[What Mary Thinks!] Show Me the Money 6 episode five

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This show stresses me out so much, but I need to watch it. I can’t stop. It’s such a mess, but a fun mess and I can’t stop watching it even though I probably should for my own good.

Episode five is a cypher round. Contestants are randomly selected into groups of 6-7 to battle against one another. Random beats are played and the contestants are to rap to the beat that is given to them as best as they can. Because cyphers are so unstructured, you never know what’s gonna happen or who’s gonna excel at it or not. Cyphers are not for everybody and we saw that with this episode. You can be a strong rapper, but because cyphers are unstructured and random meaning anything can happen, it also exposes some weaknesses unfortunately.

There were 5 rounds of cyphers total. The winner of each round ultimately got to pick the producer team of their choice.


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We find out that the first place winners for the concert that the producers held is none other than Team Jay Park x DOK2. I’m not surprised that they won because I mean… they’re literally the hottest hip-hop rappers right now in the Khip-hop industry. They’re the trendy leaders right now so of course the contestants would vote for them. Team Dynamic Duo placed last unfortunately. I feel like many people are underestimating Dynamic Duo because they’re not as popular anymore and they’ve been in the industry a lot longer than Team Jay x DOK2 and Team Zico x Dean so they’re a little older. They’re definitely the underdogs out of the producer teams.. kind of like that one group that is good and everyone knows is good but doesn’t really care about because there are other groups that they like better. LOL.

Then we start with the cypher rounds. The first cypher had some good competition with Maniac, Hanhae, Young B, and Double K going against one another. I never really cared for Double K prior to this episode, but omg he KILLED his performance. I am so biased towards Young B and I’m rooting for him in this season, but omg, even I have to admit that Double K did better than him and that his win was well-deserved. He absolutely blew my mind away and now he’s someone that I’m keeping my eyes on. Because he won, he got to choose the producer team of his choice and ultimately ended up choosing Team Jay Park x DOK2. It’ll be interesting to see how he does with their team.

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The second cypher battle is a little bit more competitive with some of the more stable contestants (but imo, they’re just decent. Maybe it’s because I see them all at the same level as each other that I didn’t necessarily see any of them as better than the other). While picking the contestants, Sleepy was hoping to not get picked but then he got picked as the last contestant for that round. It was really funny. And then sadly, he got eliminated from the show because his cypher rap was the least impressive. I’m a little sad he got eliminated, but then I don’t think he was going to last long anyways especially with that many stronger contestants still on the show and Sleepy not doing the best he could do. Bye Sleepy, it was fun watching you on the show while you were on it. Anyways, Hangzoo wins the round and chooses Team Zico x Dean as his producer team.

In the third round, the most and only notable contestant is Nucksal. I felt so bad for the contestants who went against him in the cypher because it’s obvious that they weren’t gonna win. And I’m even more mad that somehow most of the contestants in this round were the less popular ones. Why can’t the show give us some good cypher battles? Why was Nucksal the only strong rapper? Nucksal is having it too easy on this show. I wanted to see him go against stronger contestants on the show like Junoflo or Killagramz or Double K. That would have been so great.

Of course, he wins the cypher and decides to team up with Dynamic Duo. FINALLY someone noticed them hahaha. I don’t think Nucksal chose them because he absolutely needed to be on team Dynamic Duo. I think he probably chose them because 1) out of pity 2) regardless of which producer team he’s on he knows he’s strong enough to go against whoever so he just probably chose Dynamic Duo for the heck of it. Nucksal is a strong rapper especially since he’s been doing this for a while so I don’t expect to see him fail any time soon regardless of the producer team that he joined.

IT’S THE 4TH CYPHER BATTLE AND THE BEST ONE OUT OF ALL THE ROUNDS IN MY OPINION. BECAUSE OLLTII ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT. HE WAS SO FREAKING GREAT. Like I am still not over his rap and it’s been 3 hours since I’ve watched the episode lol. The third round had some pretty big names like Junoflo who everyone is watching out for, Olltii my talented freestyle bby, Myundo and then other contestants like Truedy and Asol. Junoflo won the round (I think he’s getting a little bit too much hype but that’s just my very honest opinion). For me, Olltii was the winner of that round. On top of freestyling his rap which was amazing and funny, he didn’t even seem nervous at all. At one point he was rapping with his hands in his pockets while casually walking across the stage and he even dissed some contestants in his rap. It was so great and funny. I mean this is typical Olltii. His performance reminded me of when he was on SMTM3 and I’m glad we got this side of him back because I was starting to miss it. I need savage Olltii to make a comeback.

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It’s the last and final cypher round. Whoever didn’t get picked is automatically put up against one another. In this round, my two favorite contestants Woo Wonjae and Killagramz had to go up against each other. I was so sad. Unfortunately, unlike his past performances, Wonjae doesn’t do too well this round and places 4th out of all the contestants. Meanwhile, Killagramz earns first place and decides to team up with Team Dean x Zico. My heart broke for Wonjae while watching him rap. Obviously, cyphers wasn’t really his thing and not his strongest point so he struggled. Although he finished safely, he wasn’t the best and that showed in his performance and the cypher results. I’m definitely still rooting for him and I’m hoping that he can still make it to the top because he’s so talented and different and I don’t want something like cyphers to be the reason why he gets eliminated. He still has so much more to show and prove to viewers beyond all the cypher crap. So here’s to hoping that he’ll stay in the game and make it out alive.

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In the end, you have 5 contestants join the producer team of their choice. Team Zico x Dean currently have Killagramz and Hangzoo on their team, Tiger Jk and Bizzy with nobody (ok but why does no one want to work with them. Killagramz should have gone onto their team. That would have been freaking amazing), Dynamic Duo with Nucksal (they have Nucksal they’re good they don’t need anybody else tbh), and Team DOK2 x Jay with Double K and Junoflo. I can tell that the contestants want to work with the newer and more trendy producer teams hence why no one is on Tiger Jk and Bizzy’s team yet and why Dynamic Duo placed last for the concert. I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode (which looks like it’s another cypher battle between the 5 contestants who won if I’m not wrong) and which contestant joins which team.

Source: Mnet official @ youtube, thanhnamkorean1 @ dailymotion

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