[What Mary Thinks] Show Me the Money 6 ep 6

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It’s another bittersweet episode. In this episode, teams are formed and team performances start. Of course, I can’t always get everything I want and this episode was no exception.

For the rest of the contestants who didn’t get eliminated during the cypher round but also didn’t win first, they were either chosen by the producers or eliminated by default. Tiger JK and Gong Yoo Bizzy finally got team members and people actually wanted to be on Dynamic Duo’s team. Hahaha.

SMTM6 teams and my thoughts about each team:

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  • Team Dean x Zico: Young B, Olltii, Hangzoo, Killagramz, Hash Swan
    • This team consists of contestants who are also decent/strong individually so when you put them together you think the team will also be strong, but they kind of overpower one another. Killagramz is just on another level compared to the other contestants on this team; he overpowers them and I don’t think anyone expects him to be eliminated anytime soon. Which is why I think he doesn’t have as much of a presence in his team right now because he’s already so good and everyone has high expectations of him so he can just do his own thing like how he’s been doing and he will be good regardless. He doesn’t really need to worry about messing up or making mistakes or getting eliminated. He’s probably the strongest one out of the team.
  • Team Dynamic Duo: Woochan, Nucksal, Ryno, Hanhae, Myundo
    • Surprisingly, out of all the performances in episode 6, Team Dynamic Duo has to be by far my favorite. This is surprising because Dynamic Duo was the least popular producer team and no one wanted to join them, but then once the teams were formed, their team’s performance was well put, strong, and smooth. Ryno also surprised me because he was also SO good. And I think it’s so cute because it’s all as if the members are the older brothers of Maknae Woochan, taking care of him and helping him with his rap and whatnot. I actually think Team DD has the best harmony out of all the teams. They just work well together and everything flows like it’s supposed to. There were no bumps in the performance and instead of performing as rivals competing against one another, I felt like the members were genuinely having fun and enjoying the stage. Like yes, at the end of the day they’re rivals, but you don’t sense that in their team and that’s what I like. Also, I have a feeling that they’re probably gonna go more of the R&B route which will always make for good groovy music (they just gotta cut back on the autotune a little bit). As for strongest member of the team, no doubt Nucksal.

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  • Team Jay x DOK2: Junoflo, Double K, Ja Mezz, Nes, Woodie Go Child
    • I don’t really care for this team just because none of the contestants in this team stand out to me. Their performance was really try-hard and out there just like their producers and I didn’t really care for the performance. The rapping was decent, but it just wasn’t my style and I didn’t really get a sense of harmony with this group as compared to the other teams. It’s unfortunate that Double K forgot his lyrics and messed up so he got eliminated. He’s actually a good rapper, but small mistakes like those make such a huge impact so it’s sad to see him go but at the same time I understand why he got eliminated. Junoflo is obviously the strongest one on the team.

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  • Team Tiger Jk x Bizzy: Woo Wonjae, Maniac, P-Type, Asol, Blacknine
    • I feel like Tiger Jk and Bizzy’s team consists of the contestants who are all individually talented and strong (with some kind of dark/evil aura to them lol) who were just randomly put together into a group. They’re such a random group with random contestants who you would have never thought would be put into a group together, but then Tiger Jk and Bizzy puts them in a group and it’s so interesting. I still prefer the contestants individually, but they’re not so bad as a group either. It’s sad that P-Type got eliminated, but I’m just surprised he got this far into the show to be honest. Asol messed up so I’m hoping that she’ll do better next time. Especially since she’s the only female contestant left on the show, I really want her to make it far. And as usual, Woo Wonjae blessed us all with his presence and spotlight and beautiful rap. I think he’s probably the strongest in the team. lol @ all the jokes about how scary the team was b/c of woo wonjae and maniac

I’m so sad Olltii got eliminated. He was one of my favorite contestants I was rooting for and I genuinely was hoping he would make it far. But with this season already hyping up certain contestants over others, I wasn’t expecting him to make it too too far. Olltii showed us in SMTM3 how strong of a rapper he is and even made it into the semi-finals so I was hoping to see him in the semi-finals again this season. But it’s unfortunate that he got eliminated because he was a true blessing on the show and he’s so good. Olltii is so underestimated and underappreciated and I feel like he doesn’t get enough acknowledgement on how good of a rapper and quick thinker he is with his rapping and lyrics. It’s sad to see him go but at least he was on the same team as Young B for an episode. I can live happily knowing that 2 of my favorite contestants interacted and were on the same team for a moment.

Instead of rooting for a certain team, I’m still rooting for the contestants individually since they will end up competing against one another later on in the show and are still technically rivals even though they’re on teams now. It sucks that all my favorite contestants are also on different teams so they’re going against one another and are the strongest members on their respective teams as well. It’s gonna break my heart when they go against each other and I have to watch them diss and pick at each other. I’m not ready for this. Why can’t we all just be friends and win the show together? Lol.

Source: (1), Mnet official @ youtube

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