BTS aims for a comeback in September + J-hope to release his mixtape when?!

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This is ultimately really great news. In fact, it’s wonderful. It’s amazing. These kind of announcements are what I live for; they keep me alive and they make me happy. But at the same time, they stress me out a lot and I find myself in constants screaming and tears. One of my ultimate bias groups, my loves, my inspiration, my happiness, my family – BTS – is going to make a comeback in about a month. IDK HOW TO FEEL?!

Big Hit announced not too long ago that BTS is currently gearing for a comeback in September. Originally the comeback was planned for August but had been pushed back (thank goodness). Despite the delay, I’m happy and excited regardless for their return and I’m actually happy that they’re not coming back in August, even if that means waiting a little bit longer for their comeback.

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The boys finished their 5-month world tour earlier this month in July so I’m glad that they’re finally getting some time to rest and relax which they absolutely deserve. They’ve been using the time to rest ever since with news of Jin, Jungkook, and V in Jeju Island a few days ago and J-hope hanging out with his friends just earlier this month.

Because BTS is so hot right now and is the breadwinner in Big Hit, I can understand why Big Hit would want to milk BTS as much as possible and have been doing so the past few years. I think it’s a good thing that BTS is actually coming back this year. This comeback will help solidify their status and position in the competitive K-Pop industry even more considering that they haven’t had an official comeback this year yet (I don’t really count YNWA as a comeback since they only promoted it for a week before embarking on their world tour). With all the competition in the industry right now, a comeback will allow BTS to maintain that success and hype that they have worked so hard in building up for themselves over the years. But at the same time, because BTS is so popular right now there’s also a lot more pressure to do better than their previous comebacks. ‘Wings’ was exceptional and was another career defining moment for the group so I feel like everyone’s eyes are on BTS right now waiting to see what they have in store next, fans and non-fans alike. Along with the notable BBMA’s award win and successful world tour, BTS has been growing at an exponential rate so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of concept and music they come back with.

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The members talked a little bit about how they were even preparing for the album while they were on their world tour and while I disapprove of this because the boys were already doing enough on the world tour, that just screams dedication and passion if anything. One can tell that the boys are really taking this comeback seriously and putting all their effort into it like how they’ve done with their past promotions. I’m also glad that their comeback was postponed to September just because 1) I wanted them to get more rest and time to themselves 2) the comeback might have been rushed and not as strong as their previous ones which could have hurt their careers. So it’s good news to hear that BTS’s comeback is in September instead of August as originally planned even if that means having to wait a little bit longer.


Another reason why I’m thinking BTS delayed their comeback is so precious sunshine J-hope has more time to work on and promote his mixtape (aka hixtape as fans have been calling it). He’s been mentioning talks of his hixtape for the past few months and has been working at it hard especially the past few weeks since the end of the world tour. J-hope’s been teasing fans with pictures and whatnot so fans are dying and screaming and crying because we don’t know exactly when his hixtape will drop. In fact, many are worried that he’ll drop it at a time while they’re asleep (AND I TOTALLY AGREE which is why I’ve been waking up at 8am every morning now since that’s when it’s midnight in Korea when he might release it then). Ugh, the wait is pure torture and the thought of not knowing when it’s going to drop is scary. J-hope hinted that he was planning on releasing it in July, but there’s not many days left in this month so it could drop anytime soon or maybe he’s postponed it to August since BTS’s comeback has been postponed.

Regardless, I’m excited and hyped for the mixtape but I am also just as nervous for it. This has been a project that J-hope has always wanted to do and has been working on non-stop the past few months and it’s all finally coming together. I’m so proud of J-hope because his journey in BTS hasn’t been an easy one and he’s the last rapper out of the rap line in BTS to release a mixtape. There’s probably some pressure on J-hope to reach the same level of success that Rap Monster and Suga has with their individual mixtapes respectively, but I hope this pressure doesn’t get to J-hope too much and that no comparisons are made between the mixtapes. I sincerely hope instead that fans will learn to appreciate all three of the mixtapes and the songs, lyrics, and stories the members presented in them. They’re all different and great in their own ways.


Through the hixtape, I’m hoping a lot more people will learn to appreciate J-Hope. He’s probably one of the least appreciated members in BTS and is a pretty hidden member in every area that he’s exceptional in (rapping, dancing, and even singing). Just like the other members, he also deals with issues of self-esteem and lack of confidence which is why I think he’s been working on this mixtape for so long. He wants it to be nearly perfect so he might be working on it little by little to perfect everything as much as possible. I want him to take as much time as he needs to work on this mixtape so that he’s satisfied with it. Of course I think he will still have regrets about certain things with the mixtape even after it’s released and will share with us what those regrets are and what things he could have done better. But I want J-hope to know that him putting out another mixtape is already a huge achievement and accomplishment in itself and is another defining moment for his career. This mixtape is his, is for him, and is by him. It’s about his stories and experiences so as long as he’s satisfied with it then that’s all that matters.

(So I actually watched this for the first time the other day while I was at Target waiting for my sister because I had never seen any of the short films/teasers for the ‘Wings’ comeback. I at first thought this was the teaser for the hixtape so I almost screamed and cried in the store but luckily I found out that it wasn’t. I almost had a heart attack)

J-hope gave us a preview of the types of issues he’s gone through as seen in his short film teaser for the ‘Wings’ album with ‘MAMA’ so I’m expecting J-hope to talk about some of these things in his mixtape (and I hope he does). If he does, it’ll be different from how we usually see J-hope who’s known as the moodmaker and the happy virus of BTS. He’s always so positive and energetic and always has a smile on his face (omg at the Wings tour in Anaheim, he had a smile on his face every time). But because J-hope is also human, there are days and times where he’s gonna go through stuff and he won’t always be happy and energetic and that’s totally okay.

In a way, I do hope to see him talk about things that are important to him – be it family, mental health, depression, anxiety, expectations, etc. J-hope does not always have to be happy just because his stage name implies that and I don’t want him to feel pressured and burdened to always carry that image with him everywhere. I want him to be okay with just being himself and being mad or angry or sad in life because that happens in life and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m also hoping that just like Suga did, J-hope releases music videos for a few of his songs (maybe that’s what’s taking so long for him to release his hixtape + because he’s working hard on it). I just know that his hixtape will blow us all away and no matter how much we prepare ourselves for it, we won’t ever be really prepared for what he has prepared. He’s gonna be rapping and dancing and staring through our souls in these MV’s and it’s just gonna be so great (OMG JUST IMAGINE WHAT THE MV’S WILL BE LIKE IF THE ‘MAMA’ SHORT FILM TEASER FOR WINGS IS ALREADY A MASTERPIECE!!).


I’m not a morning person so I usually don’t wake up early to do things, BUT BTS and J-hope has been the exception. I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier to check for news of J-hope’s hixtape to the point where I think I might not even sleep anymore. Just kidding, but I’m highly anticipating J-hope’s hixtape and BTS’s comeback. Right now, I’m in a position where I care more for J-hope’s hixtape though because it’s about time that he gets his time to shine and the opportunity to showcase his many talents and skills. I just hope his spotlight won’t interfere and overlap with BTS’s comeback or become shortened because of BTS’s comeback. I just want Hobi to receive the same amount of love and shine that he constantly gives and shines down on us fans. I want everyone to turn Hobi-biased after the release of his hixtape. He deserves it and so much more.

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