Korean hip-hop producers GroovyRoom are ‘Everywhere’ with their new EP

Producer duo GroovyRoom, who just recently signed onto Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone’s new hip-hop label H1GHR Music, released a new EP titled ‘Everywhere’ featuring everyone. Just kidding, but many artists and rappers did participate in the making of the album and all the tracks are pretty solid.

The album consists of 6 new tracks with artists like Jay Park, Sik-K, DOK2, Suran, Giriboy, pH-1, Masta Wu, and much more featured on the album. Although I thought all the tracks were pretty solid, my absolute and obvious favorite would have to be “어디쯤에” featuring Suran and pH-1. Suran is no doubt an amazing singer and pH-1’s verse is another highlight of the song, but I especially enjoyed the instrumental chorus. The song is groovy and fun and it just makes you want to sway and dance along to the song. But the title track to the EP is called ‘XINDOSHI’ and it features Sik-K, Masta Wu (had actually forgotten about him until this featuring LOL), Loopy, and Kim Hyo-eun from SMTM5. Funny thing is that out of all the songs the title track was actually my least favorite; I couldn’t even get through the whole song and I still haven’t been able to yet, but my favorite part would easily have to be Kim Hyo-eun’s rap with the beat change (skipped to his part).

GroovyRoom consists of two members (I think both were born in 1994 so they’re pretty young but have had some experience with producing for about 2 years now since 2015). Prior to this album, I thought I had never listened to any GroovyRoom tracks before (I actually didn’t even know who they were until recently with the news about them signing with H1GHR Music) but apparently they’ve produced a few tracks that I’ve listened to (many times) before including but not limiting to Gary’s ‘Get Some Air’ in his ‘2002’ album (I loved that song! I still do to this day). And then after watching an interview with them along with their new labelmates in H1GHR Music, I found out about them and I’m now interested in them and their music (doesn’t help that they’re both pretty cute too).

(okay i lied they’re both actually really pretty cute)

Give their new album a listen if you haven’t yet. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. They’re still pretty new in the industry and are just barely finally getting their names out there now that they’ve signed onto H1GHR Music. I think we can expect to see them around a lot more often now along with the other artists in H1GHR Music who Jay Park and Cha Cha has been promoting heavily the past few months. It’s great to see new names and talents in the Korean hip-hop industry, especially those who have been doing this for a while now but just didn’t necessarily have the push or best support system to back them up.

I’m excited to see what else GroovyRoom and H1GHR Music (as well as AOMG) has in store in the future. I can see H1GHR Music reaching the same levels of success as AOMG considering that the artists and producers in both labels are so talented. Anyways, back I go to listening to my favorite track on the album 🙂

Source: H1GHR MUSIC @ youtube, xmixandmatchx @ youtube, HIPHOPPLAYA @ youtube, Dingo FreeStyle @ youtube

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