Teaser for ‘Age of Youth’ Season 2 is finally here and I’m excited

JTBC drama ‘Age of Youth’ first aired last summer and was known for its cast, the down-to-earth friendships between the characters, and the interesting storyline and plots! After announcing that the youth drama would be returning with another season this summer, the first teaser to the second season has finally been released and I’m exciteddd!

Although the teaser doesn’t show much, you can find the same house that the five girls lived in together last year in the trailer with a familiar song that was widely played from the first season of the drama playing in the background. Towards the end of the video, 4 of the girls open the door shocked and surprised to find whoever it is at the door and unfortunately for us, it seems like we’re gonna have to wait to see who they opened the door for.


I remember watching ‘Age of Youth’ last year and just absolutely falling in love with how easy-going but intense the drama was. It was a nice, breezy, funny, and youthful drama – something different from everything else that was airing at that time and from what viewers had expected of it. Because the drama focused on the lives of the girls as housemates and their transition from strangers to housemates to best friends all the while balancing out school, work, relationships, and love, I could find myself relate to the characters to some extent and I think it was that connection to the characters that I was able to heavily enjoy the drama. Some of my most favorite scenes throughout the drama was between the Sunbae and the Maknae of the house and their relationship (I could not stop squealing at how cute they were together! They were seriously at one point the main reason why I was watching the drama) or badass Yi-na standing up for the girls and looking out for them to make sure that they weren’t doing anything rebellious or bad. While I didn’t expect the drama to be so intense, dramatic, and mysterious with Yi-na’s storyline (which I think to an extent was off-putting) because I didn’t like the mood and tone that it created, I still enjoyed the drama overall and am glad that wishes of a second season have been answered. I expected the first season to be a lot more cheerful and carefree, but the drama went a totally different direction from what I was expecting so that threw me off a little bit. I’m curious as to if the second season is going to continue with this dark and mysterious tone or if it’s going to do what I had wanted the first season to do which was focus on the girls and their college life. Whatever it is, the first season was largely slept on when it aired last year and I’m hoping that the second season will be just as consistent and interesting as last year but more popular this time.

park hye soo

There have been some changes to the cast that I admit will change the way that I will view the second season. Our Maknae Eun-jae who was originally played by Park Hye-soo will not be returning to the second season due to schedule conflicts and will instead be replaced by actress Ji-woo. This actress change will definitely feel weird and different especially because I loved the way that Hye-soo portrayed Eun-jae and because I grew to appreciating Hye-soo’s portrayal as Eun-jae by the end of the drama just because she did such a wonderful job at it. It’s gonna be weird to see a new face playing the same character and being in love with the same guy that was in last year’s season (how I can accept a new female actress to be in love with the same Sunbae? I just can’t T___T). This change in actresses makes me sad because Eun-jae was one of my favorite characters (alongside Yi-na) and I think Hye-soo’s portrayal as the character was a huge reason for that. I’m going to definitely miss seeing Hye-soo in the second season and it won’t be the same without her.


Yi-na who was played by Ryu Hwa-young will only be making a cameo this season and this is another change that is devastating. I believe that her controversies with T-ara was what resulted in this outcome and it’s unfortunate because her character was what really made last year’s season so different, empowering, and crucial and in addition to that, Hwa-young herself did a great job in portraying Yi-na and really proved to everyone that she could act. I’ve been a fan of Hwa-young since she was in T-ara and have been supporting her ever since so I was happy to see her in last year’s season. Upon hearing the news that she was only going to be making a cameo in this year’s season I was devastated. Even if one doesn’t necessarily like Hwa-young, I think we can all agree that her character in the drama was crucial and important to the success and progress of the drama itself and it’s gonna be weird to see her not be in the drama as part of the squad. I could see how the drama will explain her removal from the drama plot-wise though and will probably mention it within the first few episodes as to why she’s no longer in the second season. But I don’t know. I grew to really warming up to and liking all the characters and cast from the first season so it’s gonna be weird and different seeing new faces in the second season. I’m hoping that despite the cast changes, I can still enjoy the drama without noticing too many differences and maybe even enjoy it enough to do recaps of it. I don’t know – we’ll see.


There are also new additions to characters in the second season including SHINee’s Onew, Choi Ara who will be playing their new housemate, and cutie Kim Min-suk. I’m looking forward to these new additions and what kind of roles they will play in the drama and how they will intertwine in the lives of our five main characters. The first season heavily emphasized on the friendships and relationships between the girls so as usual, here’s to hoping that the second season will do all of that and more, including giving Park Eun-bin the love line that she deserves and has been waiting for.

Source: JTBC Drama @ youtube

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