JJ Project returns with a new MV and album ‘Verse 2’

The last time we saw GOT7’s Jinyoung and JB as a duo was in 2012 when they were promoting as sub-unit JJ Project prior to the debut of GOT7. The two managed to gain some fans and help increase anticipation for the upcoming group that they would both soon debut in. Fast forward 5 years later and the two have finally returned again as JJ Project with a new and refined concept as well as music.

The sub-unit released their new MV for title track ‘Tomorrow, Today’ as well as their new album ‘VERSE 2’ just recently. Compared to their debut track ‘Bounce’, ‘Tomorrow, Today’ as well as the entire album is far more mellow and less chaotic than ‘Bounce’ and I actually really enjoy this shift in music and sound. I was expecting something similar to ‘Bounce’, but this comeback was the total opposite which left me satisfied. My favorite track from the album would probably have to be ‘Coming Home’ although all the tracks are pretty solid (though I have to admit they also sound similar to one another). All in all, the members look more soft, casual, and calm and have matured in their music and concept as evident in the new music video and album.

I actually wasn’t too much of a big fan of JJ Project when they first came out. I knew who they were and gave their debut album a quick listen, but never really cared too much about them to be a fan. It wasn’t until they debuted in GOT7 that I became more interested in them as well as the rest of the GOT7 members. Unfortunately over the years my support and dedication for GOT7 has died down and now they’re merely just a group who I occasionally check out and listen to. It’s unfortunate that GOT7’s potential was wasted and their last few comebacks were not the strongest. I’m really liking the sound that JJ Project has returned with for this comeback so I’m hoping that GOT7 will also change their music and concept and return to their original roots that was what made me like them in the first place.

I wasn’t necessarily craving for a JJ Project comeback, but it’s nice to see the two members back again and doing what they originally started out as prior to GOT7.

Source: jypentertainment @ youtube, WKE Music @ youtube

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