind of box set that you often see in SM MV’s, but with the many pretty backdrops and backgrounds, you fall in love with just how beautiful everything looks. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jay Park MV without girls so there are some girls in here as well as choreography. And just like he did with ‘All I Wanna Do’, 1Million is also back for another Jay Park collaboration. I’m kind of upset with all the different visuals that the MV did when 1Million appeared though because I wanted to see them but the moment they appear so many things are happening in the background and you couldn’t even see their faces and that made me a bit frustrated haha. Just give me my 1Million! I wanna see their faces!

While I like the MV, I had a hard time enjoying the choreography to the song. I don’t know – it was as if the choreography was for a totally different song because it felt like the two didn’t go together at all. Prior to the release of the full MV, he had released a teaser of the choreography to ‘Yacht’ and for some reason I had the hardest time following the choreo and enjoying it because it didn’t seem to match at all. It was if the dance moves had been created for another song and ‘Yacht’ just happened to be playing in the background of the video. This comes as a surprise and shock to me because the choreography to ‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Me Like Yuh’ was great and actually matched the songs so I’m feeling a bit puzzled and disappointed with the ‘Yacht’ dance choreography.

Despite the mismatch of the choreography in my opinion, I still enjoy the song and MV regardless and I’m hoping Jay has another MV release up his sleeves, possibly one that’s similar to his ‘My Last‘ MV where he and his AOMG buddies just hung out and had some fun (omg just imagine AOMG x H1GHR Music in the same MV. Now THAT would make for an awesome summer). All in all, ‘Yacht’ is another catchy release by Jay Park and it’ll be interesting to see what steps one of the current leaders in the Korean hip-hop industry takes next with his career.

Source: JAYPARKOFFICIAL @ youtube

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