[What Mary Thinks] Show Me the Money Season 6 episode 4


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m screaming. There were so many emotions and thoughts and screaming while watching this episode and this is actually the first time that I’m writing up a post while watching the episode at the same time because I just had to talk about the episode!

Note: What was supposed to originally start out as a normal ‘What Mary Thinks’ post somehow turned into a SMTM6 episode 4 recap/rant post with lots of screaming and !!!! and words so I apologize beforehand how out of control this post got. Before I knew it, I just started saying so many things and I eventually lost track of what I was supposed to write or what the purpose of this post was or how this post was actually supposed to be written. I apologize. Future posts won’t be like this I swear maybe.

Episode 4 starts off really interesting and great and intense for once! We finally get some screen time of some of the more popular and stronger contestants on the show after 3 episodes, including Hash Swan, Hanhae, Sleepy, Nucksal, and female rapper Ato.

Hash Swan was able to get his name out there with last year’s season but because last year’s season had a lot more stronger contestants he didn’t stand out as much. But his appearance on last season really raised eyebrows and curiosity about him that when he came back this season as a contestant, people knew to look out for him and to watch out for him as a possible threat and contender for the win because of last season. I think Hash Swan is also aware of that himself as he’s been performing safely but strongly without showing off too much yet because he’s to save his stronger performances for later rounds. In the 1 vs. 1 battle, he messed up a little bit so his position as a contestant on the show could have been eliminated had his opponent been better and stronger. But luckily, Hash Swan made it out alive and passed on to the next round. I’m definitely looking forward to his future performances because while I’m not rooting for him personally, he has a unique voice and pretty decent rapping skills so I can see him staying in the competition for as long as he did last season or maybe even further this year.


Hanhae FINALLY got some screen time in this episode and he really did not disappoint. It just makes you wonder why Mnet did not show him in the earlier episodes, but it also makes everything okay because the wait was totally worth it. In his 1 vs. 1 battle, he easily kills it and impresses the producers with his flawless rapping and fun stage presence. I’m just glad to have finally gotten to see him on the show because we’ve been waiting for weeks for that to happen. And it’s even better that once he does get time on the show he delivers as usual. Definitely excited for Hanhae’s future performances and anticipating to see what he has to show in the future.


After the passes of Hash Swan and Hanhae, I was feeling good about the episode and then Sleepy came out for his 1 vs. 1 battle and also passed the round! By this point, I’m super happy and relieved that Sleepy – a contestant I’m rooting for – passed. I think his win (as well as Hanhae’s win) was well-deserved and I actually found his third round to be his strongest yet in my opinion. Sleepy’s getting better and better every round and if he keeps this up I can see him giving everyone (*coughs* Nucksal *coughs*) a run for a shot at winning the show.


But of course, not everything can go well and the 1 vs. 1 battle between Nucksal and female rapper Ato definitely showed us that (why can’t I just watch this show without stressing and frowning? T___T). Upon finding out that they were going against each other, I became so devastated because it was obvious who was going to win. I like both contestants, but I especially love Ato just because I found her second round performance to be really good, entertaining, fun, and unique and to me, she stood out not only among the female rappers but out of all the contestants in general. She’s funky, she’s smooth, she’s playful and it was great to see her be so comfortable and have so much fun on stage. With that being said, upon finding out she was going against Nucksal, I just knew there was going to be almost no chance that she was going to pass unless Nucksal messed up immensely or did something really bad. I never felt so painful while watching SMTM before because I want Ato to be on the show a lot longer because I believe that she was one of the stronger contestants on the show and could have also given some contestants a run for their money.

It’s unfortunate that during the battle, she forgot some of her lyrics and was really nervous to perform. I think a part of that was because she was going against Nucksal who is obviously one of the strongest contestants on the show and maybe let that pressure get too much to her. If she had performed confidently without any mistakes like how she did in the second round then I think there could have been a good chance that she would have won against Nucksal*sigh* But we’ll never know and it makes me sad just thinking about what could have happened. It also makes me lowkey despise Nucksal for choosing Ato out of all contestants (in a jokingly way). Why would he do something like that? *sighs again* This battle got me feeling so devastated and sad and upset because Ato is so great and I wanted to see more of her. I’m hoping some label or someone will pick her up and take her in because she’s so great and talented and good at rapping (if no one has yet). I definitely want to see more of her. And of course, as expected, Nucksal passed onto the next round. Bye Ato, it was great watching you rap while you were on the show. You will be greatly missed 😦

Wow, we got a few more seconds of Olltii but it wasn’t for the reasons I wanted or was expecting. It was because we were shown clips of him getting chewed out by a contestant named JJK (wow, you know you’re total trash for BTS when you automatically think of Jungkook) who’s also known for his freestyle rapping just like how Olltii is. Surprisingly, even after messing up with his lyrics because he was freestyling for the performance he passed the round (only roots for him b/c of his initials). His freestyling that lead to his mistake in the performance actually was his strength as well as the producers were largely impressed by his freestyle rap even though he had messed up. Hmm, this will be interesting to see.


OMG OKAY NEVER MIND. OLLTII IS HERE AND WE CAN ALL FINALLY NOW LIVE IN PEACE. I REPEAT – OLLTII IS HERE (why does he look like an owl omg i’m crying). I honestly wasn’t expecting to see him at all considering we’ve gotten pretty much nothing of him the past 3 weeks so it’s a miracle to be seeing him on my screen while I’m writing this post and watching the episode at the same time. I’m super happy to see him finally get some time on the show because he deserves it. As overdue as this is, I guess it’s better late than never right? The thing is that I had actually forgot about Olltii because we were getting nothing of him the past few episodes, but after finally remembering that he’s actually a contestant on the show I’m totally rooting for him now. It’s funny and ironic how things turn out because I hated him when he was on SMTM3 (b/c he was creating shit with B.I. and Bobby) but over time have come to really liking him somehow (idk don’t ask me how, it just happened lol) so now I’m rooting for him on SMTM too. His 1 vs. 1 battle was an easy win for him and I’m excited to see what he has up his sleeves in the future episodes. Let’s go Olltii, let’s go.

This episode is causing me so much stress. “STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” – Gary. AHHHHHHHHH I’M PULLING MY HAIR OUT. PUNCHNELLO. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE PREPARED OR AS CHOIZA SAID, YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST FREESTYLED OR SOMETHING. OR JUST DO AND SAY SOMETHING. Ahh, it’s such a sad turn-out. I like Punchnello and have listened to a few of his songs and was totally rooting for him to win against Myundo so it’s unfortunate that he lost. He’s a strong rapper and could have been another underdog of the show and then swoop up from behind and surprise everyone. All the producers’ reactions to Punchnello’s second performance was so funny because I felt exactly the same way as all of them. Everyone saying that he’s a strong rapper and it’s so regretful and unfortunate that he didn’t have another verse prepared and then Tiger Jk and Bizzy just continually shouting out “WHY?! WHY?!” Lol. Ughhh. It’s so sad and unfortunate because Punchnello’s talented and could have made it far on this show.


This also has to be one of the strangest and most bizarre incidents to have happened during the 1 vs. 1 battle. From all the seasons I’ve seen of SMTM (since season 3), I don’t recall any contestant not having a verse prepared (even when there were ties, contestants usually were still prepared with something or just freestyled) so this battle alone is surprising to me with what happened. *sigh* Oh Punchnello, better luck and effort next time. Okay but I wanna know which of the producer teams didn’t vote for Punchnello. Cus if y’all had just voted for him the first round none of us would be going through this pain. WHO DID IT?! WHICH ONE OF Y’ALL VOTED FOR MYUNDO INSTEAD FOR THE FIRST ROUND. REVEAL YOURSELVES. Why the producers were so devastated upon Punchnello’s elimination when half of them didn’t vote for him… like… y’all need to stop being so indecisive and fake and just be real with yourselves and who you really wanna vote for. Lol. We all know y’all biased anyways. OMG THEY EVEN GAVE PUNCHNELLO A MINUTE OF SCREEN TIME TO SAY HIS FAREWELLS. I’M CRYINGGGGG. I don’t even know why I’m reacting like this though because I didn’t even care or root for him. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because he was good and I liked him better than Myundo. So sad. Probably one of the biggest upsets in SMTM history along with the elimination of Ato for me.

ANYWAYS MY YOUNG B MADE IT ONTO THE NEXT ROUND BUT MNET DIDN’T SHOW HIS BATTLE SO I’M LOWKEY UPSET BUT IT’S ALL GOOD B/C HE PASSED. THAT’S ALL THAT COUNTS. And Truedy passed as well but she just needs to leave already. Why do they still have her on the show. I don’t get it. It should have been her against Ato. We would have known who the true winner would have been then. /zips my lips/

Mnet is doing it again with the weird and odd editing where they show the rest of the results from the prior episode and then the next round within the same episode. I hate it because the transition isn’t smooth, but I don’t think they’re gonna change this editing so I should just get used to it.


It’s another day of performances but this time it’s the producers’ turn to perform (this is also another favorite segment of mines out of the entire season). The tables have turned and instead of performing it’s now the contestants’ turn to watch the producers perform. I enjoy this segment a lot just because it’s so great and fascinating to watch these producers – who have created a name or status for themselves in the Korean hip-hop industry – perform and just do the thing that they’re good at which is rapping. It also makes for an interesting case because through these performances you kind of see whether the producers are actually worthy of being producers on the show or whether they’re there for other purposes instead (like producing for example). But also, I just like seeing the contestants’ reactions to the performances and them jamming along to the songs. It’s great.

OKAY BUT GAEKO IS TOTALLY KILLING IT. Despite being in the industry for much longer than the others, he’s still got it. He’s so good. GAEKO IS A MONSTER. But when is Dynamic Duo gonna perform to ‘BAAAM’? Please. I just wanna hear that song one last time. Aww, they didn’t perform ‘BAAAM’, but they definitely still got it. It was a great performance by Dynamic Duo (my childhood heroes).




(I have never found Jay Park attractive at all but I gotta admit he looks kind of handsome in that screencap above… maybe that’s the power of AOMG)

Ooh, Illionaire x AOMG is up. I love how once Dok2 puts up the Illionaire sign, everyone just automatically puts it up as well. It’s like an automatic reaction haha. While I’m not the biggest fan of Jay Park’s rapping, he’s definitely got the vocal talent as well as the dancing and the stage presence. I think I appreciate his stage energy more so than his rapping because boy knows how to put on a concert. Man, he is going at it hard isn’t he? LOL. Even pulling a bboy dance move on stage. Who are you?? LOL. Anyways, although not my favorite team, you can’t deny that Jay Park and Dok2 know how to put on a great stage with their rapping and stage presence. They aren’t at the top of the Khip-hop industry right now for no reason.

OOH NOW IT’S DEAN AND ZICO. Dean’s singing is so good. OOH BERMUDA TRIANGLE OKAY. I MEAN IT’S NOT THE SAME WITHOUT CRUSH THERE BUT YA KNOW, THAT’S NONE OF MY PROBLEM OR ANYTHING. I know Zico can do better because he has done better so I feel like his performance fell a little flat compared to the other producers and to what he has shown before. It might also be because Dean’s a vocalist while Zico’s a rapper so it was more difficult to coordinate or to perform songs together. While I think the team did great, I think I prefer the other performances more.

OMFG WHAT ARE THE PRODUCERS DOING? I’M SO MAD. WHY ARE THEY KNEEING ON THE GROUND TO GET A CLOSER LISTEN TO DEAN’S “R&B” PART. I’M SO MAD. I’M SCREAMING. WHY ARE THEY LIKE DIS? They’re so hilarious and dorky and funny. Ahhhh. LOOK AT THEM. But honestly, it’s so nice seeing the producers joke around and be this comfortable with one another because it’s not often that you get something as weird, random, dorky, and funny as this in SMTM. I’m glad the producers know to joke around and have some fun and not always be so serious (I actually think this season’s producers might be the most friendly and playful with one another yet). This is such a gold moment in SMTM history. I will never get over this.

Anyways, the contestants vote for which producer team was their favorite. Results to this will be shown next week. And as always, as long as my Young B, Woo Wonjae, Sleepy, Killagramz, and Olltii is still in the show then I’m still in as well.


Source 2: Mnet Official @ youtube

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