WINNER returns with summer jams ‘Island’ and ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’

Yes WINNER. I will love you if you want me to. You just gotta tell me and say so. Haha, jokes aside, WINNER is finally back with some new music and another comeback! This will be their second comeback this year after a return earlier this year as 4 members with ‘Really Really’ and ‘Fool.’

Just like they did with their last comeback, WINNER returns with 2 new songs: Love Me Love Me and Island. Through these 2 new tracks, one gets a better idea of the type of sound and concept that WINNER is going for and just further solidifies what kind of music they’re experimenting with.

After listening to both, my favorite one would have to be ‘Love Me Love Me.’ It kind of reminds me of a second ‘Really Really’ although the two songs don’t sound similar at all. ‘Island’ is just like your typical EDM track that you hear often in the U.S., meaning it’s good and catchy and fun to listen to, but nothing about it really stands out. In the MV’s for both songs, you kind of just see the boys hanging out and having fun and doing summer type of things. The MV and songs are fun, catchy, and enjoyable to listen to. I think this comeback will be yet another hit and success for the 4-member boy group.

As I stated in my most recent podcast, I think WINNER has so much potential to be even more popular than they are right now. Having returned as 4 members with new good music, they’re slowly finding their own sound that distinguishes them as a group and from other YG artists and groups that will definitely be of an advantage to them if they keep this up. I’m glad to see them come back again this year and I’m hoping YG won’t mess up with them because they’re doing so great. After a rough 3 years, please give the boys what they rightfully deserve: new music and fair treatment.

Source: WINNER @ youtube

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