#ListentoThis: punchnello – imwaitingrighthere

As I continue to listen to Korean hip-hop, I also discover more and more hidden gems along the way and have been trying to expand on the amount of artists that I listen to. Thankfully, this year’s SMTM introduced me to some of these new gems and now I’m a fan of punchnello who I discovered through the show.

After watching him on SMTM (and crying internally because he lost and got eliminated), I was a lot more curious about him so I checked him out on youtube and listened to a few more of his tracks. While they were all good, the one track that I absolutely fell in love with and cannot stop listening to is titled ‘imwaitingrighthere.’ From the very second Punchnello belt out his vocals and I heard him sing ‘baby’ I fell in love with both him and the song. It was just so beautiful; it was like ear candy heaven to my ears. Everything about this song is so beautiful, from the instrumental of the song to his mellow and soft voice. I’ve been listening to this song non-stop so I felt the need to share it with y’all so y’all can also enjoy it!

(another good song of his! highly recommend listening to it!)

I also did some research on punchnello since I’m slowly learning more about him and becoming a fan of his. He’s an artist under HIGHGRND (aka the side label that Tablo used to be CEO of) and is also in the crew Club Eskimo (alongside Dean and Zico among others). When I first saw him I thought he was older than me because he just looked more mature, but upon doing my research I actually find out that he’s younger than me by a year (I’m so shook). But moving on, although I don’t know too much about punchnello, I like his music and his rapping and he seems like a cool guy.

Although it’s unfortunate that punchnello got eliminated from SMTM he’s still active as a rapper so we’ll still get to see him from time to time. You can find more of his music on his official soundcloud account and support him there!

Source: dandelions music @ youtube

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